Brightlingsea Bakery

Brightlingsea Bakery – offering more than just bread

Here’s a shameless plug for Brightlingsea Bakery. We regularly place orders from the bakery in our office for sandwiches, which are all hand made on the day using fresh bread and rolls made on site, and which are available in a range of types from coronation chicken to BLT. The fillings are always extremely generous […]

Do I need to pay for antivirus software

Do I need to pay for antivirus software?

A common question I’m asked from customers and friends is Do I need to pay for antivirus software? If you’re a home user the straight forward answer this is no. There are many different free antivirus programs available on the market now and whilst some may not provide a full range of utilities for free, […]

Never drink water from the upstairs tap

Never drink water from the upstairs tap

When I was a kid I was always told “never drink water from the upstairs tap!” but I never really understood why. Although less common nowadays, many houses still have water header tanks in the loft to increase pressure to the taps in the bathroom and they hide a dark, nasty secret. Whilst on a […]

London Grand Prix

London Grand Prix could see circuit pass Big Ben, London Eye and Buckingham Palace

Bernie Ecclestone’s recent announcement that a London Grand Prix street race could take place as early as 2017 has got British F1 fans in a bit of a flap, and although the glass half empty brigade are saying it’s impossible, many others are already starting to predict were the circuit could be placed. Including me […]

Asbestos and Mortgages

Asbestos and Mortgages: What you need to know when buying or selling a property

Asbestos and Mortgages is a subject which is becoming and issue for home buyers and sellers across the UK. It’s becoming increasingly common for mortgage lenders to insist on an asbestos survey being carried out on a property before the lender will consider applying a mortgage to a property. The reason? Well, there are a […]

Government to add average £38 to household energy bills

The Conservative Government are about to add an average of £38 to every annual household energy bill. The Capacity Market will hand millions of pounds to the Big Six energy firms which the Government claims will “incentivise investment in more sustainable, low-carbon electricity capacity at the least cost for energy consumer”. However, critics of the […]

Just when the Conservatives thought they’d finally cracked Twitter, this happened

Just when the Tories thought they had finally broken into Twitter and #VoteConservative was trending, they suddenly got the stark realisation of what thousands of people really think. It seems that many, many thousands of people had hijacked the hashtag to protest again the Conservative governments record for the past 6 years. Here are just […]

Max Verstappen Daniil Kyvat

Kvyat out, Max Verstappen in and even Jenson Button is skeptical

Despite getting on the podium in 2016 Chinese Grand Prix, Red Bull racing have announced today that Daniil ‘The Destroyer’ Kvyat has been relocated back to his old spot at Toro Rosso to be replaced by Belgian-Dutch driver Max Verstappen. Former World Champion Jenson Button accused Red Bull of having ‘short memories’ as he took to […]

Donkey and Buskins

Review of Donkey and Buskins, Layer-de-la-Haye, Colchester

So before I get into the nitty-gritty of this review, you’ll be wanting to know if the Donkey and Buskins is a good or a bad place to visit. It’s neither – it’s excellent. On a spring evening in 2016 my wife and I found ourselves with a rare night without the kids. I’m a fan […]

A vision for Colchester

A vision for Colchester based on fairness, sustainability, prosperity and community

I was recently accused by Colchester Conservatives on Twitter of having “no vision” for Colchester. Of course, this is complete rubbish. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am passionate about Colchester in all aspects, including the promotion of Colchester’s ancient history. However, I am also realistic that promoting Colchester should never come at […]