Jill Archer shows her true colours in tirade of bullying against Pip

Jill Archer has shown her true colours this week as she launched a tirade of bullying against her granddaughter, Pip.

Holier than thou Jill has been quite a nasty to Pip, and in quite a sly way. It seems that you don’t need to love thigh neighbour if your neighbour is sleeping with a Fairbrother.

As well as attempting to verbally bully Pip into leaving her boyfriend Toby Fairbrother, Jill Archer has told Pip that it’s time for her to stand on her own two feet and not expect to be able to pop home for some cake and nibbles.

It seems that Jill really thinks Pip can’t have her cake (or eat it).

Jill Archer is bitter about the Fairbrother legacy. As the storyline has developed, it appears that Jill’s real issue is that she is jealous about her late husband’s first wife.

We can expect some serious rifts in the Archer family. Mummies boy David is unlikely to defect from his mother (especially considering his loathing for Toby), but Ruth is likely to do the motherly thing and jump to Pip’s defence. And of course, Ruth is still pretty angry that it was her mum who died and not David’s.

Christmas is going to be very interesting in the Archer’s household this year…