How to Cook and Prepare a Live Crab (including video guide)

The first thing to consider when you cook and prepared live crab is to try and get as fresh as you can, and there’s no fresher than still alive. First of all, you want to reduce the amount of pain the crab goes through. Here are the instructions with an explainer video below. To Cook […]

Amazon Kindle Kids Edition now just £69 with 2 year QUIBBLE FREE guarantee

Black Friday deals are already here and now you can get the Amazon Kindle Kids 7″ Edition now just £69 with 2 year QUIBBLE FREE guarantee, or the larger 8″ screen for just £89. The Kindle for Kids comes feature packed, but most of all, has an industry leading 2 year quibble free guarantee. If […]

UK Construction Guide scam – 07539 829363 – James Cooper

If you’ve received a phonecall from a James Cooper claiming to be from the UK Construction Guide, you’re probably the victim of an attempted scam. Another day, another attempt at extorting hard earned cash from hard working people! I received a call today from him. He claimed at I agreed at the end of August […]

Control Switches and Devices in your home using Amazon Echo

You can now control switches and devices in your home using Amazon Echo and it’s cheaper than ever. I was recently bought the Amazon Echo 2 for a gift and within 5 minutes I was able to turn on lights, switch off slow cookers and all manner of things and it’s easier and cheaper than […]

Amazon Echo 2 is a decent update to the 1st Generation

There’s not doubt that the original Amazon Echo was a great success for the company and has bought true smart home capability to homes across the word on an affordable level, and Amazon Echo 2 is a decent update to the 1st Generation. Somehow, Alexa feels a little more intuitive than the first system (but […]

Vodafone Secure Net – what is it and do you need to pay for it?

Vodafone Secure Net is marketed by the telecoms company as “a simple way to protect all of your devices on our mobile network” and sneaked onto my bill when I recently renewed my contract.  Vodafone claim that it protects their customers from viruses, malware and phishing sites as well as offering some other options including […]

How to Watch Discovery Channel without a Sky Subscription

When I wrote about getting rid of Sky TV for money saving alternatives, I didn’t realise just how much I was going to miss the Discovery Channel. This led me to look for alternative (legal) ways of picking up the channel without the need for an expensive subscription. Thankfully, there is now a way of […]

Trying a new treatment for psoriasis

Having previously written about my ongoing problems with psoriasis, I decided it was time I visited the GP and sought some more help. The problem was obviously getting worse and my wife was becomming irritated by my apparently reluctance to seek further help and advice. On explaining to my doctor how things were worsening and […]

Beware of Maize Starch in Medicine

Maize starch in medicine, if you’re allergic you’d have to ask why? Well, it seems the pharmaceutical industry uses it as a binder. This means that anyone who suffers from a corn allergy needs to be extremely careful when taking any medicine and ensure that they read the leaflet contained within the packet. This all […]

Vettel Must Learn to Control his Temper if he’s to Win Another Title

Sebastian Vettel was pretty close to a race ban when he allowed his temper to get the better of him and deliberately drove into the side of Lewis Hamilton at the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. But that dangerous start at Singapore was completely unprofessional, aggressive and unnecessary. It wasn’t that long ago that Roman Grosjean received […]