Positive response to 20mph speed limit on Australian estate, Colchester

I was impressed to hear how many people who live on the Australian estate are supportive of a petition to introduce a 20mph speed limit in the area.

Helping Councillors Dave Harris and Chris Pearson this evening, I heard a number of people who were concerned that the local roads are used “like a racetrack”; in particular Queensland Drive and Adelaide Drive.

The plan is to install 20mph signage and to educate people in the area on reducing their speed. There are currently no plans to install speed bumps and there is some evidence which suggests that they cause increased noise and pollution for residents living immediately adjacent and drivers may not notice hazards such a children if they are concentrating on the bumps.

Some local residents complained about the condition of the road surface in areas of the estate, many issues of which have already been reported to Essex County Highways by the local Labour team.

Anyone who would like to sign the petition and hasn’t already done so can contact Cllr Dave Harris for further information.


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