How To Implement A Personal Development Plan (PDP)

According to, there are 3 main areas to implementing a personal development plan. These are: 

  • putting aside some protected time to reflect and take stock 
  • being systematic, writing a plan and regularly reviewing it 
  • finding at least one person who can act as a ‘critical friend’ 

However, there is much more to implementing a successful personal development plan that just these three areas. 

When planning personal development, we need to look at an employer’s previous experience, current requirements, and what might be required for them to progress. We can then schedule training, mentoring activities or own learning programs in accordance with the organisations objectives. 

As well as drawing up a detailed plan, it’s important to set dates to achieve goals, and if not achieved, modify the goals accordingly to ensure that the PDP remains on course. 

We may need the assistance of a mentor or manager to agree that our plan is achievable and on course and provide additional support, if required. It may also be necessary to share the PDP with these members of staff to ensure that they understand the requirements for the employees PDP. 

It may also be very useful to keep a journal and/or evidence of achieved standards, as these may be required as evidence for future training or promotional opportunities


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