Paul Hollywood sells his Bake Off soul to C4

Part-time baker and Aston Martin driver Paul Hollywood has sold his soul to Channel 4 for an undisclosed sum, likely to be much more than a baker’s dozen [poor attempt a baking-rated humour right there].

As Mary Berry sits tight on her soggy bottom and the irritants known as Mel and Sue stand by the BEEB, Mr Hollywood is steaming off into the sunset with £ signs in his eyes. And who can blame him?

C4 will make Great British Bake Off a better show

Like most programs and sporting events that the BBC allows to slip through their fingers, Bake Off is destined for greater things. With a bigger budget (thanks to advertising) and Executives open to blue sky thinking, Bake Off can only get better. Just look what happened to Formula One coverage once Sky got their hands on it.

I’ll be honest I’ve only ever watched Bake Off a couple of times, the man reason being the uber irritating pair Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins. I didn’t like them when they were on tele in the 90’s and I don’t like them now. I find their style of presenting tedious. In fact, you could go as far to say that I find them quite childish. Don’t get me wrong, Mel Giedroyc is a clever woman and extremely funny when I hear her on various BBC Radio productions, but as a pair? Meh.

And what is the UK’s obsession with Mary Berry?

I just don’t get it. In fact, I find her generally quite rude. She’s a bit like you mates nan who’s at that point in life where they don’t care who they upset anymore so say the first thing that pops into their head with no consideration of how rude they’re actually being.

It’s really sweet of her to want to “stay loyal” to the BBC, but at a time when the corporation is under constant attack from government (and the anti-TV license brigade), can she really afford to be?

So who’s likely to join Paul Hollywood on the new Channel 4 Bake Off?

As soon as the new was announced, Twitter was full of people making suggestions for the new hosts. Could Delia replace Mary? Maybe Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse could replace Mel and Sue? Even Jenson Button will have some free time next year.

Anyway, I must dash now. Got to go and find out about what’s really happening in the world. No doubt the Tories have tried to slip another bit of hellish legislation through parliament whilst all the Bake Off nonsense is taking the headlines…


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