Keep Cats off your Garden without hurting them

Keep cats off your garden

If you’re looking to keep cats off your garden and you don’t want to hurt them, there are a number of methods that you can adopt using natural remedies or technology. No one really wants to hurt animals, so this blog describes tried and tested methods.


Sonic scarers/water sprayers

Some people have reported good results using sonic scarers.

The idea is that the scarer puts out a very loud noise at a frequency that cats can hear but is too high for most humans to hear. The sound is activated when the motion detector senses something nearby. Cat’s don’t like the noise and move away. People have reported different levels of success in keep cats away. Check out the Amazon reviews in the above link for more information.

There are also similar versions which spray a jet of water to scare the cats away, which can be purchased here.


Essential oils

Cat’s are very sensitive to smells. Some reports suggest they have a 70% stronger sense of smell than humans.

Essential oils are very strong smelling and cats don’t like the smell of Lemongrass or Lavender. You only need a few drops of these oils to deter cats and this is a very natural way to keep cats off your garden.

Cat’s really don’t like the smell of oranges

Citrus (orange in particular)

Cat’s can’t stand the smell of citrus fruits, especially the skin. Try sprinkling orange or lemon peal over your flowerbeds or use a citrus essential oil.
Commercial repellent

‘Get off my lawn’ or ‘Get off my garden’ is a green gel which you deposit over lawns and flowerbeds. It’s non-toxic and produces a strong smell which keeps cats and foxes away.

Feedback for the product is mixed, but I have used it and found it very effective at deterring cats.


Garlic is another natural way to keep cats off your garden

Garlic is a great way to keep cats off your garden

Like other smells, cats don’t like the smell of garlic. They find it too strong and will tend to keep away. You can make a solution of garlic in water and spray it around flowerbeds and borders every other day or so. You’ll find commercial products will contain garlic so it clearly works.


Coffee grounds

Another smell that cats don’t like are coffee grounds. If you drink fresh coffee from ground beans you can try sprinkling them around your flower beds. The coffee is natural and will eventually compost into your soil.
Garden Hose

Cats hat water. If you’re sneaky and can get to it before the cat see your, grab your garden hose and give the cat a spray of cold water. You’ll only have to do that a few times before the cat will stop coming back.



Curry and lavender plants also help keep cats away

There are certain types of plants which cats hate; either because of the smell or because they’re uncomfortable.

In terms of smell, cat’s dislike the smell of rue, curry plant, rosemary, lavender & pennyroyal, Coleus Canina and lemon thyme.

You might also like to consider prickly plants such as blackberry, blackthorn or holly. Prickly for humans and even more of a deterrent for felines. Cactus has also been suggested by a reader; and you don’t get much more prickly than a cactus!


Chicken wire/netting

Using chicken wire or netting will keep cats off, but it’s not a very nice addition to a flowerbed.