Why I Stopped Writing on Hubpages

For many years Hubpages was a great way to promote your skills or articles, but changes forced on members from 2016 onwards have seen a huge drop is the revenue that article writes can make.

Initially I supported the changes made as Hubpages expanded into specialist domains for specialist topics but as time progressed things go worse. Actually, things got so bad that I removed a lot of my articles from the website and put them on my own blog. Although I wrote original and in-depth content, Hubpages and their moderators seemed intent in imposing strict rules on my articles.


Strict Article Moderation of Hubpages Articles

One of the issues was how strict the moderation of articles became. Article writers were forced to remove more and more external links from articles, especially if Hubpages considered them to be “spammy”. The problem is that the so called spammy elements were often not spam at all but genuine links. Whats more, they gave no feedback on what the particular links were or why they considered them to be spammy. In addition it was also very difficult to get any direct feedback from the moderators which made improving articles difficult.


Removal of Amazon capsules from Hubpages Articles

At one stage I was making a considerable income from the Hugpages article ‘How to Stop Condensation and Damp in a Car‘ as I was selling a number of Unibond Aero 360 products which help to reduce moisture in confined pages. In an attempt to reduce the number of external links to Amazon from the Hubpages network, moderation of Amazon capsules became very strict and I noticed a decrease in my sales over the period over 2017. Even though my article was ranking 2nd place on Google for the search term, if I tried to add the capsule a moderator would un-feature my article; resulting in a lack of traffic.


Niche domains worked but there weren’t enough

When Hubpages announced that they were to introduce a new set of domains for niches – which they call Network Sites – I was impressed. Anyone who knows anything about Search Engine Optimisation knows that Google love niche and brand websites. Sadly, there weren’t enough niche domains for network sites and that still left many good quality articles sitting on the hubpages.com domain with nowhere to go.


Having your own hosted blog and domain is the future

If you want control then you’re going to have to consider looking at setting up your own blog; and it’s incredibly easy. The likes of WordPress is so easy (and cheap) to set up now than it’s really not worth bothering to share your commission with the likes of Hubpages. You can then just set up your own Amazon Associates and Google AdSense accounts and start making money online.

Find your niche, your specialist subject or hobby and get blogging!


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