TV Licensing harassing phone calls

It started last week, when a man claiming to be calling about my Companies TV License called to ask me to confirm some details over the phone. He called from 03007906075.

We get lots of calls, daily, from dubious companies claiming to be someone they not. I’ve lot count on how many times someone has called me claiming to be from Microsoft to help me get rid of a virus on my computer. So naturally, I’m very careful about who I speak to.

The problem with the TV Licensing calls is that the staff are clearing unhappy doing their job, so their attitudes are the greatest when the call starts. They also ask you for information but don’t seem prepared (or able) to confirm who they are. If you call them back on 03007906075 they will answer, but you can’t tell this if you’re in the middle of the call.

I called the TV Licensing office and went through the usual call and was told that I wouldn’t hear from them again for two years. However, they still keep calling.