Cliff Richard Roll Over Beethoven – Please stop it, Sir Cliff

I have just had the misfortune of hearing it again: Cliff Richard Roll Over Beethoven cover. It really is dreadful and I wish major radio networks such as the BBC would stop promoting this singer who seems to have been around since Jesus was a child.

The song originally made fame when released by the legendary Chuck Berry in 1956. It seems Cliff Richard’s way of recognising 50 years since this great song was released is to release his own, simply dreadful, cover.

Perhaps Cliff Richard Roll Over Beethoven cover wouldn’t be so bad if you couldn’t hear Cliff’s false teeth chattering through the lyrics. That, and his pronunciation of words being so quintessentially British just doesn’t work in a song originally performed by a black man from St. Louis, Missouri.

It just doesn’t work and I really don’t understand why millions of people keep on buying these very poor cover albums. If you want to hear Chuck Berry at his greatest, then just buy a Chuck Berry album instead of a re-hashed terrible covers.