How to Replace and Iveco Daily Battery in 6 steps

Photo of an Iveco Daily

When it comes to knowing how to Replace and Iveco Daily Battery, you’re probably wondering where to start. Where is the battery? And how to you remove it?

The battery is hidden away behind a panel on the passenger side of the vehicle and looks difficult to get so, but with a little patience, it’s actually very easy to get to.


How Replace and Iveco Daily Battery

Step one: locate the battery cover at the passenger step and remove the cover to reveal the battery

Step two: remove the 5 torque screws from the step trim surround

Step three: carefully push the wheel arch trim aside to remove the step trim surround – you now have access to the battery

Step four: loosen the 10mm nut on the negative battery terminal

Step five: loosen the 10mm nut on the positive terminal (look closely under the black electric cover as it’s hidden underneath

Step six: undo the 10mm bolt holding the battery clamp in place. Remove the battery and fit the new battery in reverse order

Remember to never allow positive and negative wires to touch and never allow metal tools to short across the battery terminals.


I’ve connected the battery but the locks aren’t working and it won’t start

Iveco’s have an annoying habit of losing their coding when a battery goes flat for a prolonged period. The only way to resolve this problem is to have the vehicle taken to a main dealer and the keys re-programmed to the vehicle.


Watch a video on How Replace and Iveco Daily Battery

I made a video to help you see how the battery is removed. It’s really straight forward if you take your time.

The UK needs Stronger Laws to Force Driver’s to Switch Off Engines

traffic in colchester

The UK needs Stronger Laws to Force Driver’s to Switch Off Engines Whilst Waiting in Traffic. Some countries have been doing this for many years. In Germany it’s the law that you must switch off your engine whilst queuing or waiting at crossings.

I first experienced this in Munich in 1994 when I was staying with a German family on a school exchange. Whilst waiting at a level crossing the mother switched her Volvo off. When I enquired as to why she said it was law. It’s covered by Section 30 of the StVO (German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations) which states:

“When operating a vehicle it is forbidden to produce undue noise and avoidable air pollution from exhaust fumes. Especially prohibited is the unnecessary idling of engines.” – Section 30 of the StVO

According to the LImSchG (Federal Emission Control Act) and the StVO it is against the law to wilfully and knowingly violate these paragraphs and violation of those rules can result in a heavy fine. It seems that Germany has been taking the issue of pollution seriously way before the United Kingdom.


It’s already UK law to switch off an engine whilst waiting

Few people realise that vehicle idling is already an offence in the UK against the Road Traffic (Vehicle Emissions) (Fixed Penalty) (England) Regulations 2002. The law states that is an offence to idle your engine unnecessarily when stationary.  If you fail to turn your engine off after being spoken to you may be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £20.However, it does not apply to vehicles moving slowly due to road works or congestion, or vehicles stopped at traffic lights.

What is needed are stronger fines with more enforcement by local authorities and better education for drivers. Some traffic light junctions can take 3 to 5 minutes to make a complete so switching off definitely has advantages in combating pollution and saving fuel.


Switching off an engine can considerably reduce engine emmisions

It’s a fact that if more drivers switch off their engines, emissions will drop. A report carried out in New York City showed that idling cars and trucks produce 130,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year. Switching off is good for the environment, good for your health and good for your wallet.


Switching off an engine saves lives

There is plenty of evidence that shows children are at risk of breathing related diseases if drivers leave engines running around schools. In 2017, the Guardian released a report which showed that students in 802 educational institutions were being exposed to levels of nitrogen dioxide (NOX) that breach EU legal limits and which the UK government accepts are harmful to health.

NOX emissions are known to kill humans with some reports suggestions 38,000 people die each year because of it.

“Students in 802 educational institutions were being exposed to levels of nitrogen dioxide (NOX) that breach EU legal limits and which the UK government accepts are harmful to health.”


What’s needed:

  • Better driver education to explain the advantages of switching off engines
  • Forcing manufacturers to include stop-start technology in all new cars
  • Including understanding of pollution in the driving test
  • More advertising campaigns on TV and radio to education people to the benefits of switching off
  • Higher fines for those who keep their engines idling

Get Rid of Sky TV for Money Saving Alternatives

Get Rid Of Sky TV logo

If like me you want to Get Rid of Sky TV you’ve probably wondered what the alternatives are. The cost of Sky seems to increase year-on-year with constant attempts to keep your custom, even when your determined to leave (see my video of a pushy Sky employee who tried to stop us cancelling our subscription). It’s therefore no surprise that Sky profits continue to plummet.

