Austerity is a Lie. Welcome to Tory Britain.

Austerity is a Lie roadsign

Austerity is a Lie. It’s a political opinion, not a fact. It’s an ideal that says it’s better to cut the State than to to grow it; offering jobs to people and empowering them to earn and pay taxes.

Austerity is a frame of mind that brainwashed conservatives would have everyone else believe is the only way that the 27th wealthiest county – a country with a GDP per capita of £34,686 – can only survive by making huge cuts to health and public services across the country.

Austerity is an excuse for to sell the public assets and vital contracts to friends and family of the richest MP’s and influential people in the country.

Meanwhile, the poorest in society are left with less disposable income, the number of homeless rises to record levels and crime rises to its highest level in a decade.


Welcome to Tory Britain.


Quickly, private rents increase to the highest levels on record as a lack of new social housing in provisioned creating exponential competition for two and three bedroom properties. More people are forced into self employment due to a lack of public sector jobs and contracts, yet risk causing a borrowing crises. Even pro-Tory newspapers call for more public money to fund social housing.

Instead of boosting more PAYE and permanent jobs in the public sector, allowing people to earn and save, the government forces people into the “gig economy” and supports companies who prefer zero hours contracts, provided little job security or guaranteed income. At the same time, it attempts to push through laws which remove workers rights (which eventually fail and cause a massive u-turn in policy to protect votes).


Welcome to Tory Britain.


As the austerity lie is forced on the population, teachers are attacked and told they must work even harder for less money and lower pensions, resulting in fewer teachers to cope with more pupils.

Woodlands are sold off to the highest bidder. Developers are allowed to build with less constraints.

In a bid to secure her future, Teresa May loses her majority with a £140million bill to the taxpayer whilst striking an expensive deal with the right-wing DUP.


Welcome to Tory Britain.


Laura Perrins: private inappropriate sexual advances are NOT OK

Laura Perrins

Laura Perrins (no, we didn’t know who she was either until this morning) has supported David Davis MP over an alledged incident where he is understood to have attempted to kiss a female MP.

The alleged incident is supposed to have involved David Davis MP attempted to kiss Diane Abbott in the MPs’ bar at Westminster but was told to “fuck off” by the shadow Home Secretary. Mr Davis is said to have been seen walking away laughing and later to have said he was whipering in Diane Abbott’s ear.

It is also understood that David Davis sent a number of sexist texts about Ms Abbott to a friend, one in which he said that if he was to hug her, it would make a “good Specsavers-style advert” (suggesting that he would need to have poor eyesight to want to hug Ms Abbott).

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show on 12th February 2017, guest reviewer Rachel Shabi pointed out that the attempt to kiss Diane Abbott was “totally inappropriate” and that Mr Davis had a responsibility to “set a tone” which he had “completely failed to do”.

However, Laura Perrins who was also a guest on the show, said that the alleged incident was “private” and therefore David Davis should “not be hung out to dry” because of it.

Apparently, Laura Perrins believes that inappropriate or uninvited sexual advances are OK as long as they are carried out behind closed doors. Of course she couldn’t be more wrong: it is never OK to make sexual advances to anyone regardless of who you are or where you are.

In the same program, Perrins went on to offer her support for President Trump visiting the UK. Presumably, Perrins feels that pussy-grabbing is also another acceptable behavior for men to project on women?

So much for female empowerment, independence, and self-sureness.

Conservative mouth piece Laura Perrins is known for her outspoken behavior and has wrtten for the Daily Mail in the past (say no more). She has previously accused the British Medical Association (BMA) as “barmy” and accused those people who believe the West still has racist tendancies as being “myth-making and leftist bullying of the worst kind” (apparently happy to ignore official United Nations statistics which say that if you are a black person in the West you are less empowered than white people).

In another vitriolic article, the Katie Hopkins wannabe accused Ewan McGregor of wanting to “devour” people’s souls for having strong morals; and standing by them.

It’s a sad situation when having morals and caring about other humans can leave you attacked by spiteful, hate-filled person. It’s even more sad when a woman thinks it’s OK for men to touch women without permission.



Angela Merkel ist nicht schuld am Berliner Terrorangriff

Berlin terror attack angela merkel

Es war nur eine Frage von Stunden nach den Terroranschlägen in Berlin, bevor die Presse und rechtsextreme Aktivisten mit dem Finger auf Angela Merkel und ihre Regierung zeigten.

Die Anschuldigung war, dass der Terroranschlag, der Berlin schaukelte, durch die Bemühungen von Frau Merkel verursacht wurde, rund 900.000 Flüchtlinge im Jahr 2015 zu beherbergen. Die Gegner waren schnell auf den Zug zu springen und schlagen vor, dass diejenigen, die in Berlin starb, dies als direkte Folge ihrer Politik.

