How to Watch Discovery Channel without a Sky Subscription

When I wrote about getting rid of Sky TV for money saving alternatives, I didn’t realise just how much I was going to miss the Discovery Channel. This led me to look for alternative (legal) ways of picking up the channel without the need for an expensive subscription.

Thankfully, there is now a way of watching all your favourite Discovery UK programs in glorious HD without the need of getting tied in to a contract. Finally all your favourite TV programs including Goldrush, Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch and Nakes and Afraid in glorious HD.


How to Watch Discovery Channel without a Sky Subscription

You’re going need a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime (or a regular subscription) and some method of watching Prime such as an Amazon Firestick. Once you’re all connected up to the Amazon service it’s time to upgrade your existing subscription with the Discovery UK add on package.

And that’s it! You can now start to enjoy all the very best and latest Discovery UK programs within the need to subscribe to Sky TV. What’s more, you’ll also benefit from tons of box sets and movie and you can use the Firestick to browse Youtube and play a selection of games. You can also add Netflix for an additional fee.


Don’t use Kodi or Kickbox TV

If you’re thinking of using Kodi and Kickbox TV, stop right there. We’re not going to lecture you on the many reasons that piracy is bad (not forgetting that your subscription helps pay to produce the quality programs in the first place). But we are going to warn you that Hollywood and other production companies are after the people who illegally pirate their programs and they’re coming for you next.

So, now you’re all set to do it like they do on the Discovery Channel 😉


Get Rid of Sky TV for Money Saving Alternatives

Get Rid Of Sky TV logo

If like me you want to Get Rid of Sky TV you’ve probably wondered what the alternatives are. The cost of Sky seems to increase year-on-year with constant attempts to keep your custom, even when your determined to leave (see my video of a pushy Sky employee who tried to stop us cancelling our subscription). It’s therefore no surprise that Sky profits continue to plummet.

So once you’ve cut the cord (cancelled the subscription), what are you alternatives and how can you make the most of the Satellite dishes left on your property? And can you carry on using your Sky box to record TV? Let’s take a look at the options.


Option 1 – Buy a Freesat receiver

Freesat LogoFreesat recievers allow you to plug a box in to your existing Sky equipment and use the existing wiring and Sky satiliitte dishes. Depending on the model, you can also record, pause and rewind live TV. The benefit of using the existing hardware on your property is that you’ll be able to take advatange of the twin inputs from your dish meaning that you can watch one program while you record another.

The market leader in Freesat receives is arguable a company called Humax. Humax off a range of Freesat recievers with a range of built-in hard disks. The larger the hard disk, the more information you can store. This 500GB Humax system is packed full of features including HD channels and applications.

Many Freesat receivers also include applications such as YouTube and BBC iPlayer, so plugged into a compatible Internet connection you have access to millions of videos and music channels. Although you won’t be able to receive channels like Discovery and Sky Sports if you Get Rid of Sky TV, you will be able to save yourself a significant amount on a paid subscription.


Option 2 – Buy a Freeview receiver

Freeview LogoUnlike Freesat, Freeview using a DAB signal which is received using a standard coxial aerial connection. If you’re home is wired up for it you don’t need anything other than a Freeview receiver. If you don’t have an aerial at home you’ll need to buy one and install it, which can cost around £100. Easier therefore to use the4 existing Sky hardware if possible.


Option 3 – Using your Sky box to record TV

Once you’ve cancelled your Sky Subscription the ability to record and rewind live TV (and to watch anything you’ve already recorded) becomes disabled. You see, even though you own the Sky box, you don’t own the software. Sky blocks the recording facility.

You can take out a basic subscription to enable to recording function, but at around £15 a month, it’s not exactly cheap when you want to Get Rid of Sky TV.

