A12 closed after lorry falls off BRIDGE

Motorists faced another evening of misery as the A12 was CLOSED in BOTH DIRECTIONS due to a lorry falling from a bridge and landing on the southbound carriageway at Coleman’s Bridge, Witham. The northbound carriageway reopened at 17:40hrs.

Police closed the road from Marks Tey to Boreham, and witnesses described hearing a large explosion and seeing smoke. Police advised drivers to avoid the area completely and the Air Ambulance attended.

Witnesses described the scene as ‘unbelievable’ and ‘chaotic’. Delays were reported in the area and Witham is described as ‘gridlocked’.

The lorry on fire – Picture: Joanne Taylor

Sammii G’s | Drinks, Ice Cream, Cake and Snacks | West Bay

If you haven’t already, you absolutely must visit Sammii G’s on your next visit to West Bay, Dorset.

Sammii G’s replaced an old electrical shop and sells fresh coffee, local teas, ice cream, cakes and sandwiches. I visited today (Jan 2017) and had one of their homemade Chocolate Orange milkshakes, and I think it might just be one of the nicest things I have ever drunk. Seriously. If you like milkshakes you really must try one. They’re made using Purbeck Ice Cream.

My wife really enjoyed her cappuccino made with locally roasted coffee beans and the array of cakes on offer looked amazing.

You can find Sammii G’s at: Clarence House, West Bay, Bridport DT6 4EN and they can be contacted on 01308 427944. They can also be found on Facebook.

Angela Merkel ist nicht schuld am Berliner Terrorangriff

Berlin terror attack angela merkel

Es war nur eine Frage von Stunden nach den Terroranschlägen in Berlin, bevor die Presse und rechtsextreme Aktivisten mit dem Finger auf Angela Merkel und ihre Regierung zeigten.

Die Anschuldigung war, dass der Terroranschlag, der Berlin schaukelte, durch die Bemühungen von Frau Merkel verursacht wurde, rund 900.000 Flüchtlinge im Jahr 2015 zu beherbergen. Die Gegner waren schnell auf den Zug zu springen und schlagen vor, dass diejenigen, die in Berlin starb, dies als direkte Folge ihrer Politik.

Incredulous, natürlich. Wie stoppen strengere Grenzkontrollen ein Gehirn-gewaschenes nutcase vom Fahren eines LKWs in eine Menge der unschuldigen Leute?

Es war immer möglich, dass ein solcher Angriff von einem deutsch geborenen Fanatiker durchgeführt werden konnte. Schließlich gibt es viele Menschen, die in nicht-islamischen Ländern geboren sind, die sich in die Religion verwandelt haben und später an terroristische Handlungen teilnehmen. So die Schuld der Angegriffenen so einfach auf Einwanderung ist banal und fehlerhaft.

Dunkle Zeiten für die deutsche Politik

Rechtsparteien in Deutschland ergriffen sofort die Gelegenheit, die Berliner Angriffe zu nutzen, um ihre Ansichten zu bestätigen, dass Migranten aus dem Land verboten werden sollten.

Der Führer der Afd-Partei (Alternative für Deutschland), Frauke Petry, beschuldigte die deutsche Regierung, die Menschlichkeit für politische Korrektheit zu verkennen, nur wenige Stunden nachdem die Leichen der zwölf Toten in die Kühlschränke im Leichenschauhaus gebracht wurden. Petry war auf einem Rampage zu versichern, dass sie die Gelegenheit als eine Möglichkeit, mehr Hass auf Migranten und Asylsuchende zu vermitteln verwendet.

Die schöne Stadt Berlin darf den Terrorismus nicht dazu zwingen, sie zu hassen

Wer Berlin besucht hat, weiß, was für eine schöne Stadt es ist und es gibt viel mehr für Berlin und Berliner als für Gebäude und Menschen. Berlin ist die Stadt der Hoffnung und des Liberalismus für das deutsche Volk. Tatsächlich könnte Berlin die Stadt der Hoffnung für ganz Europa sein.

