Best Free Accountancy Software: Quickfile

Best free accountancy software

In 2015 I took over the bookings for my local Scout Centre and I needed some free software to help with the book keeping aspect of this voluntary role. Funds were limited and Sage was just too expensive, so I began my search for the best free accountancy software.

After reading many reviews and trying a few different free programs, I discovered Quickfile. Quickfile is a very powerful and feature-rich application.  Cloud-based, it allows access for multiple users and can deal with VAT.

Customised invoices

Even the free version of Quickfile allows you to customer your invoices. You can include your logo, add or remove the option to charge VAT, add your address and all manner of other customisable features.

Automated Recurring Invoicing

One of the features I love about Quickfile is that it can send automated invoices. I have different groups using the Scout Centre for clubs and most pay the same amount per month. The automated invoicing aspect of Quickfile means that I can set up a recurring invoice and it will be automatically emailed to that specific group without me needing to do anything.

Emailed invoices

Quickfile allows users to send invoices direct to an email address. So there’s no need to print of and post and invoice and no need to save and attach it to an email. As long as you have an email address in the system for your customer, Quickfile will send it straight to that person as a link or PDF attachment (or both). This cuts down my admin considerably.

Customer area

Another feature of Quickfile is that it allows you to create a customer area, where your clients can login and see all of their current and previous invoices. They can also see payment history (subject to you ensuring that you have reconciled payments).

Attach files to invoice

Quckfile is so powerful that it even allows you to attached PDF files to invoices. This is great if you want to send a personal letter, a report or additional instructions with your invoice.

Why we say Quickfile is the best free Accountancy Software

The massive features within Quickfile makes it an extremely powerful application. Even the free version allows use of almost all of the features and for a small business or charity it really is the best free accountancy software.

I can only touch on a few of the features of this accountancy software, but others include:

  • Profit and Loss (P&L) reports
  • Debtor reports
  • Creditor reports
  • VAT returns
  • Companies House reports
  • Banking
  • Receipt storage
  • and many more…

You really need to see it to believe it and I still can’t believe that I’m able to utilise such a power application for gratis and this options available really do make this the strongest contender for the best free accountancy software.

Perfect accountancy software for a charity

Quickfile’s free options means that most small charities can use the system completely free of charge every year. I’ve used it myself now for almost a year and I really can’t wax lyrical any heavier than I have already.

Free for small businesses and charities

Quickfile offers a completely free membership for small businesses and charities, allowing up to 500 nominal transactions per annum completely free of charge. Check out the Quickfile pricing structure.