Option 4 – Kodi box

Kodi LogoYou may have heard of Kodi box. It’s a small Android based computer which has the Kodi app installed on it. Don’t be fooled into thinking that streaming Sky channels on Kodi is legal – it’s not. Unofficial streams are illegal and could result in a knock on the door from the Federation against Copyright Theft (Fact). You have been warned!

But I love sport! How can I Watch Sky Sports legally without a Sky subscription?

Now TV LogoGiving up Sky TV doesn’t mean you have to give up Sky Sports. I’m an avid Formula 1 fan (the only reason I had Sky in the first place).

It’s now possible to watch Sky Sports on Now TV (owned by Sky). You can buy a day pass for £6.99 which means you can watch that important race or match without the need of paying monthly. If you’re a real fanatic you can purchased a Sky Sports monthly pass for £33.99.

You will need a NowTV box for this. You can’t watch Now TV on a Smart TV app.


Option 5 – Smart TV

Smart TV’s are becoming more and more advanced with many allowing users to install applications such as BBC Iplayer and ITV player. This means than many programs can now be streamed live over the Internet without the need for aerials or satellite dishes. However, the quality of streamed programs are often very lacking and can require a lot of bandwidth to stream. This can result in arguments over home Internet usage and those with poor speeds will want to avoid this option.

Get Rid of Sky TV and save yourself £££’s

We so many advances in technology there really are a lot of alternatives to Sky which won’t break the bank. Whilst many options are better supported with a decent Internet connect (around £25 a month) there are still savings to be made. There’s never been a better time to Get Rid of Sky TV.


Who is Jonathan Pie?

Copyright Twitter

To those on the Left Jonathan Pie is a breathe of fresh air, a straight talking journalist who says what everyone else is thinking. To those on the Right, Pie is an angry, ranting socialist. Whatever your opinion, there’s no doubt that the Internet is going Pie-crazy.

The actor behind Jonathan Pie – Tom Walker – was little known until 2017. Having played parts in ‘Heartbeat’ and some minor supporting roles, Walker had been dormant in the acting world. Then queue his newest satirical character, Jonathan Pie, the brutal rants of which would quickly go viral over the course of 2017. Even the likes of Vice (who just didn’t get it) couldn’t hold him back.


Left-wing socialist

The self-confessed socialist and Corbyn supporter has become quickly known for his frank commentary on all things political, including his dislike of Theresa May and ‘New’ Labour. As his cameraman Tim will tell you, he’s also known for his like of waffles.


Anti Brexit

If there’s a good reason to stay in the EU, it’s Belgian waffles. As Pie comments, ‘Brexit’ sounds like a “medicine for constipated dogs”. He was very quick to realise that the debate leading up to the EU referendum was empty and void of facts. He also called Nigel Ferrage a “goggle-eyed cockgoblin”…which is nice.


Strong and (un)Stable



Etonian “pig-fucker”


Thank you, Steve Hewlett – legendary presenter dies at 58

Steve Hewlett

I’ve just heard Eddie Mair announce to the nation’s Radio 4 listeners that Steve Hewlett died this morning at the young age of 58 after a short battle with cancer of the esophagus.

Those who listen to Radio 4’s PM program will be used to hearing Steve talk about his experience with presenter and friend Eddie Mair. It’s no secret that his treatment failed and for the last few weeks his voice has been audibly weaker.

Steve was diagnosed wih cancer around the same time at my father was diagnoised with throat cancer and learning of his death left me stunned. Luckily for me and my family, my dad looks as though he will recover in full. Sadly not the same for Steve Hewlitt’s family.

I never met Steve Hewlitt, but like thousands others I felt like I had. He had an ability to explain any situation perfectly, and elegantly. Steve Hewlett was an incredibly loved and authoritive journalist, who had a long standing career with the BBC and a great sense of humour.

“At no point did I feel the diagnoses crushing me” said Mr Hewitt during an interview with Eddie Mair when he first started to explain his journey with cancer. He hoped that his experience would help other people talk about cancer and how to deal with it. He certainly gave a very descriptive account of how he was treated which many cancer sufferers will related to.