Berlin eroberte die Trennung der Mauer. Es muss nun weiter die Teilung des Terrorismus zu überwinden.


Ich spreche kein Deutsch, aber ich wollte meine Solidarität für die Deutschen, insbesondere Berlin, zeigen. Frieden und Liebe.


Angela Merkel is NOT to blame for the Berlin terror attack

Berlin terror attack angela merkel

It was just a matter of hours after the terrorist attacks in Berlin before the press and right-wing activists started pointing the finger at Angela Merkel and her Government.

The accusation was that the terrorist attack which rocked Berlin were caused by Mrs Merkel’s efforts to house around 900,000 refugees in 2015. Opponents were quick to jump on the bandwagon and suggest that those who died in Berlin did so as a direct result of her policies.

Incredulous, of course. How do stricter border controls stop a brain-washed nutcase from driving a truck into a crowd of innocent people?

It was always possible that such an attack could have been carried out by a German born fanatic. After all, there have been plenty of people born in non-Islamic countries who have converted to the religion and later gone on to commit acts of terrorism. So to blame the attacked so simply on immigration is trite and flawed.

Dark times ahead for German politics

Right-wing parties in Germany immediately seized the opportunity to use the Berlin attacks as a way of confirming their views that migrants should be banned from the country.

The leader of the AfD Party (Alternative für Deutschland) , Frauke Petry, accused the German Government of mistaking humanity for political correctness just hours after the bodies of the 12 dead were being put into refrigerators in the morgue. Petry was on a rampage to insure that she used the opportunity as a way to instill more hatred of migrants and asylum seekers.

The beautiful city of Berlin mustn’t let terrorism turn it to hate

Anyone who has ever visited Berlin knows what a beautiful city it is and there’s much more to Berlin and Berliners than just buildings and people. Berlin is the city of hope and liberalism for the German people. In fact, Berlin might just be the city of hope for the whole of Europe.

Berlin conquered the divide of the Wall. It must now continue to conquer the divide of terrorism.











Gable Insurance policies EXPIRE on 16th December 2016

I have today spoken to the FCSC regarding the saga of Gable Insurance AG going into default. They have advised that Gable Insurance policies will EXPIRE on 16th December 2016 and that my company must purchase a new all risks insurance policy with a new insurer. If we fail to do so, we will not be insured.

The FCSC have advised that there will be a refund of some of the policy (which cost us around £12,000 per annum due to the high risk of our industry), but they cannot say how much we will receive OR when we can expect to receive the money.

This leaves us facing a bill of £12,000 to allow us to continue to trade, having paid this only a few months ago before Gable went bust. This is a terrible strain for a small business to have to deal with.

Meanwhile, we also have a £12,000 claim outstanding with Gable relating to a break-in during the spring.

Cryopreservation: could you deal with waking up in the future?

I was listening to a lady on Radio 5 today talking about he plans to go through cryopreservation in the Cryonics Institute in the United States after she dies. She (and her husband) have paid just under £80,000 each so that one day, hopefully, she’ll be bought back to life. She explained that when she dies, her body will be shipped to the US in water at set temperature, where it will be injected with cryoprotectant (a type of antifreeze for the veins) and slowly frozen to -160’c.

This made me start to ask all types of questions. Will she be lonely if she wakes up with no friend an family left? What if her husband doesn’t make it but she does? and What if the future is bloody awful?


Will Cryopreservation actually work?

As you die, your body slows down and becomes unusable. On a cellular level, it’s knackered. So to preserve someone you need to preserve them in a good condition. By the time this lady dies, her body will be useless.

Some say that you could just preserve the brain for its nerve endings and braincells. Of course, this is could only be any good if your brain is still in good order. What if she dies of brain cancer? Or dementia.

