Max Verwhacken crashes AGAIN

Let me be the first to suggest a new name for F1 racing driver Max Verstappen: Max Verwhacken.

The F1 driver crashed again during First Practice 1 when he hit a wall and ruined his front wing. Unable to start his car under direction from his race engineer, Max Verwhacken was left to return to the pits with his head drooped in shame.

It seems that the 2018 season just isn’t going Max’s way. He needs to stop being so hot-headed and apply more patiences before the team bosses start to look for a replacement.

Although, when he doesn’t crash, he is faster than his teammate…



Guitarist Kenneth Petrie sends Essex Covers Band global after Viral Video

Incase you missed it, 60 something rock guitarist Kenneth Petrie has sent his covers band Mr Spankey and the Hipthrusters into the land of viral video after a video of him shredding was posted on social media.

Nicknamed The Reverend, Kenny has been doing the rounds for many years in pub, clubs and various jam nights. An apparently unassuming man, the band quick shot to fame just before Christmas 2017 when a video of him playing a cover of ‘Runnin’ Down a Dream’ by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

The Reverend Kenny Petrie. Photo credit

Within a week the video had over 100,000 views and the band was quickly receiving messages from rock fans around the world.

The video was captured at The Cow & Telescope pub (formerly the Sutton Arms) in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom by Youtuber Lucy Row.

Sadly however, the band was forced to remove the nickname ‘Reverend’ from their website after it seems to cause some confusion. The band were quick to clarify that Kenny Petrie is not (and has never been) an actual church priest.

Meanwhile, some of the new fans are keen to see the band play in person as they receive comments such as “If i ever had a dying wish it would be to hear you play in person, i am in ohio”.

The video smash comes just weeks after another Essex guitarist Steve Forward’s video of Purple Rain went viral thanks to Classic Guitar magazine. It seems live music is still very much alive in Essex.

It’s every band’s dream to have that video that goes viral and it seems Kenny and Mr Spankey have achieved it. Well deserved.

Anyway, here’s the video. And remember people, he’s not a reverend: he’s a very naughty boy ūüėČ

Robots vs Jobs

50 years ago a life where robots worked for humans was the thing of science fiction films. Yet we are now in an era of self driving cars and smart homes. People can now speak to each other using a small electronic device. They read from tablet computers. A coffee machine can make them a barista-quality coffee without the need to leave home. Whilst these technological advancements are hugely convenient, they will come at a cost: a reduced number jobs. Right now, technology is producing and increased number of jobs as humans scramble to produce the tiny components to control the electronic brains, motors and nerves that will eventually create robots. But as the production and design process becomes more automated, the need for human interaction will reduce by an astonishing level.

The concept of job losses on a large scale hit me first when I stayed at a hotel in 2015 near the Kent coastline. My wife decided to accompany me on a theatre show I was performing at (I’m a singer in a Commitments and Blues Brothers show). Having already booked our room we arrived and I presented my debit card to the one person on the reception desk. She checked the number, gave us our room key and off we went to our room. On arrival to the room we noticed that one of the pillows was missing, so rang down to reception and the same person answered. 20 minutes later she bought up the missing pillow. We very quickly realised that the hotel with over 100 rooms was being run by 1 manager, 1 chef, 1 member of barstaff (who doubled as a waitress) and 2 cleaners. I questioned the manager. “Oh yes” she declared in a slightly stressed and tired manner. “We don’t have many people here anymore. The computer does most of it. Except the cleaning; the computer can’t clean…yet”.


Robots have already started replacing certain jobs at pace

There was a perfect example of how technology has already begun to reduce the number of jobs in the hotel. They had got rid of the receptionist and porter; the manager now did their job as well as her own. 100 rooms serviced by a handful of people. If there expected a busy people the computer would flash up and they would draft in an extra person. In the future those cleaners will likely be robotic and the keys and spare pillows dished out by a vending machine. The Service Industry stands to be the most affected by robots as the technological era advances. Already, shops are full of automated tills. You scan your shopping, you pay by cash or card and the machine gives you your change and receipt. Suddenly; six till jobs have been replaced by machines.

Take a look at China – the World’s fastest growing economy – to see how they are dealing with robotics. Forget any vision you may have of rooms of hundreds of Chinese employees putting together toys on a production line; that’s old hat. Chinese companies purchased 66,000 robots in 2016 which were able to do the jobs of one million workers. More astonishing is that some of those robots cost less that the salary of one manager.

