F1 Safety Car Starts spoil races

F1 Safety Car Starts spoil races

F1 Safety Car Starts can completely ruin races. A couple of months on from the 2016 Silverstone Grand Prix, a race which was spoilt by the Safety Car start, I’m still left dissapointed.

The FIA regulation says:

“In exceptional circumstances, such as in extremely poor weather, a race may begin behind the safety car, which will put its orange lights on ten minutes before the start to indicate this. When those lights switch to green the safety car will lead the field around the circuit in grid order.”

F1 Safety Car Starts do one important thing – it helps to dry the racing line of the citcuit more quickly. However, it takes a considerably amount of enjoyment away from the race. The start is exciting. It’s important. Safety Car Starts make races sterile and boring.


An alternative to F1 Safety Car Starts could provide a better all-round experience

Once the track is deemed suitible for racing, the cars should line up on the grid. The race should be stopped. Teams should be provided 10 minutes to change tyres (if required) and the race should re-commence.

Rain occurs. It’s a factor which can affect a race. Let the drivers race – it’s a skill – don’t stifle the event.