closed down

It seems that someone has caught up with the people behind the Commercial Register Scam and has been closed down.

I have long been campaigning to ensure that as many Small Business owners are made away of the scam as well as reporting it to Action Fraud.

Why was closed down?

The actual reason for being closed down is unknown. Either the scammers had their hosting package and domain name shut down due to the nature of the scam, or they decided to move domain names due to the constant bad press associated with the domain name.


2 thoughts on “ closed down

  • 20th July 2017 at 15:28

    Great news,
    I called their bluff from the start (November 2016) and only replied to the first demand explaining that I had no intension of paying them. I got one more reply threatening me with their “legal department” but heard no more.


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