Who is Jonathan Pie?

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To those on the Left Jonathan Pie is a breathe of fresh air, a straight talking journalist who says what everyone else is thinking. To those on the Right, Pie is an angry, ranting socialist. Whatever your opinion, there’s no doubt that the Internet is going Pie-crazy.

The actor behind Jonathan Pie – Tom Walker – was little known until 2017. Having played parts in ‘Heartbeat’ and some minor supporting roles, Walker had been dormant in the acting world. Then queue his newest satirical character, Jonathan Pie, the brutal rants of which would quickly go viral over the course of 2017. Even the likes of Vice (who just didn’t get it) couldn’t hold him back.


Left-wing socialist

The self-confessed socialist and Corbyn supporter has become quickly known for his frank commentary on all things political, including his dislike of Theresa May and ‘New’ Labour. As his cameraman Tim will tell you, he’s also known for his like of waffles.


Anti Brexit

If there’s a good reason to stay in the EU, it’s Belgian waffles. As Pie comments, ‘Brexit’ sounds like a “medicine for constipated dogs”. He was very quick to realise that the debate leading up to the EU referendum was empty and void of facts. He also called Nigel Ferrage a “goggle-eyed cockgoblin”…which is nice.


Strong and (un)Stable



Etonian “pig-fucker”