Nail through the nipple – another boarding school mishap

A nail through the nipple – I remember this like it was yesterday. A boy called Kevin who was a year above me decided he wanted to have his nipple pierced. Of course this was against school policy, and he was only 14.

So Kevin decided the cheapest and quickest way to have his nipple pierced was for one of us to hammer a nail through the nipple though it as quickly as possible.

I wasn’t stupid and there was no way I was going to get involved this this. I could see it going badly wrong. However, Kevin’s brother, Joe, was more than happy to oblige.

Nailed to the drawers

Kevin got his nipple ready and held it on the edge of the chest of drawers. Joe held the nail in place and then quickly and sharply whacked it with a hammer.

I’ll never forget the next bit. Kevin was now nailed to the drawers, screaming, as we all stood laughing at him. I quickly realised this wasn’t go well, so ran off before the house matron found out what had happened.

Unfortunately for Kevin, so did his brother. Left abandoned in a dormitory, Kevin was left to remove himself from the wooden drawers. He never did put a piercing in the hole…and I can assure you that a Nail through the nipple is definitely not the way to go about things. Not only was their a lose of blood, but it later became infected. The stupid things that kids do when they’re bored at a boarding school.