Swallow oysters whole? You’re eating them wrong

If you swallow oysters whole without chewing them, you’re eating them totally the wrong way.

Oyster are more than just a salty taste, but until you chew them you’re never going to experience the sweet flavour that oysters provide. Yes, sweet. This combination of salt and sweet is truly amazing, but you’re going to have to chew to discover it.


Chew – don’t swallow oysters whole!

It sounds a bit gross, but when you eat the oyster the sweet flavour in inside the ‘meat’ of the oyster, in a small heart and livers. By chewing the oyster, you release flavours which mix with the salty liquer of the oyster to produce a tase like nothing else.

Another problem if you swallow oysters who is that you’re never going to know if there is anything bad inside the bivalve mollusc. It’s a very rare thing to occur, but if you chew you’ll quickly identify anything that shouldn’t be inside.


Chewing will tell you if the oyster has turned bad

You’ll usually know if an oyster is bad because the shell will be open and tapping the shell won’t trigger it to close. However, there may be very rare occasions when an oyster looks fine but actually isn’t. Chewing it will quickly confirm this. Once you’ve eaten a few decent oysters you’ll soon known which if one has gone bad.


But I hate the taste of oysters

If you swallow oysters whole because you don’t like the taste, why are you eating them at all? Oysters are a delicacy. They’re supposed to be enjoyed. If you don’t like them, pass them to me. I’ll happily eat them for you!

Some people swallow them whole to get used to the taste. I’d urge you to get chewing as soon as you can.

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