Fact is that there is absolutely no proven scientific evidence to show that cryopreservation could work.


What if her husband doesn’t make it?

Lets say cryopreservation actually worked and in 500 years scientists were able to revive her body. Sadly, he husband didn’t make it. She now has no husband, not known family and no friends. What does she do with the rest of her life?


What if the future is awful?

Imagine waking up in 400 years. The climate is so brutally hot because we can’t control global warming. Crime and murder is rife and it’s every man for themselves. Would you want to wake up to that?


Can we escape death forever?

Nature has shown us how brutal she can be. Sooner or later, she’s going to get you. If it’s not an illness or heart attack, it’s going to be a flying bus or a plane crash.


It’s a desperate attempt to cling onto life

Not many people want to die and not many people are enthralled with the idea of death. Given that there is absolute no evidence that cryopreservation could work, I can only surmise that this lady is desperately trying to cling on to life in denial of death. For me, this is just a way for someone in the US to make a lot of money from people who are scared of dying. Nothing more.

But then, it’s not my £80,000 she’s spending…

Romford Navy – the Scourge of the Seven Seas

A couple of years ago whilst leaving the harbour on West Mersea, a little scrote came whipping across the bow of our boat on a jet ski, far to close and well over the speed limit of the harbour. “Oh, looks like the Romford Navy are out early this year” said the Captain of the vessel.

Romford Navy was a term I’d never heard before, so I enquired as to it’s meaning. “They’re idiots with too much money who throw their brains away when they’re on the water”, he said.


Who are the Romford Navy?

After some more enquiring, it appears that the Romford Navy is a colloquial term used by residents of North East Essex to refer to people from South Essex areas, such as Romford and Basildon with (and I quote) “more money than sense”.

Generally, the Romford Navy will arrive on weekends and Bank Holidays during good whether with motorboats (mobos) and jet ski’s. They can be seen making their way towards the coast along the A12 a couple of hours before high tide. They will generally disregard speed limit, drive too close to the beaches and be a general nuisance.

It is generally believed by local people that the RN ruin the local area by breaking rules and disregarding the peace and space of local people.

Is this criticism fair?

From what I’ve observed of my time on the water, it would appear that there is some people who aren’t local, who do treat the water like a playground. There are regularly reports in the paper about near misses and antisocial behavior but the cost of prosecuting them is so high that often nothing can be done.

Elon Musk is a time traveller sent back from the future to save the planet

Elon Musk is a time traveller sent back from the future to save the planet. How do I know this? Well the evidence speaks for itself.

He looks like a time traveller

Take a look at his face. It’s very clearly made of a synthetic material, just like the Terminator. The complexion is almost identical to a cross between a Terminator and the Gunslinger Yul Brynner from Westworld.

He suddenly arrived in America at the age of 19 having never been heard of before

No one knows anything about Musk before he turned 19 and arrived at the University of Pennsylvania. Elon Musk claims to have been educated in South Africa until the age of 19, but there is absolute no evidence to support this that I have bothered to try and find.

He has the name of a time traveller

‘Elon Musk’. Say that name a few times in your head, very slowly. When in the history before this man have you every heard a name so for a time traveller? Clearly a code name.

Elon Musk has invented stuff that even Albert Einstein didn’t

Everyone knows this. Elon Musk invented PayPal – Einstein didn’t. Musk also invented a completely electric vehicle. When did you ever heard Einstein talk of such a radical thing?

This is proof that, unlike Einstein, Musk has been sent from the future to help mankind reduce fossil fuel emission and make the world clean, thus saving the planet and making it better for the future. Musk is clearly much cleaverer than Einstein and makes real things, not just stupid theories which anyone can make up if they are boring enough.

He has his time machine hidden in a cave

Elon Musk must have a time machine hidden away somewhere, and my guess it that it’s in a cave, a bit like Batman, but real.

