Best NAS of 2017 – Network Attached Storage comparisons

If you’re here it’s because you’ll already know the many benefits Network Attached Stoage (NAS) can bring to your home or small business, but choosing the best NAS can be a minefield. So what is the best NAS of 2017?

Editors note: to save you time you can go straight to what we believe to be the best NAS of 2017 – the Synology DS715 with 2x3TB Seagate hard drives. Not the cheapest, but the best network attached storage system pound-per-pound. It’s solid, with good firmware, excellent cloud and mobile apps and supports multiple backup methods out of the box.

How the NAS comparison works

There are many different factors to consider when buying a NAS, from storage capacity to firmware. It would be far to complicated for the majority of people if we were to go into every minute detail, so for the sake of this article, we’ve concentrated on the most common.

RAID? Cloud software? Maximum capacity Wireless capability? Works out-of-the box? Processor Read/Write speed Cost
Synology DS715

best NAS 2017

All versions Yes (including mobile apps, grouping, security and Dropbox sync) Unlimited Yes (with additional USB dongle, not supplied) Once hard disks are installed (not  included) 1.4GHz Quad Core 216.1 MB/s reading speed and 142.5 MB/s writing speed from £249
TerraMaster F2-220

RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD, SINGLE No (but can be synchronised with Dropbox) 8TB No (ethernet only) Once hard disks are installed (not  included) Celeron 2.41GHz with 2GB RAM 100MB/sec from £159.99

WD My Cloud

Unknown (not advertised by manufacturer) Yes 8TB No (ethernet only) Yes Unknown Not advertised from £109
Buffalo LinkStation 200 0/1/JBOD No 4TB No (ethernet only) Yes 800MHz ARM with 236Mb RAM No clear information  provided from £95

Why we believe the DS715 is the best NAS of 2017

When comparing the NAS available it was clear that there way a huge difference in the software options available. The DS715 hosts a huge number of installable applications, including web server, media server, remote access, cloud access, databases, MySQL and PhpMyAdmin. All of these options, plus it’s dual ethernet sockets and USB 3.0 (making external hard drives another option) make it by far the best NAS of 2017 in our opinion. This is a NAS that can be used at home or for small businesses. In fact, there’s no reason a small business couldn’t completely ditch their old file server and use the DS715 as a full solution; it really is that good.

Runner up of the best NAS of 2017

The position of second best goes to the TerraMaster, which offers a lot of the options of the DS715 but on a budget. It’s reasonably fast and can be upgraded to 8TB as your data needs increase. It’s not the best NAS of 2017, but it’s definitely a runner up.

You get what you pay for

As a user of the DS715, we know how excellent the manufacturers, Synology, are at updating firmware. They are regularly releasing new security patched and updated the built-in antivirus software.

If you can afford it, go for the DS715. Unless you’re a homeowner, we recommend you avoid the Buffalo and LinStation options.


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