Commercial Register (company information and contact details)

Commercial Register

Commercial Register is a scam trade name set up by a company called Direct Publisher S.L.U based in Madrid, Spain which attempts to dupe companies into pay a 993 fee (or similar amount) to advertise on their extremely amateurish website.  There’s nothing particularly new about this scam and it has all the traits of previous attempts to defraud small business owners. For information relating to the Register of Companies or Commercial Register scam, check the relevant links.

Commercial Register dupe companies into signing a contract for an advert on a very poorly designed website. Once they form is signed companies are bombarded with demands for payment and threats of legal action.

The scam works by sending letters to companies registered with Companies House. The letters are design in such a way that they make the recipient believe that they are required to complete a form to keep their company registered with Commercial Register. In most cases, small business owners are tricked into thinking the letter is an official requirement from the UK Government.

How Commercial Register works

Initially, Commercial Register write to a company and suggest that the company needs to complete a form, suggesting that a failure to do so will result in your listing being removed from the website. Within the letter – cleverly hidden in later paragraphs – is an explanation that you will have to pay for your listing. The letter is made to appear official.

Once the company have your signed response they become very aggressive in pursuing you for the money, hoping that the pressure – along with a lack of understanding of the law – will convinced companies to pay the 993.

There are no reported instances of Direct Publisher S.L.U taking a company to court.

Commercial Register is a bogus website

The Commercial Register is bogus. Advertising on it will do absolutely nothing to promote your company. In fact, paying for links is something that Google is doing their utmost to prevent. If Google discover the Commercial Register linking to your website, it will probably do it more harm than good.

What are the contact details?

Commercial Register claim to be based in Madrid. There contact details are:

Direct Publisher S.L.U.
Fuencarral, 160
Entpta. 7
E-28010 Madrid

Tel: +34 917 728 032
Fax: +34 912 727 288

You can see a map of the area that Direct Publisher S.L.U are based in here.