Crickets for Protein – could you eat insects daily?

As the world population increases and intense pressure is put on conventional farming to produce food, scientists have been looking at insects such as crickets for protein to add to our daily diet.

It may sound like something from a backstreet food market in China, but the reality is that insects can provide a good source of protein for humans, and at a much lower cost than farming other sources of meat protein. In fact, over 2 billions people across 162 nations already eat crickets for protein. It’s only the Western societies who seem to struggle with the concept.



Cricket protein is already a thing

There are already companies producing food products made from crickets, including cricket powder and cricket snacks. A company in America, Aketta, has begun producing protein products including cricket powder which can be used to boost protein in many dishes including umami, smoothies and even gingerbread cookies.

Some Asian countries eat fried crickets as part of their regular diet. If it works for them, why shouldn’t it work for us?


Why eating insects makes sense

Insects, in particular crickets, can grow and multiply very quickly whilst consuming minimal resources as they do. They require considerably less resources than other animal sources of protein, require no antibiotics and millions can be farmed in one small area. Compare this to farming cattle, for example, and this makes crickets a safe, cheap and sustainable source of food.

Aketta claim that producing 30g of beef produces 1815 times more greenhouse gases than 30g of cricket.

The fact is that as the world’s population grows we’re going to have to look at other ways of providing food. There simply won’t be enough resources to continue to rely on animal protein to satisfy our diet.

Eating crickets as part of your regular diet may be closer than you think, so isn’t it time you gave them a go?


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