How to manage money fairly in a band

How to manage money fairly in a band

Learning how to manage money fairly in a band is a vital tool which can help prevent arguments, keep the band together and build trust. Money can often become a big issue for bands and has, at times, been to cause of many arguments.

There are a number of ways that you can manage money in a band, and this blog helps to give you some hints and tips.

Buy equipment – don’t hire it

Although hiring equipment can seem like a quick fix to do a gig or to get you out of trouble, it’s generally much more expensive than buying your own.

Hiring a vocal PA may seem cheap at £150 a night but when you can buy a half decent (including speaker stand and multiple channel mixer) for under £1500 you only have to do a few gigs before you can buy your own outright. And once you’ve bought your own you become much more flexible – you can do any gig and even use it to rehearse away from the rehearsal venues (such as an old barn, a friends workshop or even a caravan). I used to rehearse regularly with a band in a working funeral parlour and sometimes even when there were bodies in the chiller. But we mashed up our own rehearsal PA and it was free.

Always try to buy and own your own equipment. It may seem like an expensive outlay but in time you’ll be glad you did and it will help you How to manage money fairly in a band much more sensibly.

Don’t buy equipment you don’t need

Owning the most expensive Les Paul guitar or a 50,000 watt PA doesn’t make you any better at playing music. I’ve played alongside guitarists who have the most expensive axes and amps but who really don’t know how to use them and who may actually have ended up playing worse because they didn’t really know what they were doing.

As a vocalist I know that there are some really great microphones around, including the cordless Sennheiser EW 165 G3 which is a great live microphone. At the same time I also know that you can’t beat the reliability and overall sound of a simple corded Shure SM58; a pretty much indestructible microphone still used by the BBC and many large live music venues since it was originally produced in 1966.

So seek independent advice, ask around and read reviews. Owning 1 millions different guitar effects pedals doesn’t make you Jimmy Hendrix or Mark Knopfler and won’t cover-up poor musicianship.

Be fair with the money

So you’ve done a gig, you’ve been paid and now it’s time to split the money.

Here’s the point when things can become very difficult if you don’t deal with it fairly. I strongly advise that you are upfront and transparent when it comes to money.

How you decided to split it may vary from band-to-band but generally no one is bigger or more important than anyone else. Sure, you’re vocalist might be your “front man” but without the musicians he’s just a guy singing on his own. I recommend that you treat everyone equally.

But that doesn’t mean to say that splitting the money equally is always the fair way to do it. For example those people who rely on lifts from others should continue towards petrol and vehicle running costs. If someone has had to pay £1000 for a PA which the while band benefits from then it’s more than fair to expect everyone to contribute to that cost, either by paying something to the person who had the initially layout or by coming up with a repayment agreement.

However your band decides to deal with this I cannot express more the important of being transparent. It means that everyone knows where they stand and there there can never be an argument that someone is being paid more than another person. And if someone IS being paid more than someone else, a transparent and honest approach will make it clear why that is and prevent any arguments.

Ultimately, learning how to manage money fairly in a band will help you keep the band together.

Common Medical Terms related to Personal Injury

A few years ago, I was involved in putting together some Common Medical Terms related to Personal Injury for a company which specialised in legal claims. The company is no longer trading, so I decided to put the glossary of terms here for you to use. Feel free to duplicate it on your own website but please provide a credit (with a link back).


Accelerated Injury

An injury brought forward by a number of months/years a symptom which would have developed in the absence of the injury



A condition which starts and ends quickly. A long- lasting condition is termed chronic.



A painkiller



A pain killer which as reduces inflammation



The fusion of a joint



Asbestos is a group of minerals with long, thin fibrous crystals. It is recognised that exposure to asbestos can have carcinogenic effects to the human body, especially the lungs.



Free of symptoms



Natural hollows in fibrous tissues lined by smooth cells and containing fluid. Situated at points where there is a pressure or friction. They try to allow fee movement without straining tissue.



