Are pickled eggs Paleo?

So Are pickled eggs Paleo? Yep, they sure are.

Eggs were available to our ancestors and would have been a highly sort after source of protein. I always keep a jar in my fridge at home and also my desk draw at work for an emergency protein source in case I’m hungry and need a quick “fill me up”.

You can do all sorts with eggs, picked or plain, including curried eggs. They can also be a nice accompaniment to a salad, cold cuts of pork and a ploughman’s style lunch. Or just eat them on their own!


Beware of smells

Eggs can sometimes be a bit smelly. Some people are also very sensitive to the smell. In my office there’s a lady who has a very sensitive nose to eggs so I tend to eat them in the kitchen or outside. Just remember that your belches can also get a bit wiffy!


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