World’s smallest USB flash drive? Mushkin might have just cracked it!

Worlds smallest USB flash drive?
Could the Mushkin Atom be the world’s best smallest USB flash drive?

Mushkin have released what is probably the World’s smallest USB flash drive to date. The Atom is a USB 3.0 128GB memory stick is so small that it’s now possible to plug a flash drive into a small device, laptop or Mac and completely forget about it. No more bulk sticking out of the side of your device and it easily fits onto your keyring.

With strong competition from competitors Sandisk (who claim to have produced the world’s smallest flash drive), Atom enter the market with a hugely more competitive USB drive in terms of price, and when we look at the spec it seems that the Atom comes out on top of the Sandisk.

One of the huge advantages that the Mushkin has over the Sandisk is a cover. This may not seem like much, but a USB flash drive full of crap doesn’t work well. For me, this protection is very important to keep out dust and moisture. Mushkin are constantly looking to improve the size and read/write speeds of their products.

What’s more, the Atom is now available at half the price of the Sandisk, which definitely makes the Atom the more attractive option. So what are you waiting for? Hug a Mushkin!


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