A logo regarding WhatsApp etiquette

WhatsApp Etiquette – the Do’s and Dont’s of mobile messenging

WhatsApp Etiquette is often overlooked when it comes to the rules of instant messaging. Whilst WhatsApp is an excellent tool for your social, family and business life, there are some rules that you must adhere to if you don’t want to become one of ‘those’ annoying people.   Don’t hijack group chats This is by […]

Who is Jonathan Pie?

To those on the Left Jonathan Pie is a breathe of fresh air, a straight talking journalist who says what everyone else is thinking. To those on the Right, Pie is an angry, ranting socialist. Whatever your opinion, there’s no doubt that the Internet is going Pie-crazy. The actor behind Jonathan Pie – Tom Walker […]

Reasons not to vote Conservative – Fact checked

Links to the facts: Police number dropped by 14% – BBC Police officer numbers drop by nearly 20,000 since 2009 Violent crime on the increase – Violent crime on the rise in every corner of the country, figures suggest National Debt Up – NHS waiting times up – NHS chief abandons surgery waiting time targets for non-urgent […]

Decorus UK Ltd in Administration

I have been informed today that Decorus UK Ltd, based in Colchester, is filing for Administration. The company stopped paying staff and assessors salaries in February 2017 after a whistle-blowing investigation ceased all funding from the Government to Decorus UK and in turn the cash dried up.   What next for Learners? An email from […]

com-reg.com closed down

It seems that someone has caught up with the people behind the Commercial Register Scam and com-reg.com has been closed down. I have long been campaigning to ensure that as many Small Business owners are made away of the scam as well as reporting it to Action Fraud. Why was com-reg.com closed down? The actual […]

Helmut Marko threatens to leave Formula 1…again

Ever since he realised that Red Bull were going to struggle for years to compete with Mercedes, Helmut Marko has been threatening to leave Formula 1. Another year, another threat, because although the Red Bull chassis is excellent the customer Renault engine is crap. It all started to go wrong in 2013 when a dominant […]

The Nightmare of Moving Business Premises with BT

In March 2017 we moved business premises and naturally a part of this process was to have our telephone and broadband internet services with BT moved to the new site. A quick phonecall to BT assured me that this was a simple process: they would simply move the services to the new site. It sounded […]

NHS ransomware

NHS could be in breach of Data Protection Act over Ransomware attack

The recent ransomware attack on the NHS may leave the organisation open to prosecution under data protection laws. Rumours are circulating that NHS Trusts across the UK are still using the outdated and unsupported Windows XP operating system, for which the creators – Microsoft – ended support in April 2014. Windows XP no longer receives […]

NHS ransomware

How the NHS Ransomware attack occurred and how to prevent it

On 12th May 2017 the NHS was hit by a ransomware attack which bought many hospitals, GP surgeries and Accident & Emergency departments to their knees. The cyber attack locked thousands of NHS staff members out of computer systems and encrypted data so that records, emails and other documents could not be accessed. By the end […]