“But people will still want human interaction!” I hear you cry. Actually, I doubt it. There is already a new generation who live their lives with their face in a virtual world. They consume music and video on a 5 inch screen. They fake their social lives within social media accounts. The communicate with emojis and gifs. Many of this generation have no interest in speaking to other people. Then, with companies such a Amazon planning same-day drone deliveries, there will be no need to even leave their house. Their food and other shopping will arrive at their door and allow them even more time to spend dedicated to their phone screen.


Self aware robots aren’t far away

During the New Year holiday of 2014 I heard a technology ‘expert’ talking on the radio about how it would be at least 50 years before a computer could pass the Turing test, and that it would “require a Quantum computer”. 6 months later a Russian developed computer – Eugene – passed the test.


Increases in a ‘living wage’ may rapidly decrease towards the end of the 21st Century due to automation

In January 2018, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) released a report in which is predicted that the living wage may decrease as employers begin to favour automated systems over humans, forcing the living wage down by the end of the 21st Century.

“The fact there seemed to be a negligible employment impact of a minimum [wage] at ¬£6.70 per hour – the 2015 rate – does not mean the same will be true of the rate of over ¬£8.50 per hour that is set to apply in 2020,” a research economist at the IFS has said.

Percentage of employees aged 25+ in the most automatable jobs (top 10% of routine task intensity). Credit:


Many driving jobs will be replaced by self-driving vehicles 2030

We are already seeing taxis and heavy goods vehicles being automated. In November 2017 Alphabet – Google’s parent company – began allowing their automated car ‘Waymo’ to drive the streets of California with no driver in the safety position. A few months before the British government announced that it would allow companies to begin testing self-driving trucks. If you drive for a living it may be time to reevaluate your future career prospects.

What’s more, it’s predicted that 800,000 millions jobs will be lost to robots in the next 20 years.

Army, Navy and air force jobs will be replaced by machines

In 1984 the James Cameron film ‘Terminator’ was released. For those who haven’t see it (you really should) a cyborg is sent back from 2029 to assassinate the mother of a boy who will eventually go on to lead an uprising against the machine which have taken over the planet. Now whilst this idea sounds fanciful (and time travel is unlikely to ever happen), automated robotic warfare is just around the corner. Arms producers and military organisations are already using drones and it won’t be long before automated tanks are on the battle scene. And these robots won’t be slow – they’ll be extremely fast, accurate and highly efficient.


Advanced algorithms could lead to the end of the Justice system as we know it

Algorithms. Everywhere, Algorithms. Whilst algorithms and just a basic process of answering a question and moving on to the next based on the answer, they are becoming extremely advanced. Google’s power has become so large because of expertly defined algorithm behind it. Now imagine a computer that can act as judge and jury; it’s very possible. An algorithm could quite easily process the crime, look at the evidence, consider any mitigating circumstances and give out the relevant punishment.

In fact, it could be argued that this method would be fairer with accurate punishments being given out across the board. Humans are emotionally and morally flawed – algorithms are not.

“Humans are emotionally and morally flawed – algorithms are not.”


Over 4 million UK jobs could go in just 10 years

According to a survey by the¬†Royal Society of Arts, over 4 million jobs could go in technology over the next 10 years. Take a look at the latest scheme by multinational company McDonald’s which has gradually started to roll out computerised ordering in its restaurants. No longer do you ask a human for your food but instead you select and pay for it on a large computer screen and collected it from an self-order point when it’s ready. Another prime example of unskilled labour being replacement by computers and the people who program them.


How will people earn money?

In a time when robots and computers do all the work for us it’s quite possible that many people won’t work. The Bank of America recently predicted that automated systems will be doing nearly half of all manufacturing jobs within a generation ‚Äď saving an astonishing $9tn in labour costs. Take a look at your High Street. What was once full of bank branches and building societies has now been replaced with cafes and bars. The days of the traditional bank teller are over as more computers and online payment systems replace their jobs. Governments will have to look at a method of giving people a fixed amount of money each month. Those who are more skilled or who can find extra work will be the wealthiest.
Whatever the future holds, it’s clear that robots and computer programs are going to replace traditional human jobs and it might happen much sooner than you think.

