How To Add a Disclaimer to WordPress Comments

If you’re looking for information on How To Add a Disclaimer to WordPress Comments, you’re probably concerned that someone or some business may try to take comments on your website literally or even sue you.

Whilst it’s true that you have responsiblity for everything hosted on your website – including comments – a disclaimer can go some way to defend that you’re making sure people understand that the comments may no be presentative of your.

Thankfully there’s a really easy way to add a disclaimer to your comments section, and here’s how.


How To Add a Disclaimer to WordPress Comments

Here’s a step-by-step guide on How To Add a Disclaimer to a WordPress Blog:

  1. Log into your WordPress website
  2. In the Dashboard, find the ‘Appearance’ tab and hover over it – then select ‘Editor’
  3. On the left hand side you’ll see a number of pages – click on the ‘Comments’ link
  4. You’ll now be presented with some code. Start a new line right above the <?php text and type your disclaimer (see below)
  5. Scroll down and click the ‘Update File’ button. That’s it!



Essential Items For the (Male) Travelling Performer

Anyone man travels as a performer whether musician, singer, comedian, actor – whatever – knows that the long journeys and sitting around waiting can induce serious boredom. So I’ve compiled a list of Essential Items For the Travelling Performer to ensure you don’t get caught out (and can keep your mind occupied whilst killing time).

Why only for men? Because I’m a man and I have no interest in what women carry in their handbags/makeup bags/suitcases. Plus there are already plenty of blogs discussing that subject.

I’m going to skip the obvious things like mobile phone and refreshments. If you can’t figure that out for yourself you probably need more help than this blog can provide.


USB PowerBank

If you’re travelling in a car, on a plane or train, chances are your phone is going to go flat pretty quickly during the endless checks of social media and Angry Bird battles. A decent USB Powerbank can ensure that you stay powered up on the road. I use the PowerAdd 20,000mAh device which can charge my Samsung Galaxy S6 fully (from flat) around 11 times. It’s the best powerbank on the market at the moment.


Spare USB charger adapter and lead

It’s always useful to take a USB charger with you, and a lead. This way you can top-up your Powerbank when you get the change of using an AC outlet. I use a fast-charger with my S6 which charges the phone from flat in 1.5 hours.

Anti diarrhoea tablets – important!

Trust me when I say that at some point you are going to need these. You might only ever need them once, but when you do, you’ll be SO grateful you packed them. Whether you’re waiting at an airport, sitting on a bus or about to go on stage, having a method to medically induce a cork in your arsehole will make you feel a whole lot more comfortable and may just prevent that embarrassing on-stage moment.


Pen and paper

Whether is amending a setlist, writing down that new joke or giving instructions to a stage tech, you’re likely to need pen and paper at some point. I carry mine in a clipboard in my bag as I can use it for a stand when on stage.


Earbud Headphones

Whether it’s listening to your favourite tunes, catching up on some movies or watching the news, headphones can help you block out the hustle and bustle of dressing rooms and sound checks. Put them in your bag.


Mac, Laptop or Tablet device

Performing often requires lots of of waiting around and it can be incredibly boring especially if you’re a solo artiste. For most people something electronic to pass the time is essential Items For the Travelling Performer.


Mini First Aid kit

You might think this is a little over-the-top, but I’ve forgotten how many times either myself or a member of my band has cut themselves or sprained something. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen should be in it for long journeys where access to a shop may be difficult when travelling. You can buy a mini first aid kit which includes instant cooling pad (ideal with sprains) here.



My son bought me a multitool recently and it wasn’t until I had one that I realised how useful they can be. Mine has a little knife, saw, screwdrivers and bottle opener and was inexpensive.


Vocalzone and Sudafed blocked nose spray

If you’re a singer or speak a lot for your job, these two items can get you out of trouble. Vocalzone is the industry standard when it comes to people who use their voices to earn money. It helps to open the airways and unlike harsh sweets like Strepsils, it does numb your throat the point where you cause more damage without realising you are straining.

Sudafed will clear a lot of stuffiness from behind the nose and eyes. It can help releave headaches caused by colds and also open the airways.


Duck tape

This stuff can fix, hang, stick and pretty much get you out of trouble in all manner of situations. Keep a roll in your bag.



Finding cash machines on the road can be difficult, and if you find one at a service station it usually wants to charge you to get your own money out. Make sure you carry some cash with you in cash of emergency munchies or drink requirements.


Action Camera and mini tripod to record your performance

Sometimes you might want to record your performance to watch back later. You could by an expenses DVR camera but it’s big and bulky. Instead, I opt for the GoPro copy SJ4000 Action Cam. It has wireless capability (so you can trigger recording from anywhere within wifi range) and gives a decent picture.



