Would you pay £10 to see a GP?

Would you pay £10 to see a GP?

Front-line NHS services are struggling and seeing a doctor is more difficult than ever, so would you pay £10 to see a GP? This is just one of the many suggestions that has been put forward recently in an attempt to reduce pressure of vital front line NHS resources and raise money for the underfunded […]

Best Free Accountancy Software: Quickfile

In 2015 I took over the bookings for my local Scout Centre and I needed some free software to help with the book keeping aspect of this voluntary role. Funds were limited and Sage was just too expensive, so I began my search for the best free accountancy software. After reading many reviews and trying […]

Beggars at Colchester Aldi

My wife came home last night concerned, after yet another beggar had approached her asking for some change to “get a bus home” as she was putting her shopping in the car at Aldi on Magdalen Street in Colchester. This is a regular occurrence and the same bunch of people seem to be preying on […]

Mobile Phone Etiquette in the Office

Mobile Phone Etiquette in the Office

Mobile Phone Etiquette in the Office is not the same as using your mobile in personal time. If your office relies on mobile phones then it’s you’ve found yourself irritated by at least one colleague and the way they use their phone in the past. From annoying ringtones to unnecessary shouting, there are plenty of […]

Pascal Wehrlein

Who will replace Nico Rosberg at Mercedes GP?

As Nico Rosberg departs Formula One, millions of Formula One fans have been left asking who will take Nico Rosberg’s seat at Mercedes GP? Pascal Wehrlein Back in February, I predicted that Toto Wolff was lining up Pascal Wehrlein to eventually driver for Mercedes, and I also predicted that he would eventually take Rosberg’s seat. […]

Nail through the nipple – another boarding school mishap

A nail through the nipple – I remember this like it was yesterday. A boy called Kevin who was a year above me decided he wanted to have his nipple pierced. Of course this was against school policy, and he was only 14. So Kevin decided the cheapest and quickest way to have his nipple […]

Immac Hair Remover on eyebrows – another boarding school prank

It’s fair to say we weren’t always as nice as we could have been at boarding school, and many hours of unoccupied time would let a 13 year old boy’s mind wander; to the idea of putting Immac Hair Remover on eyebrows. I remember one prank in particular. Before it was known as Veet, Immac […]

How the day commenced at Boarding School

The routine at boarding school was pretty rigid. There were occasional changes but these were usually for lesson timetables or meal time changes.   Waking up The day would usually start with being woken up at 6.30am. I can remember one House Master in particular called Major Eales. He was the husband of one of […]

Mr Brown (‘Von’) – Hockerill Boarding School

When I started at Hockerill Boarding School in 1991 there were two Deputy Headmasters – Mrs Marriage and Mr Brown. Mr Brown was nicknamed ‘Von’ due to his military style of dealing with behaviour, and when he wasn’t dishing out punishments he was IT teacher. Mr Brown had a vicious handshake. He would offer his […]