Psoriasis on the face

Psoriasis: an embarrassing and painful illness

For most people, psoriasis appears on their elbows, knees, scalp and back. So it would be just my luck that it appeared on my face, and not just n a small area but all over on my cheeks, between my eyebrows and all over my scalp. It started when I was around 16 and has […]

Austerity is a Lie roadsign

Austerity is a Lie. Welcome to Tory Britain.

Austerity is a Lie. It’s a political opinion, not a fact. It’s an ideal that says it’s better to cut the State than to to grow it; offering jobs to people and empowering them to earn and pay taxes. Austerity is a frame of mind that brainwashed conservatives would have everyone else believe is the […]

My recycling setup

My Example of a Household Recycling Setup

An example of a household recycling setup, mine takes a bit of space but is great for separating the different types of waste which my council collects. My local auhotiry collects all types of waste including food, cardboard/paper, plastic, glass, tin, garden and non-recyclable waste.   I place the clear recycling sacks into two smaller […]

Corn: the hidden Allergen in your Food and Drink (and Where to Find it)

When I wrote last year on how a maize allergy almost killed my wife, it was just the beginning of her journey. Since then she (we) have had to check every single item of food and drink that she has consumed and have often been shocked how often the cheap bulking agent corn is used […]

How to Keep Maggots Out Of a Bin photo

How to Keep Maggots Out Of a Bin

Responsible people recycle, others never will. So if you’re into recycling how do you keep maggots out of a bin? It’s a problem that people across the world often have to deal with but it’s very easy to combat as long as you follow some basic rules.   What are Maggots? Maggot is the common […]

Tatiana Calderon

The FiA should do More to Recruit Women into Formula One

As an avid Formula One fan I’m always disappointing by the lack of women in the sport, in particular women in senior roles. Whilst the F1 paddock is dominated by men, women are (generally) left to ‘stand around and look pretty’ and very few are given jobs which seem them involved in the day-to-day running […]

How to Descale a Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Machine

To Descale a Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Machine you’ll need to follow these instructions: Place the de-scaler into the water container Top up with 1 litre of plain water Press and hold the flashing light button below the strength dial for 5 seconds Place a large plastic contained under the milk/cappuccino mode Turn the steam tap […]

Seaton to Millendreath Bodigga Coastal Walk (August 2017)

It’s fair to say I don’t want enough so I was keen to try out one of the many coastel paths that Cornwall has to offer whilst visiting on holiday. We were staying at a holiday house on Looe Hill in Seaton so opted for the nearby Seaton to Millendreath Coastal Walk, about 2.5 miles […]

The PowerHit Disposable Charger is criminal

In a world where many of us are trying to do our best to save vital resources, the PowerHit Disposable Charger appears in Tesco superstores around the UK and it should be illegal in my opinion. This small device is sold for around £3 and claims to provide Android or iPhone device “up to 2 […]

Commercial Register Canada letter

Commercial Register Canada – latest Scam to hit Canadian Businesses

The scammers at Direct Publisher are at it again, this time with the Commercial Register Canada scam which attempts to dupe small business owners out of $1414. This is starting to gather pace and I have seen a noticeable increase in the amount of people contacting me regarding the scam. I’ve written in the past how […]