Get a Vodafone Suresignal for free

If you want to get a Vodafone Suresignal for free and you’re a Vodafone customer, read on.

Where I live, the mobile phone signal for all networks is always weak but usually usable, especially outside. But come the spring when the trees are in full leaf, the signal disappears completely including on my own network, Vodafone. This despite the information on the Ofcom website saying that I should be able to get signal in my home. It’s simply due to the surrounding trees blocking the Vodafone signal (and a lack of 4G investment in my local area).

Vodafone offer a product called Suresignal. Vodafone Suresignal uses your home broadband connection to act as a mini phone cell in your home, giving you perfect signal. It uses a technology known as a femtocell (it basically adds a mini phone mast to your house and send the signal along your broadband connection).


Get a Vodafone Suresignal for free

Suresignal costs around £80. However, I didn’t see why I should have to pay Vodafone for the privileged of receiving mobile phone signal in my home when I already pay them £60 per month for 3 handsets and lines! (that’s for me, my wife and my son).


Write a letter and request a Vodafone Suresignal for free

Fed up with such a poor level of service, I decided to write to Vodafone and explain that I wasn’t happy with the service I was receiving. I explained that when I took out the contracts I was assured the signal in my area was reasonable and that this clearly wasn’t the case. In my letter, I stated the following:

“Although there is indoor signal for voice calls in my area according to OFCOM, the reality is that this is incorrect. Calls made indoors often drop, if they are received at all, and SMS messages can take hours to send or receive. 3G and 4G is nonexistent.

This is the case with both of my mobile phone contracts with Vodafone.

I therefore request that you do one of the following (in order of preference), failing your agreement for which I would request a Deadlock Letter:

  • You improve the signal in my area

  • You provide me with a Vodafone Suresignal for free(I do not see why I should have to pay for a device to improve your network coverage when I already pay £60 per month for your service)

  • You provide me with three new handsets with Wifi Calling

  • You release me from the contracts”

It worked. 13 days later I received a call from Vodafone advising that they had checked the signal in my area and it was very poor. They sent me a free Suresignal which arrived 5 days later. I can now enjoy full Vodafone signal in my house.


Don’t try it on!

Vodafone can tell if you are receiving a poor level of service. They can check technical records, see how often your handset drops off of the Vodafone network and how often calls don’t make it through to you. They’re not going to send you a Suresignal if there are no issues with the service in your area. They’re also very unlikely to send you a Suresignal if you’re a Pay as You Go or Sim Only customer, or if your contract is due to end soon. But if you are a genuine customer, struggling with signal, they’ll help you. Be persistent, but fair.


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