Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall: your rights as a Consumer

As news breaks that Samsung have advised all owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to stop using their devices, thousands of people are left asking the question – how do I get a refund and what are my rights?

If you live in the UK, and you’re a private Consumer i.e. not a business, you are covered by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (previously the Sales of Goods Act). This means that customers have statutory rights enshrined in law if a product that you have purchased are of unsatisfactory quality, unfit for purpose or not as described.

The Act states very clearly that:

  • consumers have the right for a full refund if they have owned the goods for less than 30 days
  • consumers can ask for a digital product to be repaired or replaced if it develops a fault after 30 days
  • if this isn’t possible or us unsuccessful, consumers have the right to receive a price reduction

So now is the time to get onto the retailer and start asking some questions. When will I receive a replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7? a refund? or a price reduction?


It’s the retailers responsibility to deal with Samsung, not yours

The Consumer Rights Act is very clear that it is the responsibility of the retailer (the company that sold you the Galaxy Note 7) to deal with the manufacturer. The retailer can’t simply palm you off by telling you to speak to Samsung direct. They sold you the phone and they have to deal with Samsung. It’s their responsibility as the retailer.


What is the fault with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

No one knows for certain and Samsung have been very tight lipped about the cause of the faults. It it known that this is the second time concerns have been raised about the devices which can set on fire. Rumours are that Samsung rushed the Galaxy Note 7 to market in an attempt to hold off competition from the iPhone 7, but there is no official statement from Samsung.


Should I consider buying a Samsung Note 7?

Definitely not. As of today (11/10/2016), 8% of the share-price has been knocked off of the value of Samsung. The company has a big problem and the chances are that they will discontinue the model immediately, especially after recalling a batch for a second time. It’s damage limitation time and the Note 7 needs to go…quickly. If you own a Samsung Note 7, you are now the proud owner of a very expensive paperweight. Ebay and other auction sites will be flooded with Galaxy Note 7’s in the weeks and month ahead and buying one potentially puts you at risk. However cheap the Galaxy Note S7 is, don’t be tempted. You’re literally buying a ticking time bomb.


Is the Galaxy S7 Edge affected?

No. At the moment the S7 Edge is not believed to have the same fault and Samsung are still selling the devices.



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