So once you’ve cut the cord (cancelled the subscription), what are you alternatives and how can you make the most of the Satellite dishes left on your property? And can you carry on using your Sky box to record TV? Let’s take a look at the options.


Option 1 – Buy a Freesat receiver

Freesat LogoFreesat recievers allow you to plug a box in to your existing Sky equipment and use the existing wiring and Sky satiliitte dishes. Depending on the model, you can also record, pause and rewind live TV. The benefit of using the existing hardware on your property is that you’ll be able to take advatange of the twin inputs from your dish meaning that you can watch one program while you record another.

The market leader in Freesat receives is arguable a company called Humax. Humax off a range of Freesat recievers with a range of built-in hard disks. The larger the hard disk, the more information you can store. This 500GB Humax system is packed full of features including HD channels and applications.

Many Freesat receivers also include applications such as YouTube and BBC iPlayer, so plugged into a compatible Internet connection you have access to millions of videos and music channels. Although you won’t be able to receive channels like Discovery and Sky Sports if you Get Rid of Sky TV, you will be able to save yourself a significant amount on a paid subscription.


Option 2 – Buy a Freeview receiver

Freeview LogoUnlike Freesat, Freeview using a DAB signal which is received using a standard coxial aerial connection. If you’re home is wired up for it you don’t need anything other than a Freeview receiver. If you don’t have an aerial at home you’ll need to buy one and install it, which can cost around £100. Easier therefore to use the4 existing Sky hardware if possible.


Option 3 – Using your Sky box to record TV

Once you’ve cancelled your Sky Subscription the ability to record and rewind live TV (and to watch anything you’ve already recorded) becomes disabled. You see, even though you own the Sky box, you don’t own the software. Sky blocks the recording facility.

You can take out a basic subscription to enable to recording function, but at around £15 a month, it’s not exactly cheap when you want to Get Rid of Sky TV.

Option 4 – Kodi box

Kodi LogoYou may have heard of Kodi box. It’s a small Android based computer which has the Kodi app installed on it. Don’t be fooled into thinking that streaming Sky channels on Kodi is legal – it’s not. Unofficial streams are illegal and could result in a knock on the door from the Federation against Copyright Theft (Fact). You have been warned!

But I love sport! How can I Watch Sky Sports legally without a Sky subscription?

Now TV LogoGiving up Sky TV doesn’t mean you have to give up Sky Sports. I’m an avid Formula 1 fan (the only reason I had Sky in the first place).

It’s now possible to watch Sky Sports on Now TV (owned by Sky). You can buy a day pass for £6.99 which means you can watch that important race or match without the need of paying monthly. If you’re a real fanatic you can purchased a Sky Sports monthly pass for £33.99.

You will need a NowTV box for this. You can’t watch Now TV on a Smart TV app.


Option 5 – Smart TV

Smart TV’s are becoming more and more advanced with many allowing users to install applications such as BBC Iplayer and ITV player. This means than many programs can now be streamed live over the Internet without the need for aerials or satellite dishes. However, the quality of streamed programs are often very lacking and can require a lot of bandwidth to stream. This can result in arguments over home Internet usage and those with poor speeds will want to avoid this option.

Get Rid of Sky TV and save yourself £££’s

We so many advances in technology there really are a lot of alternatives to Sky which won’t break the bank. Whilst many options are better supported with a decent Internet connect (around £25 a month) there are still savings to be made. There’s never been a better time to Get Rid of Sky TV.

BBC Panorama’s ‘A Prescription for Murder’ was a Grossly Irresponsible program

As someone who takes the SSRI Citalopram for anxiety and mild depression (and whose family has a history of mental health problems including manic depression and bipolar) I was absolutely furious after watching BBC Panorama’s ‘A Prescription for Murder’. The program focused on the case of murderer James Holmes who killed multiple people in a theatre in Colorado in July 2012, and attempted to link the murders to SSRI’s.

The program asked the question “Is it possible that a pill prescribed by your doctor can turn you into a killer?” which had already sowed the seed for paranoia over a medicine which has helped transform the lives on millions of mental health patients. It then attempted to make a spurious link between Holmes being prescribed the SSRI sertraline and carrying out the premeditated murders of 24 people (along with being charged for 140 counts of attempted murder).


