ingrown toenail post surgery

Ingrown Toenail – living with the ugliest toes in the world

My ingrown toenail saga left me with some of the the ugliest toes in the world. After playing rugby from the age of 11 and having my feet stamped on various times I eventually ended up with ingrown toenails. This would eventually become infected despite my best attempts to keep them clean. The red, swollen […]

Brights pub, Colchester – Memories

I was recently reading a history of Colchester pubs on the Camulos website when I noticed a brief listing for ‘Brights’; a pub which was situated on Straight Road. The pub had a relatively short life compared to others being open for just 12 years from 1884 until 1996 when poor trade let to be […]

Amazon value of the month – April 2017

This month, Amazon have had their usual crazy offers. Here are some of the best purchases I’ve made: Lenovo Ideapad 15.6 – loads of great features in this laptop, with Windows 10 and a decent sized 500GB hard drive for just £249, delivered free with Amazon Prime membership.     The Moonli Multi tool – […]

Hoaey shower head review

Hoaey shower head review – the cheapest way to transform your shower

When I first read about the Hoaey shower head I was very skeptical about the claims made by the manufacturer. However, once I read the reviews, I figured that hundreds of positive comments couldn’t be wrong. My electric shower was a few years old but like many cold-feed showers was pretty useless. I had thought […]

Why you should Stop reading Parenting books

Why you should Stop reading Parenting books

As a father of two children, one of whom is soon to become a teenager, I’m always surprised by the shear number of books available for expectant mothers and confused fathers. I’m also utterly flabbergasted by some of the utter trite the authors peddle which is why you should stop reading parenting books immediately. Some of […]

Gig Bag – Suggestions and reviews for Performers & Techs

As a musician, singer and occasional sound engineer, I find I have to carry lots of equipment with me to gigs. I had various bags (one for a microphone and various leads, one for my Macbook Pro) and another with various bits and pieces in it. What I wanted was a Gig Bag – just […]

Decorus UK ‘Whistleblowing’ warning letter

My employer recently received a letter on 9th March 2017 from Cambridge Regional College advising that the company I am currently studying an apprenticeship with – Decorus UK Ltd – are being investigated due to a “whistleblowing allegation”. The letter was signed by Paul Skitt, Assistant Principle. As a result, Tutors have cancelled their existing […]

Using 4G as Business Internet Solution

When my company recently moved premises, we found a great plot of land. Previously a farm, it had plenty of space for our expanding business, lots of storage and plenty of space for a new purpose built office. The problem was that the BT Broadband connection was a maximum of 1.2MB due to the distance […]

New OFSTED approved pre-school opens in Monkwick

A new OFSTED approved pre-school has opened for Monkwick and the surrounding area. Little Polar Bear Pre-School is providing care from 9am until midday from Monday to Friday, including free 15 hours government funding per week for 3 to 5 year olds. “We’re very proud to be able to provide this new service for the […]

Is your tech spying on you?

As more and more products incorporate voice control and facial reignition, so does the required to hand over personal information to make these devices work. But did you know that your tech might be spying on you? It’s now an accepted fact that Big Brother may be monitoring you in your very own home after […]