Incredulous, natürlich. Wie stoppen strengere Grenzkontrollen ein Gehirn-gewaschenes nutcase vom Fahren eines LKWs in eine Menge der unschuldigen Leute?

Es war immer möglich, dass ein solcher Angriff von einem deutsch geborenen Fanatiker durchgeführt werden konnte. Schließlich gibt es viele Menschen, die in nicht-islamischen Ländern geboren sind, die sich in die Religion verwandelt haben und später an terroristische Handlungen teilnehmen. So die Schuld der Angegriffenen so einfach auf Einwanderung ist banal und fehlerhaft.

Dunkle Zeiten für die deutsche Politik

Rechtsparteien in Deutschland ergriffen sofort die Gelegenheit, die Berliner Angriffe zu nutzen, um ihre Ansichten zu bestätigen, dass Migranten aus dem Land verboten werden sollten.

Der Führer der Afd-Partei (Alternative für Deutschland), Frauke Petry, beschuldigte die deutsche Regierung, die Menschlichkeit für politische Korrektheit zu verkennen, nur wenige Stunden nachdem die Leichen der zwölf Toten in die Kühlschränke im Leichenschauhaus gebracht wurden. Petry war auf einem Rampage zu versichern, dass sie die Gelegenheit als eine Möglichkeit, mehr Hass auf Migranten und Asylsuchende zu vermitteln verwendet.


Die schöne Stadt Berlin darf den Terrorismus nicht dazu zwingen, sie zu hassen

Wer Berlin besucht hat, weiß, was für eine schöne Stadt es ist und es gibt viel mehr für Berlin und Berliner als für Gebäude und Menschen. Berlin ist die Stadt der Hoffnung und des Liberalismus für das deutsche Volk. Tatsächlich könnte Berlin die Stadt der Hoffnung für ganz Europa sein.

Berlin eroberte die Trennung der Mauer. Es muss nun weiter die Teilung des Terrorismus zu überwinden.


Ich spreche kein Deutsch, aber ich wollte meine Solidarität für die Deutschen, insbesondere Berlin, zeigen. Frieden und Liebe.



Angela Merkel is NOT to blame for the Berlin terror attack

Berlin terror attack angela merkel

It was just a matter of hours after the terrorist attacks in Berlin before the press and right-wing activists started pointing the finger at Angela Merkel and her Government.

The accusation was that the terrorist attack which rocked Berlin were caused by Mrs Merkel’s efforts to house around 900,000 refugees in 2015. Opponents were quick to jump on the bandwagon and suggest that those who died in Berlin did so as a direct result of her policies.

Incredulous, of course. How do stricter border controls stop a brain-washed nutcase from driving a truck into a crowd of innocent people?

It was always possible that such an attack could have been carried out by a German born fanatic. After all, there have been plenty of people born in non-Islamic countries who have converted to the religion and later gone on to commit acts of terrorism. So to blame the attacked so simply on immigration is trite and flawed.


Dark times ahead for German politics

Right-wing parties in Germany immediately seized the opportunity to use the Berlin attacks as a way of confirming their views that migrants should be banned from the country.

The leader of the AfD Party (Alternative für Deutschland) , Frauke Petry, accused the German Government of mistaking humanity for political correctness just hours after the bodies of the 12 dead were being put into refrigerators in the morgue. Petry was on a rampage to insure that she used the opportunity as a way to instill more hatred of migrants and asylum seekers.


The beautiful city of Berlin mustn’t let terrorism turn it to hate

Anyone who has ever visited Berlin knows what a beautiful city it is and there’s much more to Berlin and Berliners than just buildings and people. Berlin is the city of hope and liberalism for the German people. In fact, Berlin might just be the city of hope for the whole of Europe.

Berlin conquered the divide of the Wall. It must now continue to conquer the divide of terrorism.








Article 50 MP’s vote risks making a mockery of the entire political system

Article 5- MP's vote

It’s no secret that I voted for the UK to remain a full member of Europe but today’s ruling which brings an Article 50 MP’s vote even closer risk making a mockery of the entire UK political system.

Why? Because it undermines the will of the People.

The High Court has ruled that the Government does not have power to trigger Article 50 without parliamentary approval and a vote from MPs.

If an Article 50 MP’s vote goes ahead it will only service to discredit the House of Commons even further at a time when millions of people who have the right to vote, don’t.

Giving MP’s the right to potentially halt the UK’s exit from Europe could also antagonise many thousands of people who feel they are suffering financial hardship due to the current Government’s austerity measure. This has the potential to lead to unrest and a repeat of the 2011 England riots.

Despite the vote in favour of leaving the EU being a relatively slim majority, the fact remains that it was a two-horse race and the Brexitters won. That wasn’t what I wanted, but it’s completely wrong to allow an Article 50 vote for MP’s which could put a halt to decision which the majority of voters supported.

This High Court ruling could also trigger an early General Election and as much as I don’t support the Conservative Government I’m not sure the UK could handle another vote before the mess of Brexit has been cleaned up…


Brexit – when the next generation of Europeans had their hopes and idealisms crushed

On the 24th June 2016, the United Kingdom woke to the news that the country was to leave the UK, after a 3.8% majority voted in favour of a British exit – a Brexit.

Brexit, as it was called, resulted in immediate financial uncertainty in the county. The value of the British Pound dropped to a level not seen since 1985, stock markets reacted badly, and European Leaders were quick to confirm that ‘out’ really did mean out. There was no turning back.

By far the biggest cause of majority vote to leave was caused by the concerns people had regarding immigration. Many, specifically the less well off or older generation, blamed migration for increasing pressure on hospitals, schools and GP surgeries. However, they seemed reluctant to accept that much of this pressure was being caused by the Conservative governments squeeze on public finances through imposed Austerity. People were so blinkered by the immigration debate that they failed to see the true picture of why people are so desperate to get to the UK. They stuck their heads in the sand as stories quietly emerged about 30,000 Iraqy people being left in refugee camps to eat rotting animal feed due to fighting between the UK backed Iraq army and ISIS. Out of sight, out of mind.

As the results were analysed it became clear that the EU Referendum was more than just a vote for the future of Great Britian – it was a vote of class war. The higher the level of education, the higher the EU support. Research by the Telegraph showed that university graduates were the most likely people to want to remain in the EU – while those with a GCSE or equivalent as their highest qualification were more likely to back Brexit.

A very sad time in the history of the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Scotland had overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU, but they only way that could now happen would be for another refurendum on Scotland’s independence from the UK. Whether Scotland will every get that vote is open for debate but it if does, it might be time to move there!




Government to add average £38 to household energy bills

The Conservative Government are about to add an average of £38 to every annual household energy bill.

The Capacity Market will hand millions of pounds to the Big Six energy firms which the Government claims will “incentivise investment in more sustainable, low-carbon electricity capacity at the least cost for energy consumer”. However, critics of the Capacity Market says the system has been so badly designed that the extra cash will only contribute to the profits of the Big Six, rather than resulting in new, lower carbon power stations.

Lisa Nandy MP, Labour’s Shadow Energy & Climate Change Secretary, said:

“The Tories are trying to bury this bad news. Every family’s energy bill is to shoot up to pay for these gross new handouts to the big energy companies. The worst part is that this scheme is a massive waste of money. It has been so badly designed it isn’t getting new power stations built but instead is just lining the pockets of the Big Six and investors in highly-polluting diesel generators”.

However, Amber Rudd, energy and climate change secretary said that the government would “protect consumers and businesses from avoidable spikes in energy costs”.

The information becomes confusing for consumers after National Grid predicted just last month that there would be a surplus of electricity in the Summer which could result in it implementing emergency powers to switch power stations off. The government is also likely to come under fire after reducing funding for green energy schemes and ending the Green Deal.


An idea.

How about removing all VAT from energy efficient LED lightbulbs to encourage small businesses and home owners to switch. It would be a start.


Just when the Conservatives thought they’d finally cracked Twitter, this happened

Just when the Tories thought they had finally broken into Twitter and #VoteConservative was trending, they suddenly got the stark realisation of what thousands of people really think. It seems that many, many thousands of people had hijacked the hashtag to protest again the Conservative governments record for the past 6 years.

Here are just some of the best.




Councillor Michael Skeels calls constituent a “Cunt”

Michael Skeels

In what can only be described as an unbelievable show of idiocracy, a video has emerged on Youtube of Councillor Michael Skeels calling a constituent a “cunt” before firing a tirade of abuse at the man relating to his disabilities.

The video was captured on 4th April 2016 by a Clacton-on-Sea man unhappy with what he described as Mr Skeels “being un-elected and making 64 grand over the next 4 years”. In response, Councillor Michael Skeels said “you’re a cunt, aint ya?”. He then continued mocking him for his disabilities, accused him of being a benefit scrounger and called him a “twat”. Later in the video he appears to square up to the man offering to fight him saying “come on then if you think you’re hard enough”.


It’s fair to say there’s a bit of history between Michael Skeels – Portfolio Holder for Leisure – and the cameraman who has (legally) been filming Councillors on the Tendring District Council panel and making his feelings clear. However, at no point has he been either physically or verbally abusive to a council member.

Here’s the video. Not what you’d expect from a “pillar” of the community, is it?