What is an SSRI?

SSRI stands for Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors; a form of medicine used to treat major depressive disorder and anxiety disorders. It’s not exactly known how they work, but it is known that SSRI’s increase levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness.


Why ‘A Prescription for Murder’ was a Grossly Irresponsible program

During the program, we learned about some of James Holmes’s background. We learned how he had been a shy individual at school with some problems with socialising. We also learned that Holmes had suffered from some paranoid thoughts as a child (yet received no psychiatric help).

However, we weren’t told that Holmes attempted to commit suicide at 11 years of age. We also weren’t given any in-depth information into how his parents treated him as a child or told about the apparently strong religious beliefs of him and his parents (they followed a form of Protestant Christianity called Lutheranism) and the program may little attempt to delve into the fact that Holmes has been thinking about killing people for over a decade.

We were also introduced to expert witness Professor David Healy, professor of psychiatry at Bangor University, a man who is well documented as being anti the pharmaceutical industry. He told the program: “I believe, if he hadn’t taken the sertraline, he wouldn’t have murdered anyone” yet the program provided no evidence to support his claim or explain how he had come to this opinion.

The program makers of A Prescription for Murder were clearly cherry-picking information as it began to build to the finale; an apparent timeline linking Holmes’ being prescribed sertraline, consequent withdrawal, and the theatre murders. The program makers failed to make it clear that Holmes was clearly a ticking time bomb. They also failed to acknowledge that Holmes was a troubled man who was very likely to commit such an offence regardless of an SSRI. It seemed something worthy of a Daily Mail journalist.

A Prescription for Murder was cherry-picking information as it began to build to the finale; an apparent timeline linking Holmes’ being prescribed sertraline, consequent withdrawal, and the theatre murders.

The program was based on nothing but assumptions and while it did make a disclaimer that people already taking SSRI’s should continue, there’s no doubt that the program will make people already suffering from anxiety even more anxious.

SSRI’s help millions of people have a relatively ‘normal’ life. They helped me. They’ve helped members of my family. And while all SSRI’s have some side affects those side affects as minimal and often worth coping with to feel better.

To try and link a handful of murders to SSRI’s in such a factitious way – when so many millions of people take them around the World with little problem – is morally inept and down right irresponsible.


Converting a Classic Car to Electric – the Future of Owning an Icon

Converting a Classic Car to Electric

Converting a Classic Car to Electric is the future of owning a vehicle as governments clamp down on emission pumping diesel and petrol cars. In July 2017 the British Government announced plans to ban all internal combustion engine powered vehicles by 2040 with many experts predicting that electric battery powered vehicles will outsell diesel and petrol alternatives by 2020. Whilst this may be excellent news for green minded people it will leave millions of combustion engined vehicles with little value.


Converting a Classic Car to Electric is the future

There are already people taking their classic cars and replacing the engine for electric motors and battery packs. Anyone who follows the program Wheeler Dealers will have seen Ed China convert a 1985 Maserati Bi-Turbo to modern electric motors and a boot (trunk) full of high-powered batteries. Whilst that particular car had already been converted in the early 1990’s, it was an excellent example of how relatively easy a competent enthusiast can make their classic car stand the test of time.


The benefit of Converting a Classic Car to Electric

Whilst there are the obvious disadvantages of Converting a Classic Car to Electric such as losing that glorious sound of the engine or the smell of an over-fueling motor, there are a number of benefits.

Firstly, there are the much cheaper running costs once you’ve recouped the cost of the conversion. With charge at home on an off-peak Economy 7 electricity tariff costing just £138 to power for 10,000 miles of motoring there are obvious economy savings to be had.

Next there are the performance and reliable upgrades. Whilst some classic cars may have a great 4.0l V8 under the hood, many don’t. Those people who own classic cars will already know about the hours of time spent tinkering under a bonnet adjusted timing, replacing rotor arms or finding the cause of no fuel to the carburetors.

They’ll also know of the lack of power that some classic cars deliver. Electric motors deliver maximum torque from the beginning of the power delivery unlike petrol or diesel cars which have to hit a power band (and then a gear change).

