Grain Brewery Slate review | Possibly the best porter ever produced

Last night my wife and I visited a new real ale pub for us, the Old New Inn in Colchester. It was a first time at that pub and our first time trying Grain Brewery beers. Introduce Grain Brewery Slate – which might just be the best porter ever produced.

I realise that’s quite a claim, especially given the competition from beers such as Old Growler, so beer with me here (yes, a deliberate typo).

Grain Brewery Slate has some serious things going on.

What the brewery say about Slate

I’m always a bit nervous about discussing brewery tasting notes. It kind of makes me feel like the brewery is telling you want you should taste, and lets be honest, taste is very subjective. There are a lot of people who will tell you they’re experts in real ale tasting, but fact is half of them are waffling.

Grain describe Slate as “A deep, dark and rich smoked porter, brewed with a complex blend of malts”.

What I say about Slate

Actually, the first thing I could taste was a subtle undertone of chocolate. If anything, the smokiness took a back seat. But the thing that struck me the most about Grain Brewery Slate was how smooth it was. I didn’t remember to get a photo of the pint (too busy raving about it!), but it had a very slight head to it which seemed to have appeared naturally, rather than because of how it was poured. Almost like the crema on a decent cup of coffee. Yes it had the malty flavours (what porter doesn’t) but this one was so complex with so many different flavours coming through; like no porter I’ve ever drunk before.

At 6% it might be a little be stronger than some might like, but with decent ABV comes great flavour. The pint was at the perfect temperature, too. Not too cold.

Grain Brewery Slate might just be the best porter ever produced

To me, this porter was perfection in a glass. It has everything I look for in a porter and more. I’m not a fan of smokey drinks, and this one was nthing to be scared of. I just can’t explained strongly enough how smooth this beer is. If you like the black stuff, you need to try this.



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