Photo of an Iveco Daily

How to Replace and Iveco Daily Battery in 6 steps

When it comes to knowing how to Replace and Iveco Daily Battery, you’re probably wondering where to start. Where is the battery? And how to you remove it? The battery is hidden away behind a panel on the passenger side of the vehicle and looks difficult to get so, but with a little patience, it’s […]

traffic in colchester

The UK needs Stronger Laws to Force Driver’s to Switch Off Engines

The UK needs Stronger Laws to Force Driver’s to Switch Off Engines Whilst Waiting in Traffic. Some countries have been doing this for many years. In Germany it’s the law that you must switch off your engine whilst queuing or waiting at crossings. I first experienced this in Munich in 1994 when I was staying […]

Converting a Classic Car to Electric

Converting a Classic Car to Electric – the Future of Owning an Icon

Converting a Classic Car to Electric is the future of owning a vehicle as governments clamp down on emission pumping diesel and petrol cars. In July 2017 the British Government announced plans to ban all internal combustion engine powered vehicles by 2040 with many experts predicting that electric battery powered vehicles will outsell diesel and […]

DVLA Clamps Untaxed Vehicles

DVLA Clamps Untaxed Vehicles in crackdown on law breakers

Drivers are being warned as the DVLA Clamps Untaxed Vehicles at the roadside of the road if they fail to pay for Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax). The DVLA and Local Authorities are carrying our sweeps of major towns and cities across the UK as they look for vehicles where drivers have failed to pay […]


A12 closed after lorry falls off BRIDGE

Motorists faced another evening of misery as the A12 was CLOSED in BOTH DIRECTIONS due to a lorry falling from a bridge and landing on the southbound carriageway at Coleman’s Bridge, Witham. The northbound carriageway reopened at 17:40hrs. Police closed the road from Marks Tey to Boreham, and witnesses described hearing a large explosion and […]


Cranking Time Exceeded | Ford problems

Cranking time exceeded is a code which will occur on certain models of Fords (such as the Ford Fiesta, Focus, Mode, Taurus and F150). It happens when an attempt to start the vehicle has occurred for more than 60 seconds in total, without the vehicle starting. The cranking time exceeded system is designed to stop […]

Put the wrong fuel in a car

Put the wrong fuel in a car? Don’t panic! Help is at hand

Put the wrong fuel in a car? Don’t panic! There are often things you can do to prevent expensive vehicle recovery and garage repair bills.   Accidentally putting diesel into a petrol (gas) tank This scenario is definitely the lesser of the two evils. Petrol engines rely on an explosion of fuel to run, and […]

Start your car with rope

Start your car with rope if the battery is dead or starter motor broken

Flat car battery or starter motor broken? Don’t panic! Start your car with rope and get yourself out of a tricky situation if your car battery is dead and you’re on your own. It will only work on cars with manual transmission (and will probably work better in petrol engines which are easier to turnover from cold) […]

Police refusing to provide third party details

Police Refusing to Give Third Party Details After an Accident? Don’t let them.

We have begun to notice an increasing trend with various police forces across the UK, in particular the Met Police, when attending Road Traffic Collisions. The Police refusing to give third party details after an accident; but they shouldn’t be. Lately, the police are taking reports from all drivers involved in the collision (and witnesses) […]

How to get rid of condensation in a car

How to get rid of Condensation in a Car

During this damp winter I’ve found it increasingly difficult to demist my old Volkswagen Golf in the morning. I’m guessing that I have a leak somewhere, but I’m not able to find it. So it left me wondering how to get rid of condensation in a car. The causes of condensation Working out why you’re […]