Steve Hewlett’s voice was unmistakeable. He will be missed. His family has asked that any donations be made to the Royal Marsden Hospital, where Steve was treated.


Tomasz Schafernaker funniest moments

Tomasz Schafernaker's funniest moments

Those who have every heard of Tomasz Schafernaker know that the cheeky chappy is infamous for his on-screen gaffs, making him probably the most entertaining weatherman in the UK.

This page is dedicated to Tomasz Schafernaker funniest moments on TV and radio.


Funny Tomasz Schafernaker flips the bird

This is one of the best moments on British news television ever. During a live broadcast on BBC News 24, Tomasz decides to have a bit of banter with news anchor Simon McCoy and flips the bird at him. Sadly for Tomasz, the camera cuts back to him showing the middle finger in all it’s glory. Tomasz quickly attempts to make it look as if he had an itch – but it was too late…


Thomasz gets angry!

Any who can blame him? There he is, waiting for his queue to start his weather presentation but it never quite seems to come. The production gallery don’t tell him it’s time to go and he has no idea. So he gets in a strop and walks off set…


Tomasz loses it live on air

It’s a moment that every professional presenters fear, but when those words get jumbled and the giggles commence, it’s all downhill from there…


Thomasz drops the mic

Blissfully unaware that he has dropped his microphone, Tomasz starts his link…


How to watch The Grand Tour without an Amazon Subscription

watch The Grand Tour without an Amazon Subscription

If you’re looking for information on how to watch the Grand Tour without an Amazon Subscription, your options are going to be very limited.

Legally, the only way you should be watching Amazon’s latest eagerly awaited program is to sign up to Amazon Prime and use an Amazon TV Firestick or Amazon App to watch the show in full HD. However, not everyone is prepared to pay £7.99 a month just to watch one program a week.

The thing is, it costs an absolute fortune to put these shows together, so people really should avoid watching The Grand Tour without an Amazon Subscription, and I would personally urge you to pay for the show and support Clarkson, Hammond and May to make more shows in the future. You’ll also help Richard Hammond buy more beard and hair dye.

Illegal downloads of The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour is now reported to be the most pirated program of all time. Illegal copies are very poor quality in terms of audio and video quality. There, I said it: pirates are never as good as the original, the picture quality is always lacking and the sound is generally very poor.


What about Torrents of The Grand Tour?

You’re still using torrents? Wow. That’s so 2003.

Of course there are always going to be people who will illegal upload and share torrents so that people can watch The Grand Tour without an Amazon Subscription. However, using torrent sites can be very risky. Many torrents are packed with viruses and malware which can infect your computer and leave you with an unstable and vulnerable operating system.


I can’t afford to pay £7.99 a month and want to watch The Grand Tour without an Amazon Subscription

Perhaps you can’t afford it, but perhaps you and a few friends can as a group? How about clubbing together and paying £7.99 between you? Between 4 people it will only cost you £2 a month each and you’ll get to share the experience!

What’s more, you’ll also get exclusive access to movies, TV shows, ad-free music, unlimited photo storage, Kindle books and discounts on new-release video games. So you get to watch the Grand Tour and the benefits of all those other things for less than 8 quid a month, LEGALLY!

So stop being a tight arse, get out your wallet, and support the latest, greatest, car show.


Ivanka Trump HOT photos

Whatever you think of her father, there’s no getting away from the fact that Ivanka Trump is Hot with a capital H.

The millionaire business women has been in the spotlight for most of her life, but I hadn’t noticed until recently just how hot Ivanka Trump is.

So, in celebration, here are some photos of Ivanka at her hottest:









St Paul and the Broken Bones – a band formed by God herself

St Paul and the Broken Bones

I never believed I would hear another voice like Otis Redding’s until the day I heard St Paul and the Broken Bones.