How to Watch Discovery Channel without a Sky Subscription

When I wrote about getting rid of Sky TV for money saving alternatives, I didn’t realise just how much I was going to miss the Discovery Channel. This led me to look for alternative (legal) ways of picking up the channel without the need for an expensive subscription.

Thankfully, there is now a way of watching all your favourite Discovery UK programs in glorious HD without the need of getting tied in to a contract. Finally all your favourite TV programs including Goldrush, Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch and Nakes and Afraid in glorious HD.


How to Watch Discovery Channel without a Sky Subscription

You’re going need a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime (or a regular subscription) and some method of watching Prime such as an Amazon Firestick. Once you’re all connected up to the Amazon service it’s time to upgrade your existing subscription with the Discovery UK add on package.

And that’s it! You can now start to enjoy all the very best and latest Discovery UK programs within the need to subscribe to Sky TV. What’s more, you’ll also benefit from tons of box sets and movie and you can use the Firestick to browse Youtube and play a selection of games. You can also add Netflix for an additional fee.


Don’t use Kodi or Kickbox TV

If you’re thinking of using Kodi and Kickbox TV, stop right there. We’re not going to lecture you on the many reasons that piracy is bad (not forgetting that your subscription helps pay to produce the quality programs in the first place). But we are going to warn you that Hollywood and other production companies are after the people who illegally pirate their programs and they’re coming for you next.

So, now you’re all set to do it like they do on the Discovery Channel ūüėČ

Beware of Maize Starch in Medicine

Maize starch in medicine, if you’re allergic you’d have to ask why? Well, it seems the pharmaceutical industry uses it as a binder. This means that anyone who suffers from a corn allergy needs to be extremely careful when taking any medicine and ensure that they read the leaflet contained within the packet.

This all came to light recently when my wife had a really nasty cold. The pressure caused by the mucus was causing her to have severe headaches, so she turned to Sudafed tablets as a decongestant. After a couple of days she was feeling even worse and on closer inspection of the leaflet inside the pack it turned out that there was maize starch in them.

In fact, most decongestants have maize in them, which makes them a no-go for corn allergy sufferers.

I did manage to find one product which didn’t contain maize – Nurofen Sinus & Blocked Nose tablets. They contain Ibuprofen and Phenylephrine Hydrochloride (that’s the drug which acts as a decongestant).

It’s a real pain that some manufacturers put maize starch in medicine, and it means that corn allergy sufferers have to be very careful what they buy.

Austerity is a Lie. Welcome to Tory Britain.

Austerity is a Lie roadsign

Austerity is a Lie. It’s a political opinion, not a fact. It’s an ideal that says it’s better to cut the State than to to grow it; offering jobs to people and empowering them to earn and pay taxes.

Austerity is a frame of mind that brainwashed conservatives would have everyone else believe is the only way that the 27th wealthiest county Рa country with a GDP per capita of £34,686 Рcan only survive by making huge cuts to health and public services across the country.

Austerity is an excuse for to sell the public assets and vital contracts to friends and family of the richest MP’s and influential people in the country.

Meanwhile, the poorest in society are left with less disposable income, the number of homeless rises to record levels and crime rises to its highest level in a decade.


Welcome to Tory Britain.


Quickly, private rents increase to the highest levels on record as a lack of new social housing in provisioned creating exponential competition for two and three bedroom properties. More people are forced into self employment due to a lack of public sector jobs and contracts, yet risk causing a borrowing crises. Even pro-Tory newspapers call for more public money to fund social housing.

Instead of boosting more PAYE and permanent jobs in the public sector, allowing people to earn and save, the government forces people into the “gig economy” and supports companies who prefer zero hours contracts, provided little job security or guaranteed income. At the same time, it attempts to push through laws which remove workers rights (which eventually fail and cause a massive u-turn in policy to protect votes).


Welcome to Tory Britain.


As the austerity lie is forced on the population, teachers are attacked and told they must work even harder for less money and lower pensions, resulting in fewer teachers to cope with more pupils.

Woodlands are sold off to the highest bidder. Developers are allowed to build with less constraints.

In a bid to secure her future, Teresa May loses her majority with a £140million bill to the taxpayer whilst striking an expensive deal with the right-wing DUP.


Welcome to Tory Britain.

My Example of a Household Recycling Setup

My recycling setup

An example of a household recycling setup, mine takes a bit of space but is great for separating the different types of waste which my council collects. My local auhotiry collects all types of waste including food, cardboard/paper, plastic, glass, tin, garden and non-recyclable waste.

