Lewis Hamilton accuses Mercedes of sabotage as another engine fails

Lewis Hamilton looked set to win the 2016 Malaysia Grand Prix, until yet another engine failed on the World Champion, leaving the driver’s chance of clinching another world championship looking even more distant.

Hamilton, who has had more than his fair share of engine reliability issues this season, was clearly despondent about the failure of an engine which was less than two races old, but went one step further with comments which left the bosses at Mercedes GP fuming.

In an interview for Sky Sports F1, Hamilton implied that there may be some sabotage afoot, saying “something doesn’t feel right”. When asked to explain what he meant, Hamilton went on to say “there’s been 43 engines from Mercedes and only mine have gone – it’s odd.”

However, management of Mercedes were quick to reassure Hamilton that he was simply the victim of bad luck. Team boss Toto Wolff said that there was “no such thing as anybody having his fingers on any bits.”

Hamilton’s engine failure left teammate Nico Rosberg in the points as he finished 3rd, after spinning at the beginning of the race due to contact by Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton was visibly disappointed, holding his head in his hand whilst still in the car and shouting “No! No! No!” over the team radio.


Fernando Alonso reacts angrily to Johnny Herbert retirement plan

Fernando Alonso reacts in anger at Johnny Herbert

Fernando Alonso told Johnny Herbert exactly what he though of Herbert’s suggestion that the former World Champion should retire prior to the 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix.

During a live interview prior to FP3, Cheeky-nando Fernando Alonso approached Herbert, muttering something off microphone before saying “you ended up as a commentator because you don’t know how to be a World Champion”.

Well, that was awkward. I don’t think Herbert will be getting any exclusive interviews with Fernando anytime soon. Rachel Brookes was also clearly feeling the tension. Watch the clip below:

Watch: Fernando Alonso rips Johnny Herbert live at Bahrain GP