St Paul and the Broken Bones
© St Paul and the Broken Bones // Facebook

Switching on Later with Jools Holland in October 2016, I caught the end of the Temptations singing one of their all time classics and decided to leave the program on for a while. Eventually, St Paul and the Broken Bones would start to play their original number ‘Burning Rome’ and I would be left in complete awe.

Frontman and vocalist Paul Janeway (apparently) looks like a bigger built version of Drew Carey, but you quickly forget what his may look like as soon as his mouth opens. Once his vocal cords begin to vibrate you are instantaneously transported into the depths of your internal soul. Born into a strict religious household on a diet of gospel, it’s not difficult to hear where Paul Janeway got his vocal training from. The man oozes 1960’s soul like a toothpaste tube stuffed full of The Big O’s own blood.

Backed by a 6 piece band, the recipe results in such an authentic sound that even with their own modern twist, it’s impossible not to get swept away to 1962. With the classic sound of the brass instruments, and the power of Paul Janeway’s voice, you’d be forgiven for thinking God herself was responsible for forming St Paul and the Broken Bones. Fate certainly seemed to play a part.

“It’s really difficult for me not to sing every time like it’s the last time I’m going to be on the planet,” Janeway said in a recent interview with

As a singer myself, I have no idea how he hits those notes time and time again without his head exploding from the blood cells filling his upper back and neck.

If you like your music full of authentic Soul or if you just love good honest and powerful music, you need to check out St Paul and the Broken Bones. They’re coming to tour the UK in January 2017.



Richard Ayoade: finally there’s a reason to watch Great British Bake Off

Richard Ayoade

As rumours circles that Richard Ayoade may be the new presenter of Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off reboot, I suddenly found myself interested in the program for the first time since I switched off due to Mel and Sue’s trite attempts at sexually half-baked references.

For those of us who like sarcastic humour (who doesn’t?), Richard Ayoade seems the perfect candidate to replace Mel and Sue. Those who have ever watched him will already know that his  cutting prose is some of the best on British TV.

With his clever whit and extremely dry sarcasm, Ayoade made it to fame acting in programs including The Mighty Boosh, The IT Crowd and more recently a documentary called Travel Man; which saw him travel some of the worlds best places alongside other celebrities including Jo Brand and Johnny Vegas.

“Why have a pet hate? Why should it be confined? My hate is both wide ranging and total” – Richard Ayoade


Does Richard Ayoade enjoy baking?

I have no idea, but does it really matter? After Paul Hollywood sold his soul to Channel 4, we can let him worry about the soggy bottoms and let Ayoade do what he does best – slate the worst bread rolls and chocolate gateau’s without the contestants realising a thing. I don’t have the cognitive capacity to imagine how amazing his reviews of the contestants baked goods could be (it’s like trying to imagine the end of space) but you can be confident they will be very, very good.



Jill Archer shows her true colours in tirade of bullying against Pip

Jill Archer has shown her true colours this week as she launched a tirade of bullying against her granddaughter, Pip.

Holier than thou Jill has been quite a nasty to Pip, and in quite a sly way. It seems that you don’t need to love thigh neighbour if your neighbour is sleeping with a Fairbrother.

As well as attempting to verbally bully Pip into leaving her boyfriend Toby Fairbrother, Jill Archer has told Pip that it’s time for her to stand on her own two feet and not expect to be able to pop home for some cake and nibbles.

It seems that Jill really thinks Pip can’t have her cake (or eat it).

Jill Archer is bitter about the Fairbrother legacy. As the storyline has developed, it appears that Jill’s real issue is that she is jealous about her late husband’s first wife.

We can expect some serious rifts in the Archer family. Mummies boy David is unlikely to defect from his mother (especially considering his loathing for Toby), but Ruth is likely to do the motherly thing and jump to Pip’s defence. And of course, Ruth is still pretty angry that it was her mum who died and not David’s.

Christmas is going to be very interesting in the Archer’s household this year…