My recycling setup
My recycling setup has separate bin for plastic, cardboard, food, garden and food waste.


I place the clear recycling sacks into two smaller labelled bins with separate bins for glass and tin, to keep it all separate. The food waste bin sits next to it. I’m going to find a better method for stacking them in the future.

A small investments in separate bins helps to keep items in their own recycling bins.


I purchased this bin store online which is a great way of keeping the wheelie bits out of site, and helps to keep maggots out of the bin.

How to Descale a Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Machine

To Descale a Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Machine you’ll need to follow these instructions:

  1. Place the de-scaler into the water container
  2. Top up with 1 litre of plain water
  3. Press and hold the flashing light button below the strength dial for 5 seconds
  4. Place a large plastic contained under the milk/cappuccino mode
  5. Turn the steam tap – the machine will now go through it’s cycle
  6. Once the water refill light is flashing, remove the water contain, rinse it, fill to the maximum line and place back into the machine. It will now rinse.

Commercial Register Canada – latest Scam to hit Canadian Businesses

Commercial Register Canada letter

The scammers at Direct Publisher are at it again, this time with the Commercial Register Canada scam which attempts to dupe small business owners out of $1414. This is starting to gather pace and I have seen a noticeable increase in the amount of people contacting me regarding the scam.

I’ve written in the past how the Commercial Register Scam has been used to extort money from UK business owners, and now the same company have widened their net to Canada.


How the Commercial Register Canada scam works

The scam is designed to dupe genuine business owners into thinking they are legally obliged to complete a form. The letter will arrive looking official, asking the business owner to update the details of their company and return the letter.

What many people don’t realize is that the reverse of the letter has a number of terms and conditions on it, and by signing the letter, the business owner then agrees to the terms of the ‘contract’. Part of this ‘contract’ is that the owner agrees to pay¬†$1,479 CAD to advertise on the scammers website.

I was contacted by Canadian business owner Cathleen Fillmore who said that she began to complete the form but quickly realized that it wasn’t genuine when the scammers omitted her business registry number.

“My form says Commercial Register Canada which is name of the Canadian government and it says to update my business information. When I began to fill it out, they didn’t seem to know my business registry #! So then I began to read the fine print. What a scam….” ¬†– Cathleen Fillmore

I was also contacted by Donna, another Canadian business owner, who confirmed that¬†the letter was marked ‘Commercial Registration Canada’ and the return address was to Direct Publisher in France. She says that DP are getting very clever and this document actually looked legit.


What to do if you receive a Commercial Register Canada letter

The most important thing is not to return the letter.

If you have returned the letter, don’t enter into any correspondence with Direct Publisher. They will threaten to sue you. They will send you letter from supposed law firms (none of which will be genuine). They’ve never taken anyone to court as they know that their contract is unfair.

You certainly shouldn’t pay anything.


How to Replace and Iveco Daily Battery in 6 steps

Photo of an Iveco Daily

When it comes to knowing how to Replace and Iveco Daily Battery, you’re probably wondering where to start. Where is the battery? And how to you remove it?

The battery is hidden away behind a panel on the passenger side of the vehicle and looks difficult to get so, but with a little patience, it’s actually very easy to get to.


How Replace and Iveco Daily Battery

Step one: locate the battery cover at the passenger step and remove the cover to reveal the battery

Step two: remove the 5 torque screws from the step trim surround

Step three: carefully push the wheel arch trim aside to remove the step trim surround – you now have access to the battery

Step four: loosen the 10mm nut on the negative battery terminal

Step five: loosen the 10mm nut on the positive terminal (look closely under the black electric cover as it’s hidden underneath

Step six: undo the 10mm bolt holding the battery clamp in place. Remove the battery and fit the new battery in reverse order

Remember to never allow positive and negative wires to touch and never allow metal tools to short across the battery terminals.


I’ve connected the battery but the locks aren’t working and it won’t start

Iveco’s have an annoying habit of losing their coding when a battery goes flat for a prolonged period. The only way to resolve this problem is to have the vehicle taken to a main dealer and the keys re-programmed to the vehicle.


Watch a video on How Replace and Iveco Daily Battery

I made a video to help you see how the battery is removed. It’s really straight forward if you take your time.