Some of these items may not apply to you, so think hard about what you need to take with you and make a list. There’s nothing worse than being miles from home and not having something you really need!

Got an idea of your own Essential Items For Male Travelling Performers? Drop it in the comments box below.

Decorus UK Ltd in Administration

I have been informed today that Decorus UK Ltd, based in Colchester, is filing for Administration.

The company stopped paying staff and assessors salaries in February 2017 after a whistle-blowing investigation ceased all funding from the Government to Decorus UK and in turn the cash dried up.


What next for Learners?

An email from CRC today confirmed:

“We have been made aware that Decorus UK Ltd are going into administration.  Due to the seriousness of the situation we have given notice to terminate our contract with Decorus UK Ltd and will endeavour to continue to give every apprentice the opportunity to achieve their apprenticeship.  We are currently finalising the recovery plan and will commence training with your employees as soon as possible with either ourselves or an approved provider. “

Therefore, it is a case of waiting for CRC to be able to arrange new Assessors; a very frustrating position to be in but unfortunately a waiting game that will have to be played out. closed down

It seems that someone has caught up with the people behind the Commercial Register Scam and has been closed down.

I have long been campaigning to ensure that as many Small Business owners are made away of the scam as well as reporting it to Action Fraud.

Why was closed down?

The actual reason for being closed down is unknown. Either the scammers had their hosting package and domain name shut down due to the nature of the scam, or they decided to move domain names due to the constant bad press associated with the domain name.

Ingrown Toenail – living with the ugliest toes in the world

ingrown toenail post surgery

My ingrown toenail saga left me with some of the the ugliest toes in the world.

After playing rugby from the age of 11 and having my feet stamped on various times I eventually ended up with ingrown toenails. This would eventually become infected despite my best attempts to keep them clean. The red, swollen skin surrounding the toenail became angry red and eventually turned into a puss-pumping, stinking mess. Gross.

Not only did they look and smell terrible, but they were also very painful to walk with. At times I could feel the nail cutting into the infected flesh at the sides of my toe.

The first attempt at fixing one of the ingrown toenails was at my local GP surgery. It was a time when doctors still carried out minor procedures at their surgeries and after injecting me with anesthetic in both sides of the toe 14 times (which was extremely painful), the doctor placed an elastic tourniquet around my toe and sliced along the edges of the toenail. He then pulled out the offending nails either side and burned the nail-bed with some sort of acid. The release of pain was instant.

Sadly, the toenail would later grow back – wonky and also grow upwards from my toe!



Why you should Stop reading Parenting books

Why you should Stop reading Parenting books

As a father of two children, one of whom is soon to become a teenager, I’m always surprised by the shear number of books available for expectant mothers and confused fathers. I’m also utterly flabbergasted by some of the utter trite the authors peddle which is why you should stop reading parenting books immediately.

Some of the advice in these books is quite unbelievable, so I’ve decided to use my parenting experience to dispel some of the advice.


Playing white noise to help a baby sleep

This is, in my opinion, utter bollocks. The idea was suggested by a doctor who published a book (obvious money-spinner) and decided that white noise is great for babies as they are used to noise and don’t like quiet environments.

I can count on one hand the times that we struggled to get our children to sleep and when we did have a problem we just played a storybook on a CD player in the bedroom. This would very quickly lull the baby/toddler to sleep; it worked like a charm and I regularly suggest it to new parents who report great success.

Some parents, however, decide to adopt the idea of playing white noise to help the baby sleep. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of hearing one of these devices you’ll know how annoying they are. The baby sleep and everyone else has to put up with a terrible hissing noise that sounds like a 1940’s wireless.

Instead of subscribing to this idea, just make sure you don’t make your home silent when your child goes to bed. Keep the TV or radio on. Have conversations. Cook and do the washing up. Your baby will quickly adapt and as they grow they’ll be used to sleeping in an environment where the rest of the family doesn’t have to tiptoe around as soon as the baby goes to bed.

Setting an ‘optimal’ temperature in the babies bedroom

There are thousands of parents buying baby monitors which not only allow you to talk back to your child but also to consistantly monitor the temperature of their bedroom. This does very little other than add completely uncessary stress to the parents who end up walking around looking at a temperature read-out every 5 minutes.

Throw the thermometer out of the window – you don’t need this overpriced piece of paranoid crap. Humans have this thing called a central nervous system. This built-in system makes you know if you are hot or cold. Walk in the bedroom. If it feels just a tiny bit chilly that’s OK – your child is wearing clothes and has covers on them. If the room feels too warm then the room is too warm; turn the heating down.

It really is that simple and another reason why you should stop reading parenting books.


Don’t leave your baby to cry to sleep

I find this one very interesting. Apparently an ‘expert’ decided that letting a baby cry themselves to sleep will result in separation anxiety or in the child hating you in later life. This theory is now being peddled accross the internet leaving yet more parents in limbo with some parents calling the practice “Victorian”.

Now of course you don’t want to leave your baby to cry if you’re unsure they are safe. Crying can be a sign of pain or illness. Remember though that your baby learns very quickly and will soon realise that if they cry they get attention.

There comes a point where all parents will have to decide whether to let the baby cry it out or not. My advice is this: of you know the baby is doing it for attention then leave them alone and let them cry it out. Yes it’s hard and no one likes to do it but if you don’t then you’ll always be running into the childs bedrrom every five minutes and they will wrap you round their little finger before you have time to realise what’s happened.

There is evidence to support this. Marsha Weinraub, Professor of psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia found that babies should be left to go to sleep on their own, even if that meant they cried for a bit, after conducting research on the sleep patterns of 1,200 children from birth to 3 years.

There is no rule book for parenting

The above are just some of the reasons why you should Stop reading baby and toddler parenting books. Most of them are written by people to make money, nothing else. Each author is looking for that next trend (fad) to help promote sales.

Instead, use common sense. Speak to friends. Ask your own parents or family. There is no rule book when it comes to being a parent and billions of babies have grown into adults quite safely without silly noises and ridiculous monitors.

Stop buying into these ideas – stop buying the silly books – Why you should Stop reading Parenting books – stop adding unnecessary pressure to your life.

Be a parent. Enjoy it. Don’t stress it.

Gig Bag – Suggestions and reviews for Performers & Techs

As a musician, singer and occasional sound engineer, I find I have to carry lots of equipment with me to gigs. I had various bags (one for a microphone and various leads, one for my Macbook Pro) and another with various bits and pieces in it. What I wanted was a Gig Bag – just one bag that I could keep all my staple gig items in from one show to the next regardless of whether that day I’d be singer or sound teching for a show. You know, things like some spare leads, a couple of mics, a few tools, a lead tester…that kind of stuff. Something I can just grab and go without the need of packing each gig but based around music unlike my Everyday Carry.

It got me looking around for options. As you’ll already be aware bags come in different shapes and sizes from small handbags to large suitcases. Prices also vary significantly. So what are the best options for a gig bag? These suggestions link to Amazon for ease of use:

24″ foolsGold® Holdall – from £12.99 – my recommendation

This gig bag is actually the cheapest of the bunch and the one I settled on. It’s a reasonable size but not so big it will take up too much space in the van or car. I was attracted to the many pockets on the outside of the bag which are great for organising leads or smaller items in. It’s a robust bag that I can also sling a few clothes in and my Macbook. Simple and strong. Recommended. >>See more here<<

20″ Clearwater compartment bag – from £19.99

This is the gig bag for the person who really want to compartmentalise their gear.  With 8 adjustable compartments, the bag provides the travelling musician with lots of scope to organise items into sections. >>See more here<<


Max IP67 Hard Waterproof case – from £30

Smaller than the others, but packing a punch in terms of the durability, is the Max IP67. It’s hard and waterproof. Ideal for travelling on a plane or somewhere that your gear might be thrown around. It also boasts a pressure relief valve. >>See more here<<

FlyGear 32 Inch Large Folding Wheeled Holdall – from £11.99

Looking for something with wheels? Then check out the FlyGear 32 Inch Folding Wheeled Holdall. Sadly this bag doesn’t have many external pockets but it does have the added advantage of being easily folded away when not in use – ideal for someone with limited storage space. It’s also the largest of the bags reviewed here. >>See more here<<

Got your own suggestions for a Gig Bag? Disagree with something I’ve said? Then please leave your comment below and I’ll be sure to reply.

Decorus UK ‘Whistleblowing’ warning letter

My employer recently received a letter on 9th March 2017 from Cambridge Regional College advising that the company I am currently studying an apprenticeship with – Decorus UK Ltd – are being investigated due to a “whistleblowing allegation”.

The letter was signed by Paul Skitt, Assistant Principle.

As a result, Tutors have cancelled their existing appointments with Learners pending the outcome of the investigation. This is somewhat annoying for me as I am currently studying an NVQ and BTEC in Management with Decorus UK and have almost come to the end of my course.


No contact from Decorus UK Ltd

I was disappointed that the first I heard of this incident was the letter from Cambridge Regional College. One would have expected that Decorus would have made the effort to contact and reassure Learners in advance.

On receipt of the letter I called my Tutor who advised that there was nothing to be concerned about and that Decorus were confident the matter would be resolved very soon. It would later transpire that this was not exactly the case; calls to Decorus UK just rang and rang between 24th and 27th March 2017; I gave up calling at this point.


What next?

The letter from Cambridge Regional College told me to contact Jamie Hall on 01223 226348 or with any questions. Jamie called me back quite quickly and reconfirmed the contents of the whistleblowing letter. He said that I should wait until the investigation was completed and either way either Decorus UK or Cambridge College would be in touch. In the meantime I should hang on to my folder.

He assured me that either way I will complete the course and that if Decorus UK are unable to complete it,the college will provide a tutor to finish the course with me.

Using 4G as Business Internet Solution

When my company recently moved premises, we found a great plot of land. Previously a farm, it had plenty of space for our expanding business, lots of storage and plenty of space for a new purpose built office. The problem was that the BT Broadband connection was a maximum of 1.2MB due to the distance from the Exchange, which was never going to be suitable for 8 users checking email and carrying out their daily activities. We needed an alternative, and the alternative was to use 4G as business internet solution.

Like most businesses, our company had grown use to high-speed internet so we needed to find an alternative to the poor-quality speeds provided by the BT infrastructure. Satellite Internet was an expensive and slow option, so we turned to 4G for options.

4G has become much more widely available in the UK recently with speeds and coverage increasing all the time. Unfortunately, the coverage information provided by Ofcom and the mobile phone networks in relation to data coverage is poor and not very accurate which can make it a bit of a lottery when trying to decipher where there is a good 4G signal. To find out I asked a number of staff with mobile phones on different networks to visit the new location. I asked them to download the Speedtest app onto their smartphones and we then checked each networks speed in the area. In my case it was EE and 3 with the strongest signal and faster speeds.


Adding the router to the network (LAN)

It was important for me that I could integrate the 4G internet connection into my companies Local Area Network (LAN) and I wanted the router to be the DHCP server. To do this I decided I would purchase a 4G router and after some research settled on the Asus 4G-N12.

The N12 console is very straight forward to use

Getting the system up-and-running was fairly simple. I ordered a SIM from EE and plugged it into the slot on the side of the router. Once the router was on I logged into the Asus control panel by going to the IP address and using the username admin and the password admin. Once I was logged in the router’s admin screen the firmware automatically ran me through the setup process. All I needed was the SIM PIN which was written on the packet (you may need to call your mobile provider for this). In my case it was 1111. Once all connected I was instantly able to connect to the building in wifi option of the router.

Locating the router to use 4G as business internet

One of the disadvantages of the router I purchased (and the problem with most in the price range) is that there is no option for adding an additional 4G antenna. I could already get a reasonable signal with the router on my desk but I knew I’d increase it if I could get the device higher up. So, I added a longer ethernet cable to the router and placed it on top of the false ceiling in our office. Up there I was able to achieve 25mb speeds very easily which was a considerable improvement on the BT connection.

After speaking to our handyman, we decided we could probably improve this even more if we could build a tower and locate this to the roof of the building, thus improving the line-of-sight to the nearest 4G mast. As the router is 12v, we discussed perhaps making a simple 12v solar-powered system for it, but for now it was good enough and we were able to use 4G as business internet solution with no problems whatsoever.

4G router up high
Can you see me? We placed the router up high above the false ceiling to improve reception.

Data allowance – the major obstacle with 4G internet packages

The problem with using 4G as business internet connection is the cost. Although some networks claim to offer ‘unlimited’ internet connections, my research discovered that none actually do. The networks either cap your usage under a fair usage policy or they throttle your speeds. This means that you are somewhat limited to how much you can use the internet before you begin to occur some expensive additional charges.

I had to enforce some new rules in the office. One was to stop one of my colleagues streaming their favourite radio station. Another was to block access to Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook (which of course they shouldn’t be using at work anyway, right?)

What I did notice was just how much data was used for even basic Internet usage and the checking of email. I also discovered that Microsoft Windows 10 (which is what all of our computers run) uses a surprising amount of data just checking for updates.

Obviously some of these issues needed to be resolved if we were going to truly use 4G as a real alternative to BT fibre.

4G Reliability was a problem (at first)

Our first few days weren’t too great when it came to reliability. Suddenly the signal was much lower than I’d experienced during my tests but thankfully it turned out that the blip in speed was caused by a temporary fault with a local cell mast. Since then, the 4G internet as been excellent. Very reliable, very fast, and increasingly cheaper.