Bixford Watch Scam

If you’ve arrived here it’s probably because you’ve seen (or been a victim of) the Bixford Watch scam.

I first came across the scam in December 2017 after clicking on a Facebook advert. The advert claimed to provide one or two watches completely free of charge. All I needed to to was pay for the shipping at $10.99 per watch. I was immediately wary, after all, there’s no such thing as a free hot dinner. So I took to the internet to see if this was a genuine deal or a scam. As I suspected, it was the latter.

They say that if someone looks too good to be true it usually is, and there’s no finer example than the Bixford Watch scam.


Why are Bixford Watches free?

The reason that Bixford Watches are free of charge is because they’re cheap and nasty pieces of crap, probably produced in a scummy sweatshop in China. It’s as simple as that.

Actually, you’re paying for them in the over-the-top shipping costs. The timepieces probably cost around $1 to produce and perhaps $1.50 to ship, leaving Bixford Watches with a 339.6% increase on the initial cost and shipping once they’ve charged you $10.99 for shipping. It’s a huge money spinner.

What you’ll receive will be a cheap and nasty watch, with the only moving part being the clock mechanism and none of the push buttons actually working.


Where are Bixford Watch based?

According to Whois, is registered to a company in Arizona called Domains by Proxy. In otherwords, the people behind are hiding their details online.

In fact it’s impossible to find any address or phone number on the companies website. However, the email that they send to you if you don’t order confirms an address as: 15/F Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho Tokyo, Tokyo 150-8512. This appears to be the same office as a company offering the wonderful investment opportunity to purchase ‘¥Coins’ (which incidentally also looks like a scam).