The PowerHit Disposable Charger is criminal

In a world where many of us are trying to do our best to save vital resources, the PowerHit Disposable Charger appears in Tesco superstores around the UK and it should be illegal in my opinion.

This small device is sold for around £3 and claims to provide Android or iPhone device “up to 2 hours” of additional charge. But it’s a totally wasteful and unethical product.


What’s inside the PowerHit Disposable Charger?

As many people do, I’ve turned to Youtube for some answers. Thankfully, a chap from Scotland called ‘Big Clive’ has the answers. For those of you who don’t already follow Clive, he takes apart many different electronic devices and analysis/test them for quality (if you’re the type of person who likes to take things apart you really need to subscribe to his channel).

Inside the PowerHit Disposable Charger is a 4.2v lithium cell battery which the manufacturer claims can provide 600mAh of charge. As Clive points out, this cell may be reused hundreds of times if the device it’s fitted with the capacity to be recharged. As well as the battery there is a basic circuit board encased in some cheap plastic packaging.

Once used, both the cell, circuitry and the packaging become landfill. Such as waste. And yes, I know it’s not supposed to go in the bin, but some people are that dumb.


Where’s the regulation?

At a time when solar energy is becoming so much cheaper to buy, the fact that these types of single-use devices even exists is shameful, not to mention the fact that this has probably travelled halfway around the World from China on a boat to get to the UK in the first place.

It should be illegal for this type of device to be sold in the UK and supermarket’s like Tesco should be taking the ethical steps not to stock them.


Why is the Powerhit Disposable Charger even a thing?

You can buy a rechargeable powerbank at Poundland for (yep you’ve guess it) – £1. Not only is it almost two and a half times more useful in terms of charge, it’s also reusable.

I can imagine the sort of person who would benefit from this would be someone who was stuck somewhere with a flat phone and in desperate need of phone charge. Almost an emergency.

I suspect the real customers of these will be festival goers…you know, the kind of person who claims to be a liberal who wants to support the planet, but then who happily leaves their cheap tent in a muddy field at the end of the weekend to some poor mug to pick up and throw in the bin.

Anyway, here is Clive’s video.



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