plumbers putting cold tea

Plumbers Using Cold Tea Instead of Central Heating Inhibitor

I saw this on Facebook this morning from a reliable friend, regarding dodgy plumbers putting cold tea in central heating system instead of inhibitor. Cold tea for a service that they charge over £40 a time for. It doesn’t hurt to check, especially for what some plumbers are charging. “On Monday, I had a plumber […]

Paleo curried eggs with rocket

This paleo curried eggs dish is quick and easy, especially if you keep a view hard-boiled eggs in the fridge like I do for a quick lunch or emergency protein pack. It adds something a bit different to the normal flavour of eggs and includes some leafy green leaves – an important staple of the […]

Homemade Doner Kebab

Homemade Doner Kebab

Watching your figure doesn’t mean you have to give up your Saturday night treat, and that includes the Doner Kebab. In fact, my homemade Doner Kebab meat can be high in protein and with virtually no carbohydrates whatsoever. There’s a big difference between this homemade donor kebab recipe which you buy in a fast-food restaurant. […]

Homemade Doner Kebab

Homemade Doner Kebab meat

Homemade Paleo Doner Kebab Print Recipe The best homemade doner kebab recipe you’ll find – healthy, natural and cheap CourseMain Dish CuisineTurkish Servings Prep Time 2-3 people 15 minutes Cook Time Passive Time 15 minutes 30 hour Servings Prep Time 2-3 people 15 minutes Cook Time Passive Time 15 minutes 30 hour Homemade Paleo Doner […]

Quick Paleo diet breakfast

Quick Paleo diet breakfast

We’re all busy in our lives and on occasion I’ve found it hard to make a decent and filling Quick Paleo diet breakfast in time for getting the kids to school and then making my way to work. To stick to the true paleo diet you need to make sure you get green salad leaf […]

1805 map of Colchester

1805 map of Colchester Town shows huge changes in 200 years

I discovered a 1805 map of Colchester recently which shows the huge changes since 1805. Original drawn by J. Britton, the map shows that Colchester really was just a small town surrounded by fields in all directions and the river Colne to the North and East. I’ve taken the map and added some modern-day landmarks […]

Delorean to restart car production

DeLorean goes back to the past to restart car production by 2017

First of all, let me get this clear. There will be no Back to the Future jokes in this post regarding the DeLorean. None. The DeLorean Motor Company has annouced intentions to start building a small amount of new DeLorean motor cars in 2017 after settling an out-of-court legal battle with John DeLorean’s widow, Sally, […]

F1 power unit

How a modern F1 power unit works

Formula 1 has always been the world leader of advancements when it comes to engine technology and this continues with the modern F1 power unit. No longer are F1 cars referred to as having ‘engines’ (although they still do) but a power unit which consists of combustion and electronic motors to power the car, along […]

F1 paddock sighs with relief as Pastor Maldonado departs the sport

Venezuelan racing driver Pastor Maldonado will not be entering the 2016 Formula One season after failing to secure a deal with Renault Sport Formula One Team, purchasers of what was left from financially beleaguered Lotus F1. Maldonado, who was given the nickname “Crashtor” after demonstrating an erratic driving style and causing several accidents throughout is […]

stop drinking cow's milk

Stop Drinking Cow’s Milk and Make Yourself Healthier

For decades, cow’s milk has been sold to the public as the low-fat, calcium rich drink which every balanced diet needs. Although it’s true that raw milk has been consumed by humans for thousands of years, it only became heavily popular around the end of World War II. In fact, early man was intolerant of […]