Live Act Lounge, Chelmsford

Live Act Lounge

Those people over at Card Trick Music in Essex have come up with a great idea: a rehearsal studio which doubles as a Live Act Lounge.

The Live Act Lounge provides bands a place to polish their performance with a stage-like setting, which includes subtle lighting and a drum riser. Not only does the room work great for practicing, but it also supplies a fantastic backdrop for photo-shoots and even music videos. It looks pretty damn cool.

The room also includes a chill-out area, a fridge and loads of plug sockets for you to plug your gear in to.

It’s a unique idea to the area and it’s likely to become very popular. Check out the Live Act Lounge Facebook page for more information, or call Card Trick Music on 07718 210355.

The Live Act Lounge Chillout area
The Live Act Lounge Chillout area