Calendula for dry Skin: how this natural oil has helped my psoriasis

Calendula for dry skin

I have suffered from flaky, scaly skin (psoriasis) on my face and scalp for many years and recently tried Calendula for dry skin, a natural plant extract.

The problem started in my mid teens and I suffered unto my mid 30’s. My skin becomes flaky (almost like large scales of dandruff) and covered my scalp and areas of facial hair. At certain times of the year such as during the winter, my skin becomes itchy and at times very painful. I get red blotches all over my face and if nothing else the issue was embarrassing. I feel conscious in front of my wife and meeting new clients at work can be very difficult.

Over the years I have tried all sorts of different creams and shampoos from my doctor, almost all of which barely made a difference and which have their own side effects. The Betacap scalp application (betamethasone) prescribed is a steroid cream which thins the skin and some of the creams turned oily and white and made the blotches almost more obvious.

In 2015, my sister-in-law suggested I tried calendula for dry skin. She is very much into organic alternatives and natural remedies and although I was skeptical, I purchased some Calendula bodywash and shampoo. This advice would change my psoriasis for the better.


Weleda Calendula for dry skin

I was recommended to try Weleda Calendula for dry skin, which was a wash that she used for her baby after researching the negative effects of some of the better known baby washes such as Johnson and Johnson which may contain carcinogens. Within a couple of days of using calundula my skin began to vastly improve. The itchiness almost completely subsided. The flaking virtually stopped and the red blotching reduced massively. People began to comment on how much better my skin looked.

I still used the Oilatum skin cream that my doctor had prescribed, and washed once a week with alphosyl shampoo (also prescribed by my GP) but the Calendula has made my skin so much more improved that one year on I just had to let others know.


Completely avoid sodium laureth sulphate!

The problem with the vast majority of shampoos and bodywashes is that they contain sodium laureth sulphate, a detergent. Sodium laureth sulphate is nasty stuff. It’s not natural and it irritates skin. Anyone with a skin allergy needs to avoid it completely.


Where to buy Weleda Calendula for dry skin

Weleda Calendula is available at most decent outlets but I find it cheaper to buy a few a time from Amazon using Amazon Prime. If this is the first time you’re trying it, just buy the one and give it a go. What do you have to lose?