End Virgin Media contract early without penalty

If, like me, you found yourself in the middle of a Virgin Media contract and wishing you’d stuck with Sky or BT, you’re probably wondering how to end Virgin Media contract early without penalty.

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get out of any such contract early without penalties unless something within that contract changes. However, there is an easy option which not many people are aware of and it’s all down to Virgin Media hiking up their prices.

Price increases mean an early get-out clause for you.

Virgin Media will occasionally increase their prices. They’ve done it to me twice since I joined them. However, increasing the price means they have to give you an opportunity to get out of your contract with absolutely no penalty charges whatsoever; it’s the law.

Of course they don’t like it and if you call them they’ll usually try and keep you by offering to keep your package at it’s current price but if you want to leave there’s absolutely nothing they can do to stop you. Simply call them on 150 from a Virgin Media phone (or 0800 052 2160 from any other phone) and ask to disconnect.

What about my Virgin Media equipment?

The Virgin Media equipment (TV box, router, hub, etc) belongs to Virgin Media. Do not dispose of it or you may be asked to pay for the replacement. Instead, Virgin will send you some pre-pay jiffy bags for you to pop the equipment into so that you can return it to them. If you want to end a Virgin Media contract early without penalty make sure you return the gear or they will charge you!

What next?

You services should be disconnected within 30 days. Expect a call from Virgin Media within a few days of your cancellation offering you a fantastically low deal to stay with them. Of course if you want to go ahead with the low price go for it. Otherwise, politely tell then to “do one” and enjoy the harmony of a new TV provider.