There are also less moving parts in an electric system which assists with reliability. Then there is the attack on diesel powered cars which is going see diesel car values plummet.

And finally, an electric conversation may eventually help to improve the value of the vehicle making it more attractive for those people looking for a green alternative in classic motoring.

A classic car isn’t a classic if you get rid of the engine (or is it?)

Of course the idea of ripping out the heart of a classic car sounds like a sin to purest, but like it or not, electric is the future. Governments around the world are under increasing pressure to reduce deadly diesel emissions in favour of electric power, especially from renewables; electric will be forced on people in the future.


What about road tax?

This is currently an area of contention. In many countries, hybrid and electric vehicles enjoy very low (or zero) road tax (called road fund licence in the UK). Petrol and diesel cars are rated on their engine emissions or engine size. It’s therefore not unreasonable for someone Converting a Classic Car to Electric to expect the same benefits as those buying new electric vehicles.

Currently their are no plans for the UK Government to offer road fund licence relief on converted classic cars. This process would be extremely difficult to manage. It might also provide a loop hole to those who want to get around paying road tax by converting a vehicle to electric, only to convert is back to petrol once the new tax rating has been granted. It’s a bureaucratic nightmare which no government is going to want to get involved in…so the advice at the moment buy a tax exempt classic to start your project with.


How much does Converting a Classic Car to Electric cost?

The cost of Converting a Classic Car to Electric varies depending on who you speak to, the technology you use and where you live. Most experts suggest between $8,000 to $11,000 (around £8,000). That’s not cheap, but as fuel prices increase, it will become more realistic to some classic owners.


The disadvantages

Whilst this article has waxed-lyrical about the future of electric classic cars there are disadvantages of an all electric vehicle.

Range anxiety plays a big factor with some converted vehicles only managing 50 miles on a full charge. That can make planning a journey difficult especially with increased competition for charging points.

Those planning to convert a car also need to be aware of the loss of space and weight increase that all those batteries will use to power the electric motor. Expect to lose storage space and increase the kerb weight of the vehicle.

There are also a lot of issues surrounding the vehicle technology such as battery capacity and lifespan.



Whilst electric is the future of motoring, there are still a lot of technological aspects that remain unanswered, in particular the batteries and charging times. Nevertheless electric conversions are the future; ignore at your peril.

How To Add a Disclaimer to WordPress Comments

If you’re looking for information on How To Add a Disclaimer to WordPress Comments, you’re probably concerned that someone or some business may try to take comments on your website literally or even sue you.

Whilst it’s true that you have responsiblity for everything hosted on your website – including comments – a disclaimer can go some way to defend that you’re making sure people understand that the comments may no be presentative of your.

Thankfully there’s a really easy way to add a disclaimer to your comments section, and here’s how.


How To Add a Disclaimer to WordPress Comments

Here’s a step-by-step guide on How To Add a Disclaimer to a WordPress Blog:

  1. Log into your WordPress website
  2. In the Dashboard, find the ‘Appearance’ tab and hover over it – then select ‘Editor’
  3. On the left hand side you’ll see a number of pages – click on the ‘Comments’ link
  4. You’ll now be presented with some code. Start a new line right above the <?php text and type your disclaimer (see below)
  5. Scroll down and click the ‘Update File’ button. That’s it!



Essential Items For the (Male) Travelling Performer

Anyone man travels as a performer whether musician, singer, comedian, actor – whatever – knows that the long journeys and sitting around waiting can induce serious boredom. So I’ve compiled a list of Essential Items For the Travelling Performer to ensure you don’t get caught out (and can keep your mind occupied whilst killing time).

Why only for men? Because I’m a man and I have no interest in what women carry in their handbags/makeup bags/suitcases. Plus there are already plenty of blogs discussing that subject.

I’m going to skip the obvious things like mobile phone and refreshments. If you can’t figure that out for yourself you probably need more help than this blog can provide.


USB PowerBank

If you’re travelling in a car, on a plane or train, chances are your phone is going to go flat pretty quickly during the endless checks of social media and Angry Bird battles. A decent USB Powerbank can ensure that you stay powered up on the road. I use the PowerAdd 20,000mAh device which can charge my Samsung Galaxy S6 fully (from flat) around 11 times. It’s the best powerbank on the market at the moment.


Spare USB charger adapter and lead

It’s always useful to take a USB charger with you, and a lead. This way you can top-up your Powerbank when you get the change of using an AC outlet. I use a fast-charger with my S6 which charges the phone from flat in 1.5 hours.

Anti diarrhoea tablets – important!

Trust me when I say that at some point you are going to need these. You might only ever need them once, but when you do, you’ll be SO grateful you packed them. Whether you’re waiting at an airport, sitting on a bus or about to go on stage, having a method to medically induce a cork in your arsehole will make you feel a whole lot more comfortable and may just prevent that embarrassing on-stage moment.


Pen and paper

Whether is amending a setlist, writing down that new joke or giving instructions to a stage tech, you’re likely to need pen and paper at some point. I carry mine in a clipboard in my bag as I can use it for a stand when on stage.


Earbud Headphones

Whether it’s listening to your favourite tunes, catching up on some movies or watching the news, headphones can help you block out the hustle and bustle of dressing rooms and sound checks. Put them in your bag.


Mac, Laptop or Tablet device

Performing often requires lots of of waiting around and it can be incredibly boring especially if you’re a solo artiste. For most people something electronic to pass the time is essential Items For the Travelling Performer.


Mini First Aid kit

You might think this is a little over-the-top, but I’ve forgotten how many times either myself or a member of my band has cut themselves or sprained something. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen should be in it for long journeys where access to a shop may be difficult when travelling. You can buy a mini first aid kit which includes instant cooling pad (ideal with sprains) here.



My son bought me a multitool recently and it wasn’t until I had one that I realised how useful they can be. Mine has a little knife, saw, screwdrivers and bottle opener and was inexpensive.


Vocalzone and Sudafed blocked nose spray

If you’re a singer or speak a lot for your job, these two items can get you out of trouble. Vocalzone is the industry standard when it comes to people who use their voices to earn money. It helps to open the airways and unlike harsh sweets like Strepsils, it does numb your throat the point where you cause more damage without realising you are straining.

Sudafed will clear a lot of stuffiness from behind the nose and eyes. It can help releave headaches caused by colds and also open the airways.


Duck tape

This stuff can fix, hang, stick and pretty much get you out of trouble in all manner of situations. Keep a roll in your bag.



Finding cash machines on the road can be difficult, and if you find one at a service station it usually wants to charge you to get your own money out. Make sure you carry some cash with you in cash of emergency munchies or drink requirements.


Action Camera and mini tripod to record your performance

Sometimes you might want to record your performance to watch back later. You could by an expenses DVR camera but it’s big and bulky. Instead, I opt for the GoPro copy SJ4000 Action Cam. It has wireless capability (so you can trigger recording from anywhere within wifi range) and gives a decent picture.



Some of these items may not apply to you, so think hard about what you need to take with you and make a list. There’s nothing worse than being miles from home and not having something you really need!

Got an idea of your own Essential Items For Male Travelling Performers? Drop it in the comments box below.

Fix ‘Googlebot for Smartphones Found an Increase in Authorisation Permission errors on’

If you’ve suddenly received a message from Google which says ‘Googlebot for smartphones found an increase in authorisation permission errors on’ your website, it means that for some reason your website has blocked access to the Googlebot so it’s unable to crawl and index part (or all) of your site. There are a few reasons for this, so best to start with the easiest and most obvious methods first.


1. Try Renewing Your .htaccess File

Click the image above to see and example of a sucessful and unsuccessful Google Fetch and Render

Sometimes the .htaccess within your hosting file can become corrupted. In such instances, it’s easy to replace the file with a new version. This will fix the error in the majority of cases.

WordPress users can do this very easily:

  • Create a new blank .htaccess file in your WordPress directory via FTP or SSH or by logging in to the control panel of your hosting account (rename the old version .htaccessold if you want to back it up)
  • Change permissions of .htaccess to 777.
  • Log-in to your dashboard. Navigate to settings, permalinks, and update permalinks (choose any option there and select Save Changes).
  • When done, change the .htaccess permissions back to 644.

Now Fetch as Google in the Search Console and see if the problem has been solved.


2. Check Permissions for your Hosting account haven’t been changed

Occasionally, file and folder permissions are accidentally altered which can block access to certain files on a server. You should make sure that all permissions are set correctly. If you’re not sure what to do, refer to your hosting provider. As a general rule of thumb the following permissions apply:

  • 644: Files with permissions set to 644 are readable by everyone and writeable only by the file/folder owner.

  • 755: Files with permissions set to 755 are readable and executable by everyone, but only writeable by the file/folder owner.

  • 777: Files with permissions set to 777 are readable, writeable, and executable by everyone. You shouldn’t use this set of permissions, for security reasons, on your web server unless absolutely necessary.

You can read detailed information on folder permissions at Understanding FTP File Permissions in Linux (inc CHMOD).


3. WordPress user? Try disabling plugins

If you’re a WordPress user, it’s possible that a rogue plugin is making Googlebot experience a problem when it’s trying to crawl your website. Try disabling all plugins and then Fetch the website. If the problem has been solved and Googlebot succeeds, there’s a problem with a plugin.

The find out which one, enable one plugin at a time and then Fetch as Google each time. Once you activate the problem plugin and try to fetch you’ll quickly realise which plugin is to blame.


4. Make sure your robots.txt file isn’t blocking access to files or folders

If it exists, a robots.txt file will tell Googlebot what it should (or should not) index within your website. Configured incorrectly, robots.txt may be the cause of your problems.

The easiest way to check if robots.txt is blocking access to Google is to rename it to robots.old or delete it completed and then attempt to Fetch your website. If the fetch is sucessful then you’ve found the cause of the problem.

Note: You don’t need a robots.txt file to get your site listed on Google, so it’s safe in most instances to delete it, unless you want to block Googlebot from indexing certain folders or files. You can learn more about robots.txt and how it can help you at How To Create And Configure Your Robots.txt File.


5. Check your host hasn’t changed anything

Occasionally, hosting companies make changed to security settings without telling their customers. This is often due to a brute force attack or the like. If you’ve tried the above suggestions and are still having a problem, contact your hosting company.


Still having problems?

If you’ve tried the suggestions above and you’re still having problems, there may be something in your code which is blocking Google access to index your website. Place your problem below (along with a link to your website) and we’ll see if we can help.

WhatsApp Etiquette – the Do’s and Dont’s of mobile messenging

A logo regarding WhatsApp etiquette

WhatsApp Etiquette is often overlooked when it comes to the rules of instant messaging. Whilst WhatsApp is an excellent tool for your social, family and business life, there are some rules that you must adhere to if you don’t want to become one of ‘those’ annoying people.


Don’t hijack group chats

This is by far the most annoying thing you can do on WhatsApp. If you want to have a one-to-one conversation then have it in a new chat window – don’t spam the group with a personal conversation. Doing these means that people in the group and going to pick up their phone to see 168 missed messages; which they’ll either ignore or have to spend time skimming through to catch up. Keep group chat relevant to everyone, and keep personal conversations personal. This is a vital piece of WhatsApp Etiquette to follow!


Don’t pester for a response

So you’ve sent a message, the recipient has read it but they haven’t replied. Don’t be a pest! They may be too busy at the time to even reply so give them time to respond.


Keep Group Chat on topic

If you have a group chat about ‘pictures of the best cars in my city’, the chances are that people are going to get fed up with you if you start sending pictures of your cat making weird faces. Eventually they’ll either block you or leave the group, so keep the chat on topic and resist the urge to send random stuff.

Don’t fight on WhatsApp

Just like any other form of social media, having an argument on WhatsApp is going to become embarrassing. No one needs to know about you and your BFF’s recent argument and no one likes a Gadget Gremlin, so don’t air your dirty laundry in public. It’s poor WhatsApp Etiquette and it’s generally bad in any area of life!


Don’t share unverified information

In this day of fake news it’s even more important to ensure that you verify anything you share on any social media. The website Hoax-Slayer is an excellent way to search for stories circulating the web. As a general rule, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Read the message? Acknowledge it.

So two little blue ticks mean someone has read the message, but has it sunk in? Be polite and send a reply, even if it’s as simple as “yep, got it” or “ok”.


Excuse yourself before leaving a Group

When you leave a group, everyone in that group is notified. To avoid people thing you are being rude/have the hump, politely make your excuses for leaving i.e. ‘sorry, I have so much work on that I need to leave the group for a while’. Don’t forget you can mute a conversation for a period of time by clicking the settings option in the chat; which can sometimes be the better option.


Got something to add for your own WhatsApp Etiquette?

Then leave your point in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to update this list to reflect the general consensus.