Grain Brewery Slate review

Grain Brewery Slate review | Possibly the best porter ever produced

Last night my wife and I visited a new real ale pub for us, the Old New Inn in Colchester. It was a first time at that pub and our first time trying Grain Brewery beers. Introduce Grain Brewery Slate – which might just be the best porter ever produced. I realise that’s quite a […]


Pistonhead Full Amber Lager review

I’m a Real Ale drinker, so when I saw Pistonhead Full Amber Lager for sale in my local supermarket, I was intrigued. Not because it’s an ale, but because it boasts to be flavoured with Citra and Cascade hops. I love a hoppy beer, and despite Pistonhead Full Amber being labelled as a lager, I […]


Adnams Broadside mini keg – review

Knowing that I love a decent pint of Real Ale, my in-laws kindly bought me an Adnams Broadside mini keg for Christmas day. I don’t usually like drinking Real Ale at home, mainly because the only option is bottled ale and bottled ale doesn’t have the same body as draft or gravity. Bottled ale is […]

Spill the Beans Coffee Porter

Spill the Beans Coffee Porter – Review

Every now-and-then, Aldi supermarket have a range of different Ales available and yesterday I discovered a new one called Spill the Beans Coffee Porter produced by Welsh brewery Brains. I love dark beers and I love coffee porters so snapped a few up, and at a quid a bottle, who wouldn’t? Colour I poured it […]


The Rise of Real Ale and the Microbrewery

There was a time when the words ‘real ale’ would make someone imagine old men sitting around a pint of bad bitter and moaning about the world. But since 2005 real ale has seen a huge resurgence and is now extremely popular. In fact, real ale is now fashionable and becoming more and more popular […]