Immac Hair Remover on eyebrows – another boarding school prank

It’s fair to say we weren’t always as nice as we could have been at boarding school, and many hours of unoccupied time would let a 13 year old boy’s mind wander; to the idea of putting Immac Hair Remover on eyebrows.

I remember one prank in particular. Before it was known as Veet, Immac hair remover formed the basis of one of the cruelest pranks.

We would wake for one of the boys to fall asleep and then tiptoe into their room. We would then apply a layer of Immac hair remover to a boys eyebrows.

One of two things would happen next. Either the Immac would begin to burn, resulting in the boy wiping their eyebrows (and thus the hair away), or they would pop for a wash in the morning only to look in the mirror and see they had no eyebrows.

Kids can be really, really, horrible (and this was probably quite a dangerous thing to do).


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