Amazon Echo 2 is a decent update to the 1st Generation

There’s not doubt that the original Amazon Echo was a great success for the company and has bought true smart home capability to homes across the word on an affordable level, and Amazon Echo 2 is a decent update to the 1st Generation. Somehow, Alexa feels a little more intuitive than the first system (but she still has a lot to learn) and there are a range of new features.


Amazon Echo 2 looks smarter

Alexa looks noticeably better this time around. Slightly smaller (a tiny bit wider) but with an attractive fabric coating (hard coating of plastic still available). Fabric options are Charcoal Fabric, Heather Grey Fabric and Sandstone Finish. Plastic finished are Oak and Walnut.

There are still volume and microphone buttons on the top.


Alexa provides better sound this time around

Echo 2 has a noticeably improved sound quality which is much more room filling than than Echo 1 with an improved bass response.

There’s an aux out plug next to the power supply plug meaning that you can plug Echo into your own sound system for improved sound.


7 microphone system

The new version of Amazon Echo boasts a 7-microphone system meaning that Alexa can be triggered from almost anywhere within earshot including in another room.


Echo 2 can play games

Bored? Then just ask Alexa to play a game. She’s go loads built in and you can add more Skills from the Alexa App on your mobile device.


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