How to Make Money Online | Getting Started

How to Make Money Online is one of the largest searches that search engines see every day. Everyone wants a bite of that magical internet-earnings cherry and there are hundreds of thousands of articles just like this one already out there. So why would I bother writing another one when the web is already so saturated with them? Well, I want to share my experience with others so that they can avoid the mistakes I made and get started quickly.

There are no genuine ‘get rich quick’ schemes. Whatever you’ve been told, they just don’t exist. Any such scheme is destined to be a scam. Making money online takes times and dedication. It requires concentration, a plan and ideas.

Lets take a look at some of the things that you can do to start making money online:


Start a Blog

Got something unique or niche that you can discuss or share? Are you an expert in something which isn’t already covered in detail online? Blogging is an excellent way to get followers and increase traffic to your website, and increased traffic can result in excellent opportunities to convert customers into sales. It may seem very 2005 but good blogs see a lot of traffic.


Become a Google AdSense Partner

Google AdSense is by far the most used affiliate scheme on the Internet today. If you visit a website and see a banner advert, the chances are that the advert is being promoted by someone who an AdSense Partner; and it’s easier to get going than you think.

First of all, you’ll need to signup for an AdSense account. Once your account has been approved you can start creating adverts to add to your blog or website. It’s pretty easy to get going; just create your advert and then add the code to the page.

Just remember that you’ll have to declare any income you make and that you may have to pay tax on your Google Adsense earnings.


Become an Amazon Associates member

Amazon is the worlds largest online retailer and relies on people like you to promote their products. Every time someone clicked on a product link from your website to Amazon, you’ll receive a small commission on the sale. Get your blog posts just right and you can start to earn hundreds of pounds a month.

Just as with AdSense, you make be liable to pay tax on your Amazon earnings so make sure you’re all registered with the relevant government department for your country.


Don’t have your own Blog? Then take a look at Hubpages

If you haven’t got your own blog or don’t want to invest in hosting one, then have a look at Hubpages.

Hubpages allows article writers to earn a commission from sales and adverts (usually a 60/40 split in your favour). It doesn’t require and knowledge of setting up websites, but there can be strict rules on what you add to your articles and you have little control over the placement of product links and adverts. However, it’s quick to get started and you can start making money in a matter of hours.


Start a Youtube channel

I’ve seen my Youtube earnings rise from a few pennies a month to over $100 a month in just one year. How? Dedication of course.

First of all I started with some basic videos but they didn’t do much. Then I discovered that I could make “how to” videos which people actually found useful. Things like how to descale my new coffee machine, how to cook and prepare a live crab and all other kinds of things. Before I knew it I’d hit over 1000 subscribers (followers) and was making over $100 in extra incomes…all for doing something I love.


Open a message board or forum

Whilst most major topics have already been covered (and then over-covered), there is still scope out their for forum membership and with forums come advert saturation.