Nicotine and Dogs – are you making your dog ill without realising?

Nicotine and Dogs are a dangerous mix, and many dog owners may be poisoning their pets without even realising it.

The advent of vaping and other tobacco replacements has lead to millions of people ditching the fags in favour of the liquid nicotine devices. But what many don’t realise is that even the smallest drop of liquid nicotine can poison a dog. Nicotine is a toxin to all pets and comes in many forms including sprays, gum and vapes.

Whether it’s because you’ve spilled some liquid on the floor, on your hands, or left a bottle unattended, your pooch is going to get dangerously ill if he swallows some. The dangers of mixing Nicotine and Dogs is well documented, so make sure you do your best to prevent poisoning your beloved pet.

Your dog doesn’t have to ingest nicotine to become ill. Nicotine can pass into the blood via the skin (just like nicotine patches used on humans).


Steps to take to prevent nicotine and dogs mixing:

  • refill your vape over a sink in case of spillage
  • wash your hand thoroughly after handling your vape
  • don’t leave any liquids in reach of your dog – put them on a high shelf or in a cupboard
  • if you’re a smoker, don’t leave any cigarette ends lying around the garden as your dog might decide to chew them
  • don’t leave nicotine gum lying around

Remember: Nicotine and Dogs and a dangerous mix. Don’t risk poisoning your dog.


What are the symptoms of nicotine poisoning in dogs?

There are various signs which may indicate that your dogs has consumed nicotine. These include:

  • shaking or possible siezures
  • weakness or withdrawal
  • vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • heart problems
  • depression or hyperactivity


What to do if you think your dog has ingested nicotine

Even the smallest amount of nicotine can be deadly to a dog.

  • contact your vet for immediate advice
  • if the nicotine is on the skin or fur, wash it immediately with water to attempt to dilute the effects