Inflammation of bursa ( e.g. housemaid’s knee)



Relating to the hand, the bones of the hand



Relating to the neck part of the spine


Closed head injury (CHI)

The result of rapid acceleration and deceleration of the head during which the brain bounces off the inside of the skull


Colles’ Fracture

Fracture across the lower end of the radius (in the wrist)


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

CBT is a short-term psychological treatment. CBT helps to change the way you think, feel and behave. CBT is particularly suitable for specific problems such as phobias, panic attacks, eating disorders and depression.



A bruise



The cushion of cartilage between two vertebrae.



The displacement of a bone at a joint.



Relating to the back.



A pre-existing symptom made worse by the injury.



The straightening of a limb/joint.



The thigh bone



The smaller of the two bones in the lower leg



The bending of a joint.



A break, normally of a bone.


Golfer’s elbow

Inflammation of the medial epicondyle of the tendon at the elbow. ‘Tennis elbow’ is inflammation of the lateral epicondyle.



A localised collection of blood, a bruise.



The bone in the upper arm


Illness Behaviour

The development of symptoms resulting from unconscious exaggeration by the patient. This is thought by most doctors to be far more common than deliberate malingering; also known as functional overlay. Psychosomatic pain or compensation neurosis. The last is used for a condition that is expected to resolve after the conclusion of a claim.



A response to injury denoted by the suffix ‘itis’. The cardinal signs are redness, heat, swelling and pain.


Kirschner wire

A wire or rod passed through bone and used to apply traction.


Kuntscher nail

A strong steel nail that is inserted into the hollow canal of the femur or tibia to maintain position after fracture.



Hump in the vertebrae. In mild form can cause neck to lean forward and hunch.



A cut.



Relating to a ligament which is band of fibrous tissue connecting bones or cartilages.



Relating to the lower back.



The deliberate pretending of symptoms or exaggerating them for advantage.



The failure of bones properly align after fracture resulting in deformity.



The procedure whereby a joint is moved to reduce or eliminate stiffness.



Semi–lunar cartilage as in wrist or knee joints.


MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

A detailed form of imaging without using radiation which can detect detailed soft tissue changes.



Pain felt in sensory nerve which can be as a result of injury to the nerve.



Disease involving joint cartilage.



Loss of bony tissue causing bones to become brittle and liable to fracture.



The knee cap.



A finger bone/bones.



The falling down or sinking of (a disc).



Post traumatic stress disorder – specific mental disorders following an accident or trauma


Pleural plaques

Localised areas of scar tissue attaching to the outer wall of the lung and are totally benign.



One of the two bones in the lower arm



The process of restoration of skills by a person who has had an illness or injury so as to regain maximum self-sufficiency and function in a normal or as near normal manner as possible. For example, rehabilitation after a stroke may help the patient walk again and speak clearly again.



The movement of the neck when turning the head left and right.


Soft tissue

Parts of the body other than bones – usually muscles, ligaments etc.



A degenerative condition of the spine.


Sprains and strains

A collective term for muscle and ligament injuries.



A partial dislocation



Relating to the foot, bones of the foot.



Relating to the chest area as in thoracic spine.



The larger of the two bones in the lower leg.






Breach on surface of skin or membrane.



One of the two bones in the lower arm.


Vagus nerve

The nerve that supplies nerve fibers to the throat, larynx (voice box), trachea (windpipe), lungs, heart, esophagus, and the intestinal tract as far as the transverse portion of the colon. The vagus nerve also brings sensory information back to the brain from the ear, tongue, pharynx, and larynx.


One of the 23 bones of the spine.



A soft tissue injury to the cervical spine (neck).


YAG laser surgery

The use of a YAG (yttrium-aluminum-garnet) laser to carry out eye surgery.


Zygomatic bone

Part of the temporal bone of the skull that forms the the cheek. The zygomatic bone is also known as the ‘zygomatic arch’.