Nurse Muriel May Jackson: The Forgotten Hero of Severalls

On 11th August 1942, the Luftwaffe dropped three 500lb bombs on Colchester. One of those bombs hit the West wing of Severalls and damaged a number of buildings including a ward, nurses accommodation and the laundry. 21 year old nurse Muriel May Jackson, armed with just a small torch, removed debris midst the chaos and […]

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton faces the most difficult season of his F1 career in 2016

Lewis Hamilton was greatly overshadowed by his teammate Nico Rosberg by the end of the season 2015 despite being crown 2015 World Champion. Rosberg would win the final 3 races of the 2015 season but more importantly would out-qualify Hamilton for the last six races. In fact, Hamilton wouldn’t start a race from Pole Position […]

German air-raid killed 38 patients at Severalls Hospital

German air-raid killed 38 patients at Severalls Hospital in 1942

On 11th August 1942 a German air raid (which Berlin would later confirm to have targeted at Colchester and Hastings) destroyed part of the West side of Severalls Hospital. 38 patients were killed, mainly women. There were a total of 63 casualties, two of which were nurses. 28 of those killed by the four 500lb […]

Severalls Hospital Timeline

I have put together this Severalls Hospital Timeline to give an idea of important dates in the hospital’s history and also how changes in law and society influenced what occurred at the hospital. Much of the information come from my own research and, more recently, thanks to a document provided to me by Hugh Doherty. […]


What Happened to the Vol-au-Vent?

Being born in the late 1970’s there were two types of food that were fashionable to present at a party buffet – prawn cocktail and the vol-au-vent. Whilst the prawn cocktail has survived many years as being one of the nations ‘starters’, the vol-au-vent has slowly vanished to the point where people have clean forgotten […]

Cherrytree Neighbourhood Watch relaunched thanks to local Labour Team

The Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the Cherrytree area of Colchester has been relaunched thanks to the local Labour team. Every address in the Holt Drive, Nathan Court, Cheerytree Lane and Roman Hill areas were approached and residents asked for their support. The response was hugely in favour of restarting the scheme which aims to: alert […]

Why the Tories won’t stop jeering Jeremy Corbyn

As I began watching Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday I was immediately embarrassed by the Conservatives childish reaction to Jeremy Corbyn. Once again Mr Corbyn took to the dispatch box and was instantly subjected to a tirade of jeering from the other side of the House, which was so awkward to watch that it made […]

Jada Pinkett-Smith

Jada Pinkett-Smith Oscar’s ‘People of Color’ rant was a self-serving exercise

I’ve just seen Jada Pinkett-Smith complaining that there weren’t enough “people of color” nominated for Oscar awards this year and as a result she (and a number of other celebrities) have announced they will boycott the event. For a start, I find the term “people of colour” awkward. What colour, exactly, are we talking about? […]