Get Rid of Sky TV for Money Saving Alternatives

If like me you want to Get Rid of Sky TV you’ve probably wondered what the alternatives are. The cost of Sky seems to increase year-on-year with constant attempts to keep your custom, even when your determined to leave (see my video of a pushy Sky employee who tried to stop us cancelling our subscription). It’s therefore no surprise that Sky profits continue to plummet.

So once you’ve cut the cord (cancelled the subscription), what are you alternatives and how can you make the most of the Satellite dishes left on your property? And can you carry on using your Sky box to record TV? Let’s take a look at the options.


Option 1 – Buy a Freesat receiver

Freesat LogoFreesat recievers allow you to plug a box in to your existing Sky equipment and use the existing wiring and Sky satiliitte dishes. Depending on the model, you can also record, pause and rewind live TV. The benefit of using the existing hardware on your property is that you’ll be able to take advatange of the twin inputs from your dish meaning that you can watch one program while you record another.

The market leader in Freesat receives is arguable a company called Humax. Humax off a range of Freesat recievers with a range of built-in hard disks. The larger the hard disk, the more information you can store. This 500GB Humax system is packed full of features including HD channels and applications.

Many Freesat receivers also include applications such as YouTube and BBC iPlayer, so plugged into a compatible Internet connection you have access to millions of videos and music channels. Although you won’t be able to receive channels like Discovery and Sky Sports if you Get Rid of Sky TV, you will be able to save yourself a significant amount on a paid subscription.


Option 2 – Buy a Freeview receiver

Freeview LogoUnlike Freesat, Freeview using a DAB signal which is received using a standard coxial aerial connection. If you’re home is wired up for it you don’t need anything other than a Freeview receiver. If you don’t have an aerial at home you’ll need to buy one and install it, which can cost around £100. Easier therefore to use the4 existing Sky hardware if possible.


Option 3 – Using your Sky box to record TV

Once you’ve cancelled your Sky Subscription the ability to record and rewind live TV (and to watch anything you’ve already recorded) becomes disabled. You see, even though you own the Sky box, you don’t own the software. Sky blocks the recording facility.

You can take out a basic subscription to enable to recording function, but at around £15 a month, it’s not exactly cheap when you want to Get Rid of Sky TV.

Option 4 – Kodi box

Kodi LogoYou may have heard of Kodi box. It’s a small Android based computer which has the Kodi app installed on it. Don’t be fooled into thinking that streaming Sky channels on Kodi is legal – it’s not. Unofficial streams are illegal and could result in a knock on the door from the Federation against Copyright Theft (Fact). You have been warned!

But I love sport! How can I Watch Sky Sports legally without a Sky subscription?

Now TV LogoGiving up Sky TV doesn’t mean you have to give up Sky Sports. I’m an avid Formula 1 fan (the only reason I had Sky in the first place).

It’s now possible to watch Sky Sports on Now TV (owned by Sky). You can buy a day pass for £6.99 which means you can watch that important race or match without the need of paying monthly. If you’re a real fanatic you can purchased a Sky Sports monthly pass for £33.99.

You will need a NowTV box for this. You can’t watch Now TV on a Smart TV app.


Option 5 – Smart TV

Smart TV’s are becoming more and more advanced with many allowing users to install applications such as BBC Iplayer and ITV player. This means than many programs can now be streamed live over the Internet without the need for aerials or satellite dishes. However, the quality of streamed programs are often very lacking and can require a lot of bandwidth to stream. This can result in arguments over home Internet usage and those with poor speeds will want to avoid this option.

Get Rid of Sky TV and save yourself £££’s

We so many advances in technology there really are a lot of alternatives to Sky which won’t break the bank. Whilst many options are better supported with a decent Internet connect (around £25 a month) there are still savings to be made. There’s never been a better time to Get Rid of Sky TV.


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