Plumbers Using Cold Tea Instead of Central Heating Inhibitor

I saw this on Facebook this morning from a reliable friend, regarding dodgy plumbers putting cold tea in central heating system instead of inhibitor. Cold tea for a service that they charge over £40 a time for. It doesn’t hurt to check, especially for what some plumbers are charging.

“On Monday, I had a plumber round to change a couple of upstairs radiators. I exhorted him not to drain the system more than was necessary because I’d just forked out 40 quid for a bottle of the chemical which prevents the system scaling up in hardwater areas like ours [inhibitor]. I’d paid for this chemical, cash in hand, to the guy who came to do the routine service on behalf of a major gas supplier and who’d offered to do the job as a special favour. My guy said that this chemical was so cheap it wasn’t worth bothering about wastage. It was better to tip in a new bottle rather than rely on what remained after his partial drain-off. He then proceeded to tell me that I’d been had. The chemical, top of the range, was £9.95 a bottle. What was worse was that many plumbers refilled their old bottles with cold tea, so that you didn’t get anything at all for your money. Before he put the new stuff into our system, he asked us to break the seal on the bottle and sniff the contents. The world must be full of rogues!”

So there’s the answer. Make sure that you open the bottle yourself so that you can be absolutely sure that you’re not being ripped off by plumbers putting cold tea in your central heating system instead of actual inhibitor!


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