Free Postcode Lottery – A Genuine Scam-Free Website to Earn Money

They say there’s no such thing as a free meal but I know that the Free Postcode Lottery works because a good friend of mine recently won £500 on the website. You don’t get a better recommendation than that. How the Free Postcode Lottery works It’s really very simple. You just sign up to the […]

How to Make Money Online | Getting Started

How to Make Money Online is one of the largest searches that search engines see every day. Everyone wants a bite of that magical internet-earnings cherry and there are hundreds of thousands of articles just like this one already out there. So why would I bother writing another one when the web is already so […]

Why I Stopped Writing on Hubpages

For many years Hubpages was a great way to promote your skills or articles, but changes forced on members from 2016 onwards have seen a huge drop is the revenue that article writes can make. Initially I supported the changes made as Hubpages expanded into specialist domains for specialist topics but as time progressed things […]

Bixford Watch Scam

If you’ve arrived here it’s probably because you’ve seen (or been a victim of) the Bixford Watch scam. I first came across the scam in December 2017 after clicking on a Facebook advert. The advert claimed to provide one or two watches completely free of charge. All I needed to to was pay for the […]

Guitarist Kenneth Petrie sends Essex Covers Band global after Viral Video

Incase you missed it, 60 something rock guitarist Kenneth Petrie has sent his covers band Mr Spankey and the Hipthrusters into the land of viral video after a video of him shredding was posted on social media. Nicknamed The Reverend, Kenny has been doing the rounds for many years in pub, clubs and various jam […]

Robots vs Jobs

50 years ago a life where robots worked for humans was the thing of science fiction films. Yet we are now in an era of self driving cars and smart homes. People can now speak to each other using a small electronic device. They read from tablet computers. A coffee machine can make them a […]

Uber: Lets Call it What it is

Uber Technologies Inc. – based in San Francisco – has long tried to argue that it’s a digital service. But a European Court of Justice ruling has confirmed what we already knew: Uber is a taxi hailing app. Whilst some might hail Uber as a fresh approach to expensive taxis fares, it’s easy to understand […]

Ode to Crisps | A poem about Crisps

I like crisps and crisps like me, which I why I’m 20 stone. I eat so many of those little fried slices that my chair has started to grone. I don’t have a favourite in particular; but I am quite partial to salt and vinegar. In America they call crisps ‘chips’, it’s printed on the […]

2018 F1 Race Calendar – Official

The 2018 Official F1 Calendar has been announced. This year will see the return of the French Grand Prix at the Circuit Paul Ricard, after a 10 year break from the country. Google Calendar link here: