Adam Johnson: why people are totally wrong to blame his victim

Before and after Adam Johnson was convicted of sexually abusing a teenager, a number of people sought to direct blame on his victim. Social Media was full of people blaming Johnson’s victim for the abuse: everything from “she knew what she was doing” to “she instigated the whole thing”.


Adam Johnson’s victim was a child

We have laws in the United Kingdom designed to protect people, especially vulnerable people. The law is clear: sexually activity with a person under the age of 16 is a criminal offence. Children and more vulnerable than adults. He was a grown man in a position of power who took advantage of a naive child and then proceeded to have sexual activity with her. Whilst the act only occurred once there was intention from Johnson to continue and, given the opportunity, it seems obvious that he would have had penetrative sexual intercourse with the child. This makes him a paedophile. Summing up at the trial, Judge Jonathan Rose said “you viewed the victim as just another female to get with, you ignored the fact she was 15”.

Johnson also admitted knowing his victim was 15 during the trial.


Johnson groomed the girl

Let’s be clear – this wasn’t a chance encounter. Johnson arranged (over some weeks) to meet the girl and used signing two Sunderland football tops as bait. 13 days later he met her again, and he went on to attempt to arrange a 3rd meeting.


Adam Johnson showed no remorse

Adam Johnson was heavily criticised by the judge in the trial for showing no remorse. He also had a history of infidelity with other women, the cause of his break-up with the mother of his daughter.


Adam Johnson lied to the police

Adam Johnson lied to the Police. He admitted this in court. He told the jury he had hoped the 15-year-old girl had deleted messages they exchanged and also admitted lying to his girlfriend about her age.


But she bragged about it and led him on

This is an argument that I’ve heard a few times and people seem to find it justifies what happened. It doesn’t. Of course she bragged about it to her friends – that’s what children do. They show off. That doesn’t make what Johnson did OK.

And finally…

If you’re still unsure about whether Johnson was in the wrong, consider that Katie Hopkins has come out in defence of Adam Johnson. You can rest assured that if she thinks he was right, he was definitely very, very wrong.



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