Ofcom ruling on Openreach is good news for Consumers and Small Businesses

The Ofcom ruling on Openreach is good news for consumers and small businesses, as the regulator announced that BT has consistent failed to offer competition in the high speed broadband sector.

Openreach, which is currently owned by BT, is responsible for fitting an maintaining the majority of the UK’s high speed broadband infrastructure. The company has been told for over two years to strengthen its independence from BT to provide more competition for other suppliers of broadband product.


Praise from BT’s competitors

The news has been praised by BT’s competitors including TalkTalk and Sky, companies which have complained for many years that BT and it’s subsidiaries have been provided preferential treatment over competitors.

In a statement, Ofcom said that is was pushing for a legal seperations between Openreach and BT “after BT failed to offer voluntary proposals that address our competition concerns”


Ofcom ruling on Openreach is good news for Consumers and Small Businesses

Consumers and Small businesses across the UK have complained for many years about the poor level of service provided by Openreach, and whilst main cities and towns have benefited from acceptable speeds, many consumers and companies working in more rural areas have been receiving less speeds than 2mb.

The increase in on demand technology is already seeing traditional technologies such as satellite and DAB being put aside for downloadable programs. Amazon Prime and Netflix rely purely on high-speed internet to provide their services, which has left consumers with poor download speeds in the dark when it comes to using these services.

Although very much in it’s infancy, this move is a major step to insuring that Openreach does more to provide a decent high-speed internet service to people who have previously struggled to get the service they deserve, whilst ensuring competition in the sector.


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