Laura Perrins: private inappropriate sexual advances are NOT OK

Laura Perrins

Laura Perrins (no, we didn’t know who she was either until this morning) has supported David Davis MP over an alledged incident where he is understood to have attempted to kiss a female MP.

The alleged incident is supposed to have involved David Davis MP attempted to kiss Diane Abbott in the MPs’ bar at Westminster but was told to “fuck off” by the shadow Home Secretary. Mr Davis is said to have been seen walking away laughing and later to have said he was whipering in Diane Abbott’s ear.

It is also understood that David Davis sent a number of sexist texts about Ms Abbott to a friend, one in which he said that if he was to hug her, it would make a “good Specsavers-style advert” (suggesting that he would need to have poor eyesight to want to hug Ms Abbott).

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show on 12th February 2017, guest reviewer Rachel Shabi pointed out that the attempt to kiss Diane Abbott was “totally inappropriate” and that Mr Davis had a responsibility to “set a tone” which he had “completely failed to do”.

However, Laura Perrins who was also a guest on the show, said that the alleged incident was “private” and therefore David Davis should “not be hung out to dry” because of it.

Apparently, Laura Perrins believes that inappropriate or uninvited sexual advances are OK as long as they are carried out behind closed doors. Of course she couldn’t be more wrong: it is never OK to make sexual advances to anyone regardless of who you are or where you are.

In the same program, Perrins went on to offer her support for President Trump visiting the UK. Presumably, Perrins feels that pussy-grabbing is also another acceptable behavior for men to project on women?

So much for female empowerment, independence, and self-sureness.

Conservative mouth piece Laura Perrins is known for her outspoken behavior and has wrtten for the Daily Mail in the past (say no more). She has previously accused the British Medical Association (BMA) as “barmy” and accused those people who believe the West still has racist tendancies as being “myth-making and leftist bullying of the worst kind” (apparently happy to ignore official United Nations statistics which say that if you are a black person in the West you are less empowered than white people).

In another vitriolic article, the Katie Hopkins wannabe accused Ewan McGregor of wanting to “devour” people’s souls for having strong morals; and standing by them.

It’s a sad situation when having morals and caring about other humans can leave you attacked by spiteful, hate-filled person. It’s even more sad when a woman thinks it’s OK for men to touch women without permission.


Article 50 MP’s vote risks making a mockery of the entire political system

Article 5- MP's vote

It’s no secret that I voted for the UK to remain a full member of Europe but today’s ruling which brings an Article 50 MP’s vote even closer risk making a mockery of the entire UK political system.

Why? Because it undermines the will of the People.

The High Court has ruled that the Government does not have power to trigger Article 50 without parliamentary approval and a vote from MPs.

If an Article 50 MP’s vote goes ahead it will only service to discredit the House of Commons even further at a time when millions of people who have the right to vote, don’t.

Giving MP’s the right to potentially halt the UK’s exit from Europe could also antagonise many thousands of people who feel they are suffering financial hardship due to the current Government’s austerity measure. This has the potential to lead to unrest and a repeat of the 2011 England riots.

Despite the vote in favour of leaving the EU being a relatively slim majority, the fact remains that it was a two-horse race and the Brexitters won. That wasn’t what I wanted, but it’s completely wrong to allow an Article 50 vote for MP’s which could put a halt to decision which the majority of voters supported.

This High Court ruling could also trigger an early General Election and as much as I don’t support the Conservative Government I’m not sure the UK could handle another vote before the mess of Brexit has been cleaned up…

Brexit – when the next generation of Europeans had their hopes and idealisms crushed

On the 24th June 2016, the United Kingdom woke to the news that the country was to leave the UK, after a 3.8% majority voted in favour of a British exit – a Brexit.

Brexit, as it was called, resulted in immediate financial uncertainty in the county. The value of the British Pound dropped to a level not seen since 1985, stock markets reacted badly, and European Leaders were quick to confirm that ‘out’ really did mean out. There was no turning back.

By far the biggest cause of majority vote to leave was caused by the concerns people had regarding immigration. Many, specifically the less well off or older generation, blamed migration for increasing pressure on hospitals, schools and GP surgeries. However, they seemed reluctant to accept that much of this pressure was being caused by the Conservative governments squeeze on public finances through imposed Austerity. People were so blinkered by the immigration debate that they failed to see the true picture of why people are so desperate to get to the UK. They stuck their heads in the sand as stories quietly emerged about 30,000 Iraqy people being left in refugee camps to eat rotting animal feed due to fighting between the UK backed Iraq army and ISIS. Out of sight, out of mind.

As the results were analysed it became clear that the EU Referendum was more than just a vote for the future of Great Britian – it was a vote of class war. The higher the level of education, the higher the EU support. Research by the Telegraph showed that university graduates were the most likely people to want to remain in the EU – while those with a GCSE or equivalent as their highest qualification were more likely to back Brexit.

A very sad time in the history of the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Scotland had overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU, but they only way that could now happen would be for another refurendum on Scotland’s independence from the UK. Whether Scotland will every get that vote is open for debate but it if does, it might be time to move there!



Government to add average £38 to household energy bills

The Conservative Government are about to add an average of £38 to every annual household energy bill.

The Capacity Market will hand millions of pounds to the Big Six energy firms which the Government claims will “incentivise investment in more sustainable, low-carbon electricity capacity at the least cost for energy consumer”. However, critics of the Capacity Market says the system has been so badly designed that the extra cash will only contribute to the profits of the Big Six, rather than resulting in new, lower carbon power stations.

Lisa Nandy MP, Labour’s Shadow Energy & Climate Change Secretary, said:

“The Tories are trying to bury this bad news. Every family’s energy bill is to shoot up to pay for these gross new handouts to the big energy companies. The worst part is that this scheme is a massive waste of money. It has been so badly designed it isn’t getting new power stations built but instead is just lining the pockets of the Big Six and investors in highly-polluting diesel generators”.

However, Amber Rudd, energy and climate change secretary said that the government would “protect consumers and businesses from avoidable spikes in energy costs”.

The information becomes confusing for consumers after National Grid predicted just last month that there would be a surplus of electricity in the Summer which could result in it implementing emergency powers to switch power stations off. The government is also likely to come under fire after reducing funding for green energy schemes and ending the Green Deal.


An idea.

How about removing all VAT from energy efficient LED lightbulbs to encourage small businesses and home owners to switch. It would be a start.

Just when the Conservatives thought they’d finally cracked Twitter, this happened

Just when the Tories thought they had finally broken into Twitter and #VoteConservative was trending, they suddenly got the stark realisation of what thousands of people really think. It seems that many, many thousands of people had hijacked the hashtag to protest again the Conservative governments record for the past 6 years.

Here are just some of the best.



Councillor Michael Skeels calls constituent a “Cunt”

Michael Skeels

In what can only be described as an unbelievable show of idiocracy, a video has emerged on Youtube of Councillor Michael Skeels calling a constituent a “cunt” before firing a tirade of abuse at the man relating to his disabilities.

The video was captured on 4th April 2016 by a Clacton-on-Sea man unhappy with what he described as Mr Skeels “being un-elected and making 64 grand over the next 4 years”. In response, Councillor Michael Skeels said “you’re a cunt, aint ya?”. He then continued mocking him for his disabilities, accused him of being a benefit scrounger and called him a “twat”. Later in the video he appears to square up to the man offering to fight him saying “come on then if you think you’re hard enough”.


It’s fair to say there’s a bit of history between Michael Skeels – Portfolio Holder for Leisure – and the cameraman who has (legally) been filming Councillors on the Tendring District Council panel and making his feelings clear. However, at no point has he been either physically or verbally abusive to a council member.

Here’s the video. Not what you’d expect from a “pillar” of the community, is it?

Bernard Jenkin MP left with egg on face after ‘Grassroots Out’ meeting fails to hatch

Bernard Jenkin MP
Bernard Jenkin MP was left with egg on his face after only 3 people turned up to his 'Vote Leave' meeting // Image Twitter (and a bit of Photoshopping)
Bernard Jenkin MP was left with egg on his face after only 3 people turned up to his ‘Vote Leave’ meeting // Image Twitter (and a bit of Photoshopping)

Conservative Bernard Jenkin MP was left with egg on his face this evening after people failed to turn up to an anti-European Union meeting which the MP been invited to speak at.

‘Grassroots Out’, an anti-EU group also supported by UKIP Leader and unelectable-as-an-MP Nigel Farage, invited Bernard Jenkin MP to talk in favour of leaving the EU at a meeting at Colchester Town Hall.

Just three guests turn up to the meeting despite chairs for some 200 being put out. Ouch!


Why the Tories think turning all schools into Academies is a good idea

Tories think turning all schools into Academies

In case your missed this post on Twitter, actor David Schneider posted a cracking list of reasons why the Tories think turning all schools into Academies is a good idea. It goes a little bit like this:

Why turning all schools into Academies is a good idea:

  • Takes schools out of the hands of experts and hands them to people who can make money out of them
  • Offers a complete top-down reorganisation that wasn’t promised in the manifesto because that worked so well for the NHS
  • Frees parents from the burden of having a say in the running of their local school
  • Empowers teachers and headteachers by telling them exactly what’s right for them
  • Guarantees higher standards by not taking children with additional learning or other needs
  • Removes control from evil, democratically elected councils in favour of nice, unaccountable central bureaucracies
  • Helps fulfill potential, such as academy CEOs potential to earn 200K+ or make money from employing their own companies

I’m just going to leave this here…

The post came from David Schneider // Twitter
The post came from David Schneider // Twitter

Cameron & Osborne: step up and save Port Talbot

As news was announced that Tata Steel plan to close Port Talbot steel works, the question on everyone’s lips was this: If the Government can bail-out a failing banks to save jobs and help the economy, why can’t it do the same for Port Talbot?

The Conservative Business Secretary Sajid Javid was ordered back from Austrailia this week when it became obvious that things were about to go from bad to worse in a deal to try and save the steel works. In an interview on 30th March he said that the steel industry is “absolutely vital” for UK economy; whilst in the same sentence he said “I don’t think that nationalisation is the answer”.

The Government has also refused to recall Parliament to discuss the problems Port Talbot faces despite thousands of jobs being on the line.

There are 5,500 people employed at Port Talbot but the knock-on effect for the local economy could be huge. From local shops, contractors, restaurants, pubs, hotels – thousands of other jobs and services supplying the Works and it’s employees would go.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn said that Port Talbot should be taken into state hands. In an interview of Channel 4 news Mr Corbyn said: “these are people who have given their lives to the industry”.

Mr Corbyn also bought up the issue of low-cost steel flooding the European market from China.

What are the Government’s options?

Actually, quite a few. Firstly, they should reverse the desperate attempts to attempt to hand so much British money to China in the form of Nuclear energy deals. Put pressure on the Chinese government to understand that the EU – the UK – will not continue to accept steel made with absolutely no regard to how it is produced or where it is sold. Quite simply, we will not accept steel dumping.

Secondly, they should introduce a higher tariff for imported steel outside of the EU.

Next, the Government should work with Tata to attempt to find more energy efficient methods of producing steel. The should look at making the site more appealing for Research and Development.

If all else fails, the Government should step in to save a potential 10,000 jobs at Port Talbot and the surrounding area. £1.1bn was spent bailing out the banks after they bought the UK to it’s knees. Like millions of others around the country the employees at the Port Talbot steel works suffered job insecurity, increased living costs and no payrise for years.

It’s time the “little guy” was given a break. It’s time that David Cameron and George Osborne stepped up the plate and did the right thing to save Port Talbot.


Why the Tories won’t stop jeering Jeremy Corbyn

As I began watching Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday I was immediately embarrassed by the Conservatives childish reaction to Jeremy Corbyn.

Once again Mr Corbyn took to the dispatch box and was instantly subjected to a tirade of jeering from the other side of the House, which was so awkward to watch that it made me wince. Wince because I knew that as I was watching this childish display so were another 250,000 people. A quarter of a million people watching an elected Member of Parliament being shouted at by 300 buffoons.

So why do the Tories consistently jeer at Corbyn? Because they’re scared. Scared of a new Labour Leader who takes an approach they haven’t seen before and which they haven’t yet developed a way to counteract. Scared by a man who, unlike their own leader, is able to contain his emotion under pressure. A man who doesn’t get visibly agitated when the questions aren’t going his way. A man who, unlike Cameron, won’t tow the party line when he’s told to.

Reconnecting with the public

When Jeremy Corbyn began to ask David Cameron questions from Labour supporters at his first PMQs, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I was concerned that the approach could be construed by the Tories as desperation on behalf of the party to find any possible way to reconnect with the voters that they lost in the 2015 General Election.

What actually happened was that it personalised the questions. For the first time, Cameron was directly answerable to a member of the public; in front of thousands of people. People, like me, who often feel that they don’t have any sort of voice past their local Councillor.

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying it was a clever move. First of all it makes potential voters feel that they are valued, that their emails and letters are being read and that the Labour Party is actually listening to them. Just like a company making their customers feel valued, it’s a proven marketing strategy to hold on to.

Secondly, it puts the wind up the Tories. They simply hate the fact that Jeremy Corbyn is asking questions which matter to people who work hard every day to make ends meet. Even more, they hate that Corbyn is asking questions for the people which the present Conservative government have attacked time and time again; teachers, nurses, unskilled workers, low earners, the disabled and now students.

If they’re jeering, they’re fearing

OK, so that’s a pretty poor slogan, but it works for me. If the Tories are jeering Jeremy Corbyn they’re doing so to stop him from being heard. They don’t want the public to hear what he has to say so the best they can do it to try and drown him out. Of course it doesn’t work as the Speaker of the House persistently reminds MPs that the public want to hear the questions…and the answers.

Whilst I’m on the subject of answers…

Why does David Cameron insist on answering questions with questions? The entire point of PMQ’s is that the PM is asked a question and gives an answer. David Cameron is a persistent offender dodging questions or replying with an attack. Today was no different. Last week it was jibes about the time it took Jeremy Corbyn to reshuffle the Shadow Cabinet; totally irrelevant to the questions he was asked.

However, it’s good for Labour. The public aren’t stupid and sooner or later they’re going to be as fed up with the Conservatives approach as I find myself.

I wrote to Jon Bercow in June 2015 and I’ll leave you with my email and his response:

Dear Mr Bercow,

This week, the Leader of the Opposition was given the opportunity to ask six questions. However, the Prime Minister once again refused to answer the questions, generally responding with another question. Surely the entire point of the debate is for the PM to answer questions; if he constantly insists of responding with another question it completely defeats to point of the process. As if it isn’t disrespectful that Minister’s insisted on shouting whilst Harriet Harman was talking it is even more so when Mr Cameron then refuses to give a straight answer.

Later in the debate, Cat Smith asked a question and was then subject to a sarcastic and flippant response from the PM. Surely this kind of debating isn’t conducive to engaging the public?

Perhaps it would be prudent to remind Mr Cameron that the name of the half-hour debate is ‘Prime Minister’s Questions’, not ‘Leader of the Opposition’s Questions’!

His response:

Dear Mr Hicks,

Mr Speaker would like to thank you for your email of 6 June and to reply on his behalf.

The Speaker has asked me to explain that he is the servant of the House and can only operate within the powers which the House has granted him. These do not include the authority to adjudicate on the content or quality of questions asked and answers given in the Chamber. Such a power would, in any event, be inconsistent with the requirement for the Speaker to act impartially, since it would necessarily be a political act. The most that the Speaker can do is to remind the House of the purpose and expected form of questions and answers, and to exhort Members and Ministers to bear this in mind. Ultimately, Members take responsibility for their own choice of words and you may therefore wish to draw your concerns directly to the attention of the Prime Minister.

Mr Speaker thanks you for taking the time to write in with your kind words and feedback.

Kind regards,


Jade Knight | Secretary to the Speaker’s Secretary

